Jupiter Transit 2024 | Guru Gochar 2024

Jupiter Transit 2024

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is known as ‘Brihaspati’. It is considered as the planetary manifestation of ‘Dev Guru’ Brihaspati who is the ‘Guru of the Gods’. Jupiter is the most auspicious & benefic planet of all ruling the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

The position of Jupiter in the horoscope of a person reveals a lot about the future course of events in the person’s life primarily signified by the house in which it is positioned, the signs that it governs as well as the houses that it aspects. Jupiter is the natural significator of good health, expansion, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, teaching and respect.

Transit of Jupiter

Jupiter takes slightly more than a year to traverse through one sign of the Zodiac Belt to another and it exerts a phenomenal impact upon the lives of people. Every astrologer while analyzing the horoscope of a person takes into account the current or upcoming transit of Jupiter for making a prediction about the future course of events in the person’s life.

Jupiter on 1st May 2024 will enter into the sign of Taurus. This is going to be a very significant transit as Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the planetary manifestation of ‘Shukracharya- The Guru of the Demons’.

Moreover, Jupiter after entering into the sign of Taurus will also get past the troubling 3rd aspect of Saturn, which is transiting in the sign of Aquarius.

Jupiter is friendly with Venus and therefore theoretically from a “sign only” and in-general point of view, Jupiter should be very comfortable in Taurus. However, there are so many astrological permutations & combinations involved while deriving the exact result of a planet’s transit on a person that it is highly recommended, a person must consult with an experienced astrologer to get his/her natal horoscope thoroughly analyzed to know the precise effects or results of a planet’s transit on his/her life.

Furthermore, Jupiter as soon as entering the sign of Taurus will get into a state of combustion on 3rd May and will remain in this state till 3rd June. This will be a challenging period for most in which a lack of Jupiter’s positive influence due to being combust and therefore weak will create certain turbulence in some people’s lives.

Nevertheless, let us look at the ‘generalized and likely effects’ that Jupiter while transiting in Taurus will have on people as per their ascendant signs and what are the remedies that they can perform to ward off negative influences from their lives!


Jupiter is the lord of the 9th & 12th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 2nd house. The 2nd house primarily signifies Accumulated Wealth, Finances, Bank Balance, Food Habits, Speech and Family.

Jupiter during its transit will provide you with incredibly auspicious results in terms of your relationship with family members and the state of finances in your life. It is a period during which you would witness all the hard work that you did in the past coming to fruition. You will witness a clear rise in your luck. The longing to know the ultimate will rise within you. If you are a student who is pursuing higher studies then give your very best as your disciplined approach and your dedicated academic endeavours will go a long way in shaping a rewarding career in the future.

However, there might be some unexpected & sudden health related expenditures during this time.

Remedies: Help out needy students by providing them with books, stationery or other school supplies. Worship Lord Shiva by offering a ‘Milk Abhishek’ on a Monday.


Jupiter is the lord of the 8th & 11th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 1st house. The 1st house or the ‘Lagna’ of a kundli or horoscope represents the Self, Identity, Real Nature, Characteristics of the Personality and Approach Towards the World.

Jupiter is slated to bring a lot of changes in your personality and your broader outlook to life, during this period. You will become more tolerant and inculcate patience in your behaviour. You will gain respect in society and will find yourself in a favourable position while dealing with those around you. You will adopt a diplomatic approach which will help you in advancing towards your goals & objectives.

Watch your weight as you could very well push the scale towards the higher side! Therefore, be conscious of what you eat and take your health seriously. You are likely to get a sudden and very lucrative opportunity of financial growth & development during this time.

Remedies: Feed Cows as well as donate to a Gau Shala (Cow Shelter) as per your means. Worship Lord Hanuman from a heart filled with devotion.


The houses in your kundli or horoscope that are ruled by Jupiter are seventh and tenth. During this period Jupiter will transit in the twelfth house of your horoscope. The 12th house primarily signifies Losses, Expenditures, Hospitalization, Jail, Bedroom, Moksha (Liberation) and Settlement in Foreign Lands.

Jupiter will help you in getting married if you have been looking to tie the knot. But, your expenditures will also rise during this time and you are likely to have a dent in your pocket so, spend wisely. Things are looking fine on the health front with only minor hiccups related to seasonal changes. However, be careful while interacting with your colleagues and especially your seniors at your workplace as chances are high that you will be misunderstood. Offering advice without anyone asking for it would land you in trouble.

If you have been planning to make a job change, then this is not a conducive time for that.

Remedies: Feed fishes and or birds as per your location and convenience. Visit a Ganesh Temple on a Wednesday and offer food to the needy.


The naturally benefic Jupiter governs the sixth and ninth houses or ‘bhavas’ of your horoscope or kundli and will be transiting in the eleventh house which represents Gains and Fulfillment of Wishes/Desires along with Social Networking.

This is a good time period for you as you will triumph over your enemies. Your friends will extend every help that you need. If you are preparing for competitive exams for a job or an admission to an institution then give it your best shot as lady luck is smiling at you. You are likely to go on a foreign trip during this time. Your inclination towards spirituality or that which is beyond common perception will increase and you might go on a pilgrimage to a sacred place.

Remedies: Feed poor people as per your means preferably on a Thursday or any day. Recite or listen to Sri Suktam with devotion.


Jupiter rules the fifth and eighth houses in your kundli/horoscope and during this transit it will traverse the tenth house which shows Career Field or Professional Sphere of Life.

Jupiter during its transit in the sign of scorpio will bring both good as well as bad results for you. While things will move in the positive direction with respect to your career or profession, you will face some problems as far as your equation with your loved one is concerned. Keep away from speculation as it will put a big hole in your pocket and will impact your finances in an adverse way. You will be tempted to make quick money during this time but will only deteriorate your finances.

You might get into the bad books of a colleague at your workplace over some ill-thought out comment of yours.

Remedies: Help out a shelter for women as per your capability. Worship Goddess Durga and feed the poor outside a Devi Temple or anywhere for that matter.


Brihaspati or Jupiter rules the fourth and seventh houses of your kundli/horoscope and will traverse through the ninth house that points toward Luck, Dharma and Higher Studies and Travel to Foreign Lands.

Jupiter will encourage you to take up some renovation work that was long overdue at home. This transit is signifying the strengthening of your bond with your mother. However, you must take good care of her health during this time especially when the seasons change.

You will find your married life getting dull and therefore, you must increase your involvement by means of spending quality time with your spouse. Foreign or long distance travels are on the cards and they will play a major role in nurturing the bond of harmony, bliss & joy that you share with your spouse. This is a favourable time to foray into real estate and make a sale or purchase. But do not make and execute any plans in haste and give a fair amount of thought to what you perceive as the right deal.

Remedies: Feed Cows with jaggery or green fodder. Make a donation to a community-run bird or animal hospital. Worship Lord Hanuman with complete devotion.


Jupiter is the lord of the 3rd & 6th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 8th house. The 8th house primarily signifies Sudden Gains & Losses, Inheritance, Insurance, Accidents and In-Laws.

This transit of Jupiter is going to be challenging for you since Jupiter is likely to derail you from the trajectory of growth. Your efforts of the past could go in vain due to one bad judgement call. If you are married then avoid getting into any arguments with your in-laws as it will negatively affect your marital bliss and would bring a discord in the element of harmony that you share with your spouse.

This is a time to avoid unnecessary outdoor or adventurous activities as chances of getting injured are very high. You might get into some trouble with respect to your documents or you could simply lose precious time & opportunity due to incomplete or out of order documentation.

Remedies: Take care of a Tulsi plant in your house. Recite or listen wholeheartedly to ‘Vishnu Sahastranaam’ particularly on an Amavasya or New Moon Day.


Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd & 5th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 7th house. The 7th house primarily signifies Marriage, Spouse or Life-Partner, Business and Partnership.

Jupiter in its transit will make you infuse unprecedented bliss & harmony in your married life which will create a pleasant atmosphere in your relationship with your spouse. Expanding your business will be constantly on your mind. However, this will not be a good idea unless you do it with as little debt as possible. You will have a good relationship with your family members and will win hearts by your compassion towards your near & dear ones. Keep your diet in check as you are likely to eat as per what your palette desires which will not prove to be healthy.

Remedies: Donate clothes to the needy and feed birds. Worship Lord Hanuman to seek His protective blessings.


Jupiter is the lord of the 1st & 4th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 6th house. The 6th house primarily signifies Job, Competition, Enemies, Disease, Loan and Litigation.

Jupiter will not extend any significant help to you when it comes to tackling challenges in your life. Your competitors would keep you tense and this will negatively impact your peace of mind. Your enemies will plot openly against you. Some promising job opportunity might come your way but the chances of you successfully grabbing it are very bleak.

Do not get into confrontations as things might spiral out of control and you could land up in legal trouble. All said and done, your stature in the society will increase and you will deal with challenges in a wise and diplomatic way.

Remedies: Donate school uniform and other articles of use/need to needy students. Worship Goddess Laxmi by reciting or listening to Sri Suktam with utmost devotion.


Jupiter is the lord of the 3rd & 12th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 5th house. The 5th house primarily signifies Comprehensive Intelligence, Speculation, Children and Love Relationship.

Jupiter will enhance your perception of the situations that you face by increasing your comprehensive intelligence. This is a great period for you if you are a student. Any investments made in the past will reap you desired rewards. However, do not foray into speculation as this would reverse all your gains. Your effective communication will help you in overcoming a long standing hurdle.

Take special care of someone elderly in your family as there could be expenditures on the health front. Keep your personal expenses in check as it is a time to spend wisely and put a lid on material temptations.

Remedies: Donate footwear & clothes to labourers or needy people. Worship Shani Dev on Saturdays.


‘Dev Guru Brihaspati’-Jupiter governs the second and eleventh houses or bhavas of your kundli/horoscope and will traverse in the fourth house during this transit which represents Homeland, Mother, Property and Vehicle.

Jupiter is signifying the purchase of a property or a large scale renovation in your existing home. You could spend a significant amount of money on expanding your domestic comforts & conveniences which would deplete your accumulated wealth.

Spend wisely during this time to ensure financial stability in the times to come. You will undoubtedly lead a happy life among your near & dear ones. If you want to bring a fresh lease of life in your family then it is a good time to move ahead. Your friends will be helpful to you and you are likely to gain immensely from your social circle.

Remedies: Feed the poor outside a Shani Temple on Saturdays. Donate money or resources to an orphanage. Offer flowers to Lord Ganesh.


Jupiter is the lord of the 1st & 10th houses of your horoscope and will transit in the 3rd house. The 3rd house primarily signifies Courage, Struggle, Short Travels, Neighbours, Documents, Communication and Younger Siblings.

This will be a transit that would bring mixed results to you. You will act wisely to move closer to your aims & objectives of life, especially in the professional sphere of your life. But your advance will not be easy as you will have to struggle a lot to achieve what you wish for. You might encounter a lot of hostility from those working with you in the professional domain.

Short travels are very much there on the cards but they would not bring the kind of results that you are expecting in your professional life. You might have some initial disagreement with your younger sibling but things will resolve with patience & genuine efforts. This would be a time to speak only when you are required to.

Remedies: Donate money or resources to a spiritual organization or temple that needs it the most. Practice pranayama daily and recite Hanuman Chalisa wholeheartedly.


So this was the in-general analysis of the likely effects of Jupiter’s transit in the sign of Taurus upon people as per their ascendant sign. However, we urge you to contact Future Point and book a personal consultation with an experienced astrologer to get your natal horoscope thoroughly analyzed for getting precise and highly beneficial future guidance.