Save Your Marriage: How Can an Astrology Consultation Prevent Divorce?

By: Future Point | 26-Dec-2023
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Save Your Marriage: How Can an Astrology Consultation Prevent Divorce?

Separation in the form of a divorce between married couples is really heartbreaking. It shatters a person and causes irreparable loss at the emotional level. Every person aspires for a married life which is full of love, joy and harmony. The thought of leading a fulfilling life with the life-partner forms the basis of a person’s perception about the institution of marriage.

However, divorces have become an unfortunate & sad reality in our world which is affecting the current generation at a rate that is shockingly high. Ideally, no couple should undergo the pain of such a bitter separation. But be that as it may, the rate at which divorces are taking place, we may be heading towards a society wherein marital bliss will soon become a luxury.


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Role of Astrology in Marriage

Astrology is an extremely effective occult science that is capable of transforming the life of a person for good. It is the sheer efficacy of Astrology that has kept it relevant after thousands of years since it was revealed by the holy sages of ancient India (Bharat) with the sole purpose of empowering humankind to make the most of life.

Astrology reveals what the celestial bodies in the form of planets signify for various domains of a person’s life including marriage, as per their positionings in the horoscope of that person.

In fact, the process of Kundli Matching in Astrology is dedicated completely to the purpose of ascertaining the compatibility between two people who are looking forward to spending their life together as a married couple.

However, if things have reached to a point where there seems to be no other alternative for the couple but to separate for whatever reasons, it is highly recommended that they must consult with an astrologer before taking the final call.

How Can an Astrology Consultation Prevent Divorce?

If and when a couple who is facing seemingly insurmountable marital problems consults with an experienced astrologer then the astrologer performs the following key procedures:

Listening to the Couple: This is the first & foremost process which forms the basis of an astrological consultation. Before delving deep into the problem, an astrologer listens very carefully to the couple in an unbiased manner.

It is like any other consultation for marital problems but the difference lies in what follows.

Deciphering the Couple’s ‘Real’ Nature: Once the astrologer is done listening to the couple, their natal horoscopes are thoroughly analyzed to decode the couple’s innermost or core nature.

Understanding the ‘real’ nature of both the husband and wife is absolutely necessary to get to the core of the problem. This is done by studying the 1st house of the couple’s respective horoscopes.

Analyzing the 7th House: The 7th house of a person’s horoscope is the prime house of marriage and signifies marriage and life-partner. Analyzing the 7th house of the horoscopes of both the husband and wife gives a clear picture of how the married life of the husband and wife is ‘originally’ slated to pan out.

Decoding Other Astrological Factors: An astrologer in the process of analyzing the horoscopes of the couple decodes numerous other astrological factors such as:

  • The state of the 2nd house of ‘Family’
  • The 5th house of ‘Love’
  • The dispositors of the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th houses.
  • The Navamsa Kundlis of the couple.
  • The Current & Upcoming Planetary Transits.

Furthermore, planet Venus is the natural significator of marriage, therefore, the state of Venus in the horoscopes of both the husband and wife is thoroughly analyzed.

Final Remedies through Kundli Matching: Once the horoscopes of the couple are analyzed on multiple grounds, the astrologer performs the process of Kundli Matching which reveals the actual compatibility between the couple.

Based on the results of the above mentioned procedures, the astrologer carefully derives occult remedies that must be performed by the couple wholeheartedly.

These remedies pacify the negative effects of ill-placed planets in the horoscopes of both the husband and wife which are the root cause of conflict between them.

Once the couple pacify the negative effects of aggravated planets in their horoscopes, it becomes much easier to consciously get over mutual differences and successfully engineer a blissful married life ahead.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are a couple facing challenges in keeping your marriage afloat, then immediately contact Future Point and Talk to Astrologer to get the occult guidance that would genuinely help you to save your marriage.

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