All 12 Signs Ranked As Per Their Capability to Handle Emotions

By: Future Point | 02-Jan-3034
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All 12 Signs Ranked As Per Their Capability to Handle Emotions

Emotions are of many kinds ranging from love, anger, resentment, acceptance, forgiveness, loneliness, joy, bliss and much more. However, it is the mental strength of people that determines how they will handle such emotions during the uncertain or sudden situations that life will put them through for sure, from time to time.


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What determines mental strength?  

The mental strength of a person, which translates into the capability to handle emotions, depends upon a lot of factors such as:

  • Upbringing in the Family
  • Societal Structure
  • Influence of Friends
  • Big or Sudden Changes in Life

However, there is a certain subtle but phenomenally powerful factor that literally creates a very dominant, consistent and clear psychological state within our mind, which defines our capability to handle various emotions in life.

The Influence of Our Ascendant Sign

Yes you read that right. Celestial bodies affect various domains of our lives based on their positioning in our natal horoscope as well their movement or transit across the zodiac belt.

But the first house of our natal horoscope shows our “ascendant” and reveals significant information about our personality, attitude, core or innermost nature and our mental outlook towards life.

The ascendant of a person paints the most reliable picture as far as that person’s emotional strength or resilience is concerned. It is the ascendant that reveals a person's real or true nature and his/her ability to handle situations in life. Get your Yearly Horoscope 2024 from Future Point and know how the planets are slated to affect various aspects of your life so that you could make timely & informed decisions!  

Ranking of Ascendant Signs

The emotional strength or resilience of a person can be defined as per the ascendant sign of that person. Let us look at how all 12 ascendant signs rank as per their emotional resilience.


This ascendant sign makes a person extremely emotional. A person with a Cancer ascendant finds it very difficult to channelize emotions and often encounters mood swings. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which signifies care, emotions, nurturing etc. Therefore, natives with a Cancer ascendant are emotionally fragile and the least resilient of all with a tendency of cracking under pressure very quickly. 


It is another highly emotional ascendant sign which makes a person susceptible to emotional turbulence in life. Pisces natives often feel emotionally hurt and face a hard time in letting go of emotional setbacks that they might have experienced in life. They tend to carry a very huge emotional baggage with them that hinders their capability to react in a calm & composed manner during challenges.


Although ruled by fiery Mars, Scorpio is an ascendant that signifies very intense emotions with very little stability. People with a Scorpio ascendant could feel emotionally hurt very often and have a low level of emotional tolerance. This creates problems in their relationships with those around them. These natives often find it difficult to make tough decisions in their lives.


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Being an Airy sign, Libra as an ascendant makes it very difficult for a person to exhibit rational behaviour during stressful times. People with a Libra ascendant are often seen panicking in adverse situations. They tend to overthink and often fail to arrive at a logical conclusion that is bereft of their emotional inclination. Natives with a Libra ascendant are not all suited for roles that require a strong & clear state of mind.


People with a Gemini ascendant appear very confident on the outside but they lose control of their inner calm and composure fairly quickly when exposed to stressful situations. They try to talk their way out of challenges and are escapists as they often try to put their responsibility onto the shoulders of those around them. They avoid taking the lead when it comes to problem solving.


Natives having an Aries ascendant are very courageous and have a bold outlook towards life. While they are not afraid to take challenges head-on, they tend to act in haste. They cannot take pressure and immediately try to act in an impulsive manner, which more often than not aggravates the complexity of the situation that they are dealing with. They lack patience & proper understanding of a situation due to their impulsive nature.


People having Virgo as their ascendant sign are fairly balanced in their approach towards life. They have a clear understanding of a situation and know how to conduct themselves efficiently. However, the problem lies with their obsession to perfection. In their pursuit of finding the perfect solution to a problem or drawing a definitive conclusion about a person, they often miss out on practicality.


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Natives with a Leo ascendant are headstrong and can handle a lot of pressure in life. They have a very firm and uncompromising approach to people and life, which makes them undertake some really hard decisions. They do get hurt emotionally when things do not go as per their way and that disappointment overpowers them and deviates them from the path to achieve their end objective.


People having Capricorn as their ascendant are fairly focused and composed when it comes to their state of mind. They remain calm when facing challenges or adverse situations in life. This makes them reliable guides or partners. They analyze a situation with a practical approach and strive to get past obstacles with little or no fuss. However, their patience runs out if the challenge remains persistent for long.


Those having an Aquarius ascendant are emotionally stable not because of their resilience but rather due to their futuristic approach towards life. They do get affected by emotional setbacks or challenges but they keep their focus on their goals. They direct their time & energies in trying to achieve their objectives without paying attention to issues that are beyond their control. This makes them emotionally stable and “indirectly” resilient.


People with a Sagittarius ascendant always keep their eyes on the goal and strive diligently as well as improvise quickly when faced with a challenge. They do not lose their focus, come what may. This makes them emotionally strong and resilient as well. They do not get distracted by negative or demoralizing attitudes of others and therefore, display an ideal attitude that is required for maintaining calm and composure in life.


Those having Taurus as their ascendant sign are emotionally most strong as well as resilient to face any and all challenges that life throws at them. Their mental fortitude is admirable as they ignore all distractions and remain focussed on their goals. They do not believe in giving undue attention to issues around them and straightaway ignore negative people or opinions. This makes them the most stable & strongest among people of all ascendant signs when it comes to emotional strength and resilience.

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The above mentioned rankings are simply to draw a generic inference and are not something absolute. The emotional strength of a native depends upon a lot of factors and with a comprehensive occult guidance by an experienced astrologer, a person can find out the best path forward to live with as little friction as possible. The astrologer post analyzing the horoscope of a native recommends powerful time-tested remedies which pacify the ill-placed planets of the horoscope, thereby reducing their negative impact on one’s life.

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