Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology

Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology

The traditional horoscope in vedic astrology is divided into 12sub sections each depicting specified aspect of life. Today we will talk about the eleventh house which is popularly known as the house of gains or labha bhava in astrology. It signifies prosperity, financial and spiritual gains, wealth, abundance, and income. People with a strong 11th house in their horoscope may reap profits and gains in abundance.

Our ancient seers called the eleventh house the "House of Good Spirit" or "Good Divinity," and it was considered a beneficial place in the chart. This is a house of hopes, aspirations and expectations, a place for that shows fulfillment of desires—and in a materialistic way. Worldly pleasures and material abundance can be seen here through this house, and the most beneficial planet in the zodiac, Jupiter, is the karaka of the eleventh house.

Modern astrologers mainly consider it the house of desires, clubs and associations of likeminded people, or a group of people working together—and also a house denoting friendships. Traditionally, since the eleventh is second to the tenth and the tenth was the house of the king, the eleventh has denoted the king‘s advisers, his council and allies.

The eleventh house is connected to the zodiac sign Aquarius according to kal purush kundli. And Saturn is the natural ruler here. Common traits of Aquarius sign are independent nature, humanitarian, analytical skills, etc. which further reflects in this house. The most beneficial planet is Saturn if placed here. However, it is considered a weak house for the Moon.

This is also one of the upachaya houses, the upachaya houses are 3,6 and 11th house in astrology. These houses depict growth with passage of time. So, if the eleventh house has positive influence the native will grow with passage of time. All planets are considered good in these houses and even malefics like Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Sun are considered planets for growth as well because they give initiative to the person to move ahead in life.

One‘s desires, aim & accomplishments are significant depictions of the labha bhava. It reveals your sources of sudden income or gains which you may acquire through external sources, inheritance, lottery, etc. In a nut shell, planetary associations with this house play a significant role in determining your level of gains and varied ways of income.

The Eleventh House also denotes your friends. Through friendships, one can imagine the power of collective strength. Groups which come under the eleventh house are clubs, networks & social groups. The 11th house deals with the activities people execute within these groups & how they earn benefits from them.

It is a representation of one‘s social domains. It governs the support of the people you get in your life to realize your dreams. The house answers some specific queries. It may explain whether a person likes solace or wants to roam around in big social circle. One may also get the idea of their close circle or the well-wishers from here. Sometimes people arrive into our lives to provide mental and financial support that elevate us in no time. Whether we will make monetary gains from such connections is also reflected through this house.

Your aspirations and desires and their fulfillment come under the realm of 11th house only. The 11th house is the 5th from the 7th house which signifies our desires, thus, it refers to the fulfillment of those desires, which is why it is named the house of gains.

The eleventh house in Vedic astrology also governs the groups and communities you participate in and the relationship you share with friends and siblings. It also depicts your elder siblings and relationship with your paternal uncle.

It reveals the duration of friendships too. How long will the friendship or relationship last? Will the relationship turn into a marriage or a long-term relationship?

People who are public servants, eminent personalities, public figures, celebrities, wealthy or successful people fall under this house.

It is also known as the Badhaka house, obstacle or badha means obstruction. Some of our desires are auspicious in nature while the fulfillment of others may prove destructive. It is particularly a Badhaka Sthaan towards cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The placement and association of planets in the 11th house of a horoscope define how much you will succeed in removing the obstacles from your life.

Auspicious placement indicates there would be lots of opportunities but at the same time few obstacles too, and you would be able to win over them. Since it relates to Labha or gains, it also determines what will bring you success and benefits and what not. Whether you will realize your dreams or not also comes under the 11th house in astrology. Whether you will succeed in your endeavors related to higher education, business, job, litigation or speculation also fall under the11th house.

Body parts governed by the eleventh house include ankles and calf.

In Mundane Astrology, this house stands for legislation, friendly neighboring countries, and allies.

What does the 11th House rule?

  • Property
  • Financial position
  • Wealth
  • Gains
  • Gold and jewellery
  • Fame
  • Investments
  • Committee
  • Large organization
  • Secret knowledge
  • Uncle and aunt
  • Commitment
  • Mental peace
  • Legal education
  • Enemies of enemies
  • Husband-wife affair
  • Children‘s marriage life
  • Investment benefits of business

Moreover, it depicts the birthright of a person‘s mother and also the family reputation, and travel of brother in foreign countries.

Remedies for the 11th House:


A native can chant the specific mantras to get good results of the 11th House. One can easily find the mantra online. A native may also perform yagna or homa (fire sacrifice). One can opt for performing puja as well. One can also talk to astrologer to get detailed analysis of his eleventh house.

To sum up, the house depicts the neighbors‘ spiritual and religious inclinations. It considers family lineage, mother‘s death, and rebirth. One may also know about the spouse of your child, goals, ego, and the deeds of the 8th house.

Various planets in the eleventh house:

Sun: The presence of Sun here makes you rich and wealthy. The person enjoys royal status, high position in government, wise, follower of principle, devoted, faithful, loved by everyone in the family, fortunate, easy success, photography, family business, may be indulged in business related to wool, gold, jewellery/ornament, financial institution, audit of accounts and share market etc. According to Hora shastra the native will be very rich, have good employees, and will get the favors of the ruler/employer.

Moon: Wealthy, generous, gentle, well mannered, aristocratic, have land and property, support of females, indulgence in art and literature, enjoys good status, income from – land, agriculture, milk, water related produce, wine, coffee, refreshment room, pearl, fish etc. According to Hora shastra – person will be introvert, modest, intelligent and wealthy.

Mars: Influential, high status in society, have land and property, great orator, intelligent, wealthy and cunning, may earn through medicine, chemicals, land, minerals, metal, sports and strong will power. According to horashastra – is endowed with excellent qualities.

Mercury: Intelligent, knowledge of science, sharp mind, expert in every field, enjoys luxuries, wealthy, honest, witty, income from – Mathematics, astrology, science – research, business, trading etc. According to Horashastra – he earns through writing, teaching, and is a research scholar, attractive to the opposite gender and well-mannered.

Jupiter: According to Horashastra – gain from various sources, extremely rich and a leader. Wise, well-mannered, rich-wealthy person, enjoys abundant luxuries, have many friends and fond of music, religious, and believes in god and also remain dependent on others. Books, publications, religious and does charities.

Venus: Rich and wealthy person, a traveler, loves company of opposite gender, popular and have many friends, loves theatre, dance and music. He earns through hotel business, perfumes, cosmetics, beauty treatments, cinema, coffee, bar, wine shop, vehicle related. Very knowledgeable, enjoys sympathy, profit and satisfaction.

Saturn: Many persons may work under natal. Income from Politics, fun loving, few friends, breaks in education, have land and property, income from – industry, manufacturing of bricks, printing press, solid materials, instruments related to oil refinery, mines, labour, iron etc.

Rahu: Famous personality, rich and wealthy, educated, possibility of leader for infantry army etc. have property in foreign lands, possibility of some problem in ear, leader of lower class or labour etc. get benefits from agriculture and producing other materials.

Ketu: Person may have unexpected gains from lottery, imaginative, and gain from share market. He/she will be well-mannered/cultured and successful person. Kind hearted person and enjoys luxurious travels.



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