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Astrological Factors Signifying Change of Job in Life

By: Future Point | 28-Sep-2023
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Astrological Factors Signifying Change of Job in Life

People often find making a job switch or foraying into a new career field  really stressful & challenging. While occasionally we may choose to welcome this transition, more often than not, it becomes an inevitable part of our journey. Astrology employs various celestial factors to anticipate these shifts in our professional lives. 

Whether such changes in employment yield favorable outcomes depends on the astrological configurations in the horoscope or kundli of people with respect to their career. When people embark on job transitions, they usually aspire for improved opportunities, but reality doesn't always align with their expectations. Let us study the effectiveness of the occult science of Astrology in providing highly useful insights into the career domain of one’s life.

Which Planet is Responsible for Job Change

As per Astrology, specific planets wield the power to influence shifts in one's career. These influential celestial bodies include Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. Let's delve into their roles and how they impact our professional endeavors.

Saturn: Saturn, often referred to as the planet of diligence, discipline, and endurance, holds sway over our careers and professions. When Saturn occupies the 10th house or forms connections with other celestial bodies, it may signify shifts in our employment or progress in our professional journeys. Conversely, when Saturn's influence is diminished or marred by adverse factors, it can lead to delays or hurdles in our career development.

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Jupiter: Jupiter, often associated with expansion, personal growth, and wisdom, symbolizes knowledge, spirituality, and advanced learning. When Jupiter occupies the 10th house or forms alliances with other celestial bodies, it may signal career progress, promotions, or shifts in employment. When Jupiter is in a position of strength and favorable alignment, it can usher in good fortune and success in our professional lives.

Mercury: Mercury symbolizes communication, intelligence, and logical reasoning. Additionally, it is associated with commerce, trade, and business endeavors. When Mercury occupies the 10th house or forms affiliations with other celestial bodies, it may suggest shifts in employment or progress in communication, writing, or business-related domains. When Mercury exerts its influence robustly from a favorable position, it can pave the way for success in these fields.

In addition to these three planets, both the Moon and Mars can wield influence over our careers and vocations. The Moon signifies emotions, instincts, and creativity. When the Moon graces the 10th house or establishes connections with other celestial bodies, it may signify potential success in artistic pursuits or roles that entail tending to people's emotions and requirements.

Mars symbolizes vitality, bravery, and proactive behavior. When Mars finds its place in the 10th house or forms associations with other celestial bodies, it can be a sign of achievement in domains such as sports, engineering, or military endeavors.

Which houses in the Kundli signify a change in job?

In Kundali Astrology, specific houses have the potential to influence shifts in one's career. The most crucial of such houses are the sixth, tenth and eleventh. Let's delve into their impact on our careers and professions:

6th House: The 6th house embodies our everyday work responsibilities, employment, and the stress associated with our jobs. It also signifies workplace competition and potential professional conflicts.

When planets reside in the 6th house or form connections with other celestial bodies, it may indicate shifts in employment or enhancements in fields related to service, health, and well-being. A robust 6th house can pave the way for success in these domains.

10th House: This house signifies career or profession, name, fame, power and position. When planets occupy the 10th house or establish connections with other celestial bodies, it may signify shifts in employment or career progress. A robust and favorably positioned 10th house can usher in achievement and acclaim in our professional journey.

11th House: This house signifies Gain, Realization of Desires, Social Circle and Friends. When planets reside in the 11th house or form connections with other celestial bodies, it may signify job transitions or advancements in career paths linked to networking, social media, or technology. A robust 11th house can lead to financial prosperity and accomplishments in these domains.

Apart from these 3 primary houses, there are other houses as well such as the second & the ninth that cast a significant level of impact/influence on the career domain of our lives. The second house in the context of career, signifies accumulated wealth and bank balance and the state of this house in one’s kundli or horoscope points towards the planetary influences on the financial aspect of one’s life.

The 9th house embodies higher education, philosophy, and spirituality. Its placement in the birth chart (horoscope) or its relationships with other planets can provide insights into an individual's potential for success in fields such as teaching, law, or religion.

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What is the Auspicious Dasha for making a job switch?

In Vedic Astrology, specific time periods known as 'Dasha' can signify significant events and transitions in our lives, including shifts in our careers.

Following are the periods of Dasha of different planets that play a significant role when it comes to contributing to the event of a job change:

Mahadasha of Jupiter: Planet Jupiter signifies growth & expansion along with knowledge & wisdom. In case there is a well-placed Jupiter in our horoscope, then during its Mahadasha (primary period of operation), we can witness opportunities of career growth coming our way.

Saturn Mahadasha: Saturn is linked to discipline, diligence, and enduring stability. When Saturn is robust and strategically positioned in our birth chart, its Mahadasha can foster professional growth and secure job prospects. This time period in life promotes success especially for those who are associated with the fields related to engineering, management and construction/mining.

Mercury Mahadasha: Mercury symbolizes communication, intelligence, and versatility. If Mercury is strong & well-positioned in a person’s horoscope, then during its period of Mahadasha, the person gets a significant boost in career pertaining to the fields of communication, trade or commercial transactions as well as domains of technology. A strong state of Mercury also points towards business or self employment in the above mentioned fields.

Venus Mahadasha: Venus is linked to creativity, luxury, and allure. When Venus is robustly placed in our birth chart, its Mahadasha can present career advancement prospects in the realms of arts, fashion, and beauty. This phase may also suggest opportunities in the fields of hospitality, entertainment, and diplomacy.

It's worth noting that the impacts of these Dasha periods can differ depending on individual birth charts and additional planetary influences. Consult with Dr. Arun Bansal who is a Famous Astrologer in Delhi to know how the planets are specifically affecting the career domain of your life.

House & Planetary Combinations That Signify Frequent Change in Job

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, there are certain planetary & house combinations in a person’s kundali or horoscope that signify frequent job changes or disruption in career. Let's explore these combinations:

In Kundali Astrology, certain combinations of planets and houses can suggest frequent job changes or career instability. Let's delve into these combinations:

Weakened 10th House: When the 10th house, symbolizing reputation, status, and authority, is feeble or afflicted, it may indicate challenges in securing a steady career trajectory or attaining success in one's profession.

Harmful Planetary Influence in the 10th House: When malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars, or Rahu occupy the 10th house or form unfavorable aspects with other celestial bodies, it can suggest job shifts or career instability. These planets may introduce obstacles, setbacks, or difficulties in the pursuit of career advancement.

Weakened Sun: The Sun signifies one's career and profession. When the Sun is feeble or afflicted, it can result in career hardships and transitions. An ailing Sun may pose challenges to attaining recognition and success in one's chosen vocation.

Afflicted Moon: The Moon signifies emotions, intuition and the creative side of one;s personality. In case the Moon is afflicted or in a bad state in the horoscope of a person, then the person finds it challenging to have a satisfying job or a stable enough career. An ailing Moon may contribute to emotional turbulence and restlessness within one's career.

The conjunction of Malefic Mars and Saturn: The alignment of Mars and Saturn together can imply career shifts or instability. This planetary combination can hinder career progression, leading to delays and challenges. It also points towards the chances of bickering or arguments with colleagues at the workplace.

Diminished Venus: Venus embodies creativity, luxury, and allure. In case Venus is in a weak state in the horoscope, then the person more often than not struggles & finds it very hard to achieve contentment from job. A weakened Venus may also pose challenges in professions connected to the arts, beauty, and fashion.

Can Astrology Help in Identifying the Timings of Change in a Job?

If Jupiter and Saturn are transiting through the third, sixth, or twelfth house from either the ascendant (lagna) or the Moon sign, there's a significant likelihood of experiencing a change in job.

  • Individuals governed by the lords of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th houses may undergo job changes during their respective Dasha periods.
  • When the rulers of the 3rd, 10th, and 12th houses are concurrently in their Dasha periods, it indicates that the individual will need to relocate.
  • When Rahu and Ketu transit through either the 7th or 10th house, it often leads to a person changing jobs.
  • When Jupiter and Saturn concurrently pass through the same houses while beneficial planets govern the Dasha period, it often leads to a job promotion for the individual.

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In summary, Astrology can provide insights into potential job transitions and career changes. Astrologers can offer valuable guidance on job shifts, periods of stability, and potential career advancements by analyzing the planetary positions and their influence on various houses within an individual's birth chart. 

Factors such as the strength or weakness of key planets, the condition of significant houses, and the timing of specific Dasha periods all play roles in shaping the possibilities and outcomes of job changes. So, consult with an experienced astrologer to know the best path forward with respect to the career domain of your life.


Which are the houses in a horoscope that deal with job or career?

The 6th house signifies job and the 10th house reveals the nature of our career or profession. However, there are various other houses as well as astrological factors that cumulatively cast an impact on the job or career sphere of a person’s life.

Can Astrology help in identifying the right field of career?

Yes. Astrology helps in identifying a field of career that is aligned with a person’s core nature, interests, personality and has the support of positively placed planets in his/her horoscope, thus, increasing the chances of professional success and satisfaction from career.

Who is the Best Astrologer to consult for career advice?

Dr. Arun Bansal is the Best Astrologer in India to seek astrological guidance based on any domain of life including career. He has an experience of over 40 years in providing life-transforming occult based guidance to countless people all over the globe.

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