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The festival of Raksha Bandhan has a special place in the hearts of all sisters and brothers. As Rakhi brings in the joy at home, it encourages love between two siblings and promotes humanity and responsibility. Tying a Rakhi is a symbol of a bond of innocence & purity in thought, word, and deed. This Rakhi 2019, plan something extravagant for your brother! By tying the thread of protection around his wrist, gift him an armor of protection against all harm that might befall him! Send him a Rakhi as per their Zodiac Sign that comes with highly energized Rudraksha beads and a Gemstone according to his zodiac sign! Buy Rashi Bracelet online with the promise of love and divine protection from all the 9 planets of his Kundli, which can protect your brother from all the negativity. Rashi Ratna Stone Bracelet will remove all the difficulties from your brother’s life, as it will not only serve the purpose of rakhi but also help your brother in attaining all the happiness and prosperity of the world that he duly deserves.

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Benefits of Rashi Bracelets according to the Zodiac signs:

Bracelet for Aries

  • This bracelet would be helpful for the wearer in improving their self- confidence, health, and will increase their energy level and stamina.
  • The Gemstone Bracelet for Aries would be beneficial in improving the financial condition of the natives.

Bracelet for Taurus

  • This Bracelet for Taurus nullifies the ill effects of the evil eye.
  • It strengthens the wealth condition of the wearer by bringing new income sources and opportunities.

Bracelet for Gemini

  • It can help to enhance an individual’s understanding of complex things of life with ease.
  • The wearer can feel more passionate and enthusiastic about his/her dreams and desires and start working on it.

Bracelet for Cancer

  • A person suffering from a mental disorder, indecisiveness, depression, and instability in life is advised to wear Cancer Bracelet.
  • It removes negativities from life, like black magic, evil practices, hexing, and all feelings of enmity.

Bracelet for Leo

  • It brings professional and academic success in the wearer’s life.
  • It delivers peace and purity to the heart that provides a wider vision to the wearer.

Bracelet for Virgo

  • Since they are goal-oriented, perfectionists, rational and reliable. After wearing Virgo Bracelet they can expect to become great achievers too.
  • It is a bracelet that is believed to bring in comforts to a person’s life by bringing in wealth and better luck to the wearer.

Bracelet for Libra

  • This Bracelet for Libra would be beneficial for the wearer in enhancing his/her personality and would lead to an improvement in your physical and mental fitness.
  • It helps the wearer in acquiring a good reputation and an influential position in society.

Bracelet for Scorpio

  • It removes the malefic effects of planet Mars from the wearer horoscope.
  • It controls the anger of the wearer and provides peace to him/her.

Bracelet for Sagittarius

  • This precious bracelet is linked with pride, sobriety, honesty, intelligence, dedication, kindness and sincerity.
  • This bracelet is beneficial in the ailments of liver, fever, appetite, cold & cough and indigestion.

Bracelet for Capricorn

  • It removes the negative thoughts from the wearer’s mind that provides them mental peace.
  • It shields the wearer from the Shani Sade Sati phase and provides the courage to face difficult times.

Bracelet for Aquarius

  • This bracelet is particularly beneficial for individuals who are prone to fear, anxiety or stress in day to day lives.
  • It is highly beneficial in enhancing memory, intellect power, Knowledge, of the wearer.

Bracelet for Pisces

  • This precious bracelet provides inner peace and calmness to the wearer that brings happiness in life.
  • It also enhances the will power of the wearer as it actives the will chakra of the person.

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