Mercury- The Planet of Wisdom

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Mercury- The Planet of Wisdom

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered a prince in the planetary cabinet. Mercury bestows good education, sharp intellect, pleasing personality, financial gains and a successful business etc. It rules over the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. 

Mercury remains closest to the Sun in our solar system. In Vedic astrology, Mercury is known as BUDHA, “the awakened one”. It predominantly represents our intellectual and humorous pursuits. Mercury is a price and assumes the influence of the planet it is associated with. It may turn benefic or malefic depending upon its association with the planets in the chart. 

Nature of Mercury  

The planet manages the family affairs in one’s life. If is placed well then it affirms peace of mind, sufficient earnings, high intellect, education and flourishing business to the native. He gets exalted in Virgo at 15 degrees, and is in his debilitation in the opposite sign of Pisces at the same degrees. 

The Moon represents mind and Mercury is the intellect which might switch between good and evil thoughts depending upon its benefic and malefic associations. The intellect is neutral and assumes the shades of whatever it is associated with.

Parasara describes him; "Mercury is endowed with an attractive physique and the capacity to use words with many meanings. He is fond of jokes..."

Mercury is a natural significator or karaka of intelligence, communication, commerce, education, writing and publishing, wit, scholars and astrologers. Mercury gives its maximum results at the age of 32. 

Vedic Myth

Ancient myth states that once Moon, out of lust, abducts Tara, the wife of Jupiter (Brihaspati). Mercury was born out of their union but Mercury annoyed at the truth takes the Moon as its bitter enemy. So, we can say the intellect is born of the mind. 

The Moon is innocent in its observation, while Mercury is discriminating and evaluative in nature. MERCURY is the greatest in wisdom and bestows wisdom and wealth on its natives while keeping away all the illusion of their minds.

The planet Mercury is the chief of the enlightened souls. He is also called Vishnu Rupi, resembling Lord Vishnu due to his alluring charm and beauty. He is worshipped on Wednesdays and offering prayers to him removes all obstacles, helps in progeny and possession of lands.

He stays in one sign for a month and completes the zodiac cycle in 12 months closely following the footsteps of the Sun. Mercury is considered strong if rising in the ascendant in the native’s chart. Mercury is a friend to the Sun, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are neutral to him while Mercury keeps enmity with the Moon.

Mercury and Nakshatras

It is comfortable in Ashlekha, Jyeshtha, Revati, Rohini, Hast, and Shravan nakshatras and gives good results. It gives bad results in Adra, Svati, Pushya,  Anuradha, Chitra, and Magha nakshatras.

Mercury Period

 It gives its best results between 32 to 35 years of age.

Mercury Helps Whom?

As we know that the Mercury is a planet of communication and signifies areas related to finance, accounts, commerce and trade, banking, computers, mobile networking etc. If Mercury is strong in the astrological charts then it ensures success in these above-mentioned areas. 

Mercury also rules over the fields of alternative communication like telephone, telegraphs, e-mails, couriers and other types of posts. Thus, strong Mercury is noticed in the horoscope of writers, astrologers, news reporters, media persons, mathematicians, chartered accountants, lawyers, dealers, brokers, businesspersons, etc. It is also important in speculation business. Many famous artists, sculptors and salespersons have good placement of Mercury in their horoscope.

The Bliss of Mercury

Mercury is dual in nature and governs two Zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini. Body parts that are influenced by the planet are the nervous system, skin, arms, ears, lungs etc. Mercury means logical capabilities of a person and as already stated people with a strong placement of Mercury in their horoscope have excellent reasoning and analysing skills in them.

Diseases associated with Mercury 

When malefic, Mercury gives constipation, chronic dysentery, poor digestion, lack of appetite, asthma, restlessness, lung diseases, kidney problems, fear, and mental disorders.

Mercury- the speech giver

In Vedic astrology the planet Mercury is also known as the giver of speech. What do we talk? How do we talk? And in fact how much do we talk? All depends upon the placement of Mercury in our horoscope.  Speech is a Fire Element (out of 5 natural elements or PanchaBhootas) in our body. The success rate of any relation largely depends on how you communicate with people. Talking in excess and for no reason obviously leads to loss of vital energies. Ancient Indian seers used to practice silence for long durations to have complete control over speech, they had Vaak Sidhi means whenever they used to speak actually used to happen!

Irrespecive of the lordship and placement of Mercury, if it is weak or conjunct malefics, the native lacks logical thinking, analytical capabilities, and sense of humour. All these traits certainly lead to bad speaking capabilities.

Strongly placed Mercury can help reading others minds, good writing ability, ability to reach people at multiple levels, quick calculations, excellence in mathematics and accounting etc.

The placement of Mercury in various signs influences the way we speak. Like if in cancer that person usually is not a good speaker and if placed in airy sign then the native can’t just remain silent. There are many other traits also may be covered in the next article due to lack of space! 

How Mercury is placed in your chart? Talk to an astrologer and put an end to all your doubts about the planet.

General information of the planet

Day: Wednesday

Direction: North

Colour: Green, Light Green

Orbit cycle in Each Zodiac Sign: One Month

Orbit cycle of the entire Zodiac: 12 Months

Nature: Dual

Constellations ruled: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati

Friends: Sun, Venus and Rahu

Enemies: Moon

Neutral Planets: Mars, Saturn and Jupiter

Mool Trikon Sign: Virgo

Own Sign: Gemini, Virgo

Sign of Exaltation: Virgo

Sign of Debilitation: Pisces

Significations: Intelligence, Logic, Speech and Voice

Karak House: 10th House

Metal: Lead

Precious Stone: Green Emerald

Vimshottari: Mahadasha Period (17 years)

If benefic: Business mind, cleverness, wisdom, and mathematical skills.

If malefic: poor grasping power, speech problems, communication problems and dullness.

Signifies: Sisters, small children

Associated body parts: Skin, nervous system

Related diseases: Skin diseases, obsession, problems in speech, giddiness, low grasping power, low understanding

Mantra for Mercury: Om Bum Budhay Namah

Mantra chanting number: 5,000 times

Charity for Mercury: Green cloth, green vegetables, pulses, green grass for the cow

Lord Vishnu is the main deity whom you should worship to make Mercury stronger. Mercury's benevolent influence will make a person dear to all in the family. He will be adored by whoever he meets due to his excellent logical and analytical skills. 

Speech is the prime thing which everyone notices when you meet people and with extra ordinary speaking efficiency, you are sure to win hearts. In order to get the clear picture and maximum benefits of this planet of intellect in your chart, talk to the best astrologers in India as wisdom goes a long way in ensuring a successful life!!

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