Weekly Horoscope 31 May To June 06, 2021

By: Future Point | 31-May-2021
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Weekly Horoscope 31 May To June 06, 2021

Horoscope is a present representation of the planets and the stars in the sky at the time of birth of the native. It indicates all the events of a person’s life. In Vedic Astrology, the sign in which Moon is placed at the time of birth is known to be rashi of that person. We, at Future Point, provide the predictions on a weekly basis, based on different zodiac signs. Keeping in line with these predictions, one can plan his week accordingly.

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The starting of the week may see work related exertions. You may have to run here and there to get work related tasks accomplished giving you mental stress at the same time. You may get stuck in some family issues and need to take care of family. This week will add to the strength and you will feel energetic to complete long due tasks. Any property issues with the sibling may get resolved. Maintain harmonious relations with your younger siblings. You will turn victorious in legal and competitive matters and can repay your loans as well. Diseases will be cured. Some government policies may land in your favour. Middle of the week will get unprecedented gains and good news from the family. At the may spend on some religious deeds and may also benefit from external or foreign relations.

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This week will see harmonious relations with your siblings. You will get good news from their side and luck will favour you in accomplishing targeted goals. You might go for a religious cause giving you spiritual up liftment. You will remain happy and feel energetic to carry on your tasks wonderfully. You may enjoy delicacies and enjoy family union this week. May face some challenges related to your physical strength but benefic aspect of Jupiter will cure all bodily ailments. Natives will also have some monetary gains later in the week through your work, job or business.


The natives under Gemini moon sign will see happiness from family and money matters but after facing challenges. Chronic patients have to be extra careful as there might be fear of ill health. May also face obstacles in routine work but that is in the beginning of the week only. Later in the week, you will get favour of luck and fulfilment of desired tasks. Your sign Lord in retrograde motion may create some problems in married and family relations.

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The beginning of the week may see tiffs with the spouse and problems in work but will subside after consistent effort of the native. Your bodily strength will increase and you will spend time thinking about your own self. You will introspect more and feel stress towards work. You may make investment or renovation in property this week. You may also gains through external relations.


You may have to face adversities due to enemies and legal disputes. Debts are likely to increase and the native has to spend on diseases or legal cases. There may be lack of harmony in relations with father. So be conscious and respect your father, you may earn good fame though. The mars may aggravate aggression in thoughts. You might take decisions regarding property and there would be support from the mother as well. You will get support of your elders and money gain is also indicated. At the end of the week there is a fear of diseases and accidents so be careful. 

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This is the week to start with good news from your children. They may do pretty well in studies and there will be an enhancement in your creativity as well. Those who aspire for higher studies or entrance exams may succeed with flying colours. Gains in stock market are indicated and lovers may find it suitable for strengthening your love bond. New couples may get the news of child birth. Beginning of the week is conducive for money gains as well. Retrograde Mercury may bring in favours at the work place and business may flourish. You will be successful to win over enemies but arguments with the spouse may follow at the end of the week.


You will get harmony in relations with the family but after facing few challenges. Investment in property is indicated too along with favour from the mother. You will do well in business but has to do a lot of exertion. Health may suffer and efforts have to be made to earn wealth and win hearts of your family members. Likely enhancement in knowledge and creativity at the end of the week and may also get good news from the children.


With strong mindset and great enthusiasm, you will start the week and will gain through your hard work. There might be misunderstanding with the siblings but may be sorted out with patience and love. Fortune will favour this week and may chill out with close friends or relatives. Health issues may arise particularly stomach disorders may trouble the native. Your efforts and hard work will bring benefits to you and elder brother will support every endeavour of yours. You have to make efforts to gain love and respect from the family.

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It is a stressful start of the week and the native might find it hard to save money and mild afflictions with the family members may arise too. The health will remain good throughout the week but mind will remain restless worrying about the family and savings. You might not feel energetic to do any work and there may be arguments with the siblings in the beginning of the week but later the things are sorted out. You may have to wander here and there at the end of the week or may also take some investment decisions. However, luck favours and you may indulge in some religious activities as well. Cordial relations with the spouse and gains are indicated.


This week is extremely beneficial and you will start the week taking good care of yourself. There will be a boost in the confidence and will maintain loving relations with the spouse. There will be growth in business and working conditions also though may come at a slow pace. May also think to start a partnership with someone or win their favours. May perform some religious activities and travel at the end of the week. However, retrograde Saturn in your first house may also give major shifts in business and profession. You will be engaged in self introspection and efforts are needed to keep your spouse happy.

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You may spend extravagantly this week. There may be injuries or pains in the feet of the native. External relations will bring gains but there will be mental stress all through the week. Competitors may give tough time but with his intelligence and creative ideas he will win over the enemies.


There may be expenses on religious or auspicious deeds. The native may remain unsatisfied with the foreign or external relations and may share knowledge with those who actually don’t need it. So, try to give advice only when you are asked for the same. You will get happiness from the family. The mother will remain jolly and you may invest in property also. Work will remain on the lower side giving troubles to the native but you will give hard time to your competitors. You will gain through your creativity and out of the box ideas in the beginning of the week. There is also good news likely from the children and students see favourable times. The end of the week indicates expenses.

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