Mars enters own sign Aries: Impact on your future in 2021

By: Future Point | 26-Dec-2020
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Mars enters own sign Aries: Impact on your future in 2021

Planet Mars symbolizes passion, energy, and action in the realm of Vedic Astrology. Considered a crucial planet when it comes to marriage, Mars is action-packed and demands aggression and zest. It signifies the need for action, blood, warfare, the protein element in the body, younger siblings, and the passion and energy to work in life. From the 24th of December 2020, Mars will transit through its own sign Aries, which is an important event. Considered hot-headed, the natives of the Aries zodiac sign are not the only ones who will be influenced by this transit. 

Learn what this Mars in Aries could result in when it comes to your life and the life of people you love through Transit 2020 Predictions by Future Point.

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Planet Mars is going to transit in the first house or ascendant. Since it is the own sign of the red planet, this transit is going to deliver good results in your life. Since Mars represents passion and a sense of eagerness, you are likely to experience a surge of energy in yourself as you chase all your previous tasks towards completion. It is a favourable time for those aiming to get their events lined up as failure won’t even bother coming anywhere near you in this period. This surge of new-found energy will build up confidence in you and your enemies will shy away from taking up a battle with you. Your competitors would not even dare to come anywhere near you; there is a high probability of your striking gold with your seniors as you constantly put in efforts at work. The only downside of this transit would be an increase in your temper issues. You are advised to control your temper and stay soft on the matters of the heart. In case you are angered by something or someone, it is better to excuse yourself from that situation completely. Your health is going to be great in this period, so that is one less thing to worry about. Take things light and slow and do not make matters worse with your anger issues. 


Planet Mars is going to transit through the 12th house in your Kundli. This transit period is going to deliver mixed results in your life. Mars will root out the laziness from your character, and you will start seeing things in a new light. The transitional period would influence you to take up a sport or activity you enjoy, but it is advised that you practice caution and take up things after deliberate consideration. A competitive sport or activity would likely be the choice you opt for. Travelling due to work will keep you on your toes. Trips correlated to your business are going to yield you great results. Hasty decisions in this period are not a good idea and must be avoided at all costs. You will likely splurge on materialistic comforts in this period, but it is highly important to understand that not all expenditure is going to turn out to be profitable in the long run. On the familial front, relationships with kith and kin will soar as you’ll try to contain your short-temper and be more inclusive in general family matters. Your partner would need your love and support in an important matter, so be respectful & gentle with your comments. On the health front, things are going to be normal, so relax and take every moment as it comes.   

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For the natives of the Gemini zodiac sign, planet Mars is going to transit in the 11th house of your kundli. This will be a particularly delightful time for you. The hard work of your past will yield you good results during this period. You will overachieve your goals and set new ones that will likely put another feather in your hat. You will work on increasing your skill set and learning new activities that could boost your rewards. The transit period of Mars is exactly the time for you to choose new activities. If you are facing a tough time financially, you can consider taking a loan from someone you trust. Those with children are advised to spend some quality time with your little ones and appreciate them in whatever they do. On the health front, there are minor ailments which if neglected could turn into something big and might cause you more harm than you anticipated. Take things seriously and do not overlook minor symptoms.    


Planet Mars is going to transit through the 10th house of your kundli, which could turn out to be an excellent time for your career. You are likely to receive rewards for the previous work that you have done. Your charming personality would be a hit amongst your colleagues; do not dwell on the limelight that you have centred around you during this time, but work on having fun and making the most of it. Your work would keep you on your toes, as you gain new projects and work your way up the corporate ladder. Seniors will be on your side and offer you new opportunities to shoulder the big responsibilities. However, there is a huge probability that all the success might get under your skin, and you would end up bossing around your peers. Make good decisions and do not let your confidence seep into the arena of overconfidence. At work, you will be inclined to widen your horizons and move ahead in new fields, however it is imperative that you do not make hasty decisions. Mars is likely to influence your mind and get you hot-headed, but keep in mind that only wise choices will get you ahead in career. A webinar or motivational talk could help you boost your career prospects. Children would likely be the source of happiness at home.    

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Planet Mars is going to transit through the 9th house of your Kundli which is likely to garner good graces in your life. You will be the centre of attention in every party you attend. Before making any decisions, you are advised to seek advice from your elders and ask for their validation. Investments made in this duration will run close to the edge, i.e. might be risky- which is why you must refrain from making any hasty decisions. Adrenaline rush would be on an all-time high. Things at home will run smoothly with your constant need to keep everyone in check. It is highly probable that you authoritative side might come out in this period and try to control everyone around. However, this might turn out to be detrimental in your relationship and things could turn out sour. Spend time with your kith and kin by being empathetic towards them. A long distance trip could come as a blessing in disguise for you, which will help keep your mind off the stress at work.  


Planet Mars is going to transit through the 8th house of your kundli that is going to present brilliant moments in life. You will get to live life king-size through your charming and alluring ways. New ways to improve income will present themselves to you, so keep a watch out! Income and expenses will be level in this duration, however a new addition to your home might burn a small hole in your pocket. Mars will bring out your authoritative side, which when coupled with your practical side might not be a welcome sight. Your speech has the power to harm others, so be careful of the words you select. Trips in this period will be extra rewarding. In case you are looking to invest money somewhere, time is excellent. Make sure you consult someone who is an expert in this field before making any hasty decisions. Remember to not indulge in any vengeful activities or keep any malice in your heart regarding anyone.  

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Planet Mars is going to transit through the 7th house of your kundli which denotes numerous highs and lows in your life. This will be a time to count your blessings and work towards establishing good relationships with everyone. Keep in mind that you must not force someone to come out of their shell when you yourself are keeping your feelings bottled in. Be empathetic towards everyone and consider their feelings before passing on any judgement. At work, you will have a great time; however, it is advised that you keep your temper in check and do not let it get the best of you. You are advised to stay calm in terse situations. When dealing with authority figures, choose your words carefully and not indulge in a war of words to justify your actions. Things take time to settle, so be calm and take things lightly. On a more personal level, you might purchase something valuable in this time frame that could turn out to be a valuable asset in the near future. 


Planet Mars is going to transit through the 6th house of your kundli, which is a fantastic time for your overall health & wellbeing. You will be delighted by what all you can achieve with your sharp mind and acumen. This will encourage you to take up difficult challenges and set yourself up for bigger things in life. At the same time, you will work diligently and try to overachieve in all spheres of life. Physically and mentally you will feel rejuvenated which is going to help bring out the best in you. Chances of odd situations at work will keep you on your toes. There is a high probability of you excelling in situations of extreme stress. Stay vigilant and cautious of your enemies. On the brighter side, you will be optimistic about your life and look forward to spending time with your family and friends. Your positive outlook towards life will help you stay in the good books of everyone around you. 


Planet Mars is going to transit through the 5th house of your kundli, which is going to be an excellent time for those thinking about expanding their family with a little bundle of joy. If you have been contemplating pregnancy, this is a good time to start thinking afresh and make use of this wonderful duration to plan ahead. At work, you will be proud of your achievements and might boast about it in front of your colleagues and peers. This can be a fantastic time to acquire a skill or two which could help you move up the corporate ladder. Income and expenditure both are expected to increase with a source of new income being highly probable. On the health front, you might have to suffer so keep a check on what you eat and in what proportions. Try to exercise regularly and maintain healthy sleep patterns. Yoga and meditation can prove to be an excellent way to keep all that work stress at bay and help you achieve a healthy life.  


The Mars Transit in Aries is going to happen through the 4th house of your kundli. This period is going to a rollercoaster of highs and lows for you. You will have to bottle up your emotions one day, and try to be vulnerable & sensitive the other. At home, kith and kin would keep you happy and content due to the constant cheer and merriment. You will spend most of your time planning family outings and parties which would both be fun and help mend the strained relationships. However, your relationship with a spouse or love partner might require much love and care. You will have to keep tabs on your anger around them and restrain yourself from lashing out. Mars is going to bring out a lost of unresolved trauma from the past which you might try and pin on your partner. This would not only be selfish, but also end up destroying your relationship. If there is a conflict between the two of you, it is advisable that you find a middle ground and meet each other halfway. Don’t burn the bridges you just made with your anger or inability to let things go. 

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The red planet, Mars is going to transit through the 3rd house of your Kundli, which would be a positive time period for you. Efforts at work would garner you great results, owing to your efficacy & strengths. You will work smartly and influence your peers to take up exciting & new tasks at work to improve the team output. Honing up your skill set would be the best thing you would do in this duration. Younger siblings will be a source of joy for you. At home, there will be a sense of merriment, which you will cherish. However, due to Mars’s influence your temper might soar high, but keeping a cool facade is what really matters. Trips and excursions would make you happy in this period and will yield excellent results in the future. Relationships that needed a little work and care would be mended with efforts from both sides. On the career front, you are likely to follow your passion through and make a name for yourself. 


Planet Mars is going to transit through the 2nd house of your kundli. You will be charming, which would aid in smoothing affairs at work. Your ability to woo people with your charming attitude will be tested throughout the duration of this transit, so make sure you are at your best behaviour. If you see things not working in your favour, instead of abandoning the mission, try working your way through it. Your lucky stars are going to stay active during this transitional phase, wherein you will get plenty of opportunities to branch out at work. On the investment front, you are going to have an upper hand with your excellent choices. You will try to spend most of your time at home in this period, so that your family does not feel neglected. Your ability to have fun while working will greatly influence your daily life positively. 

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