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How can Astrology be used to ensure a blissful marriage?

By: Future Point | 27-Sep-2023
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How can Astrology be used to ensure a blissful marriage?

Marriage is a sacred union between a couple wherein they vow to stand by each other’s side during all times. Making such a big decision can be daunting, as no one wants to end up in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship. This is where Astrology or Vedic Astrology can provide guidance on compatibility between two people that goes beyond superficial attraction. 

By analyzing the astrological birth charts or horoscopes of both individuals, a trained astrologer can uncover deep insights into personality, emotional needs, communication styles, values, and more. This information can help create self-awareness and set realistic expectations, even before tying the knot. Here are some of the key ways Astrology can foster a blissful union:

Evaluate Elemental Compatibility

The innermost or core nature of a person can be deciphered by looking at the type of element that his/her ascendant sign is associated with. There are 4 types of elements that Vedic Astrology uses to categorize various signs and these are: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The signs and their associations with elements are as follows:

  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signifying practicality & humbleness.
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signifying intuition, sensitivity & emotions.
  • Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signifying passion & exuberance.
  • Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius signifying intelligence & diplomacy.

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People belonging to complementary elements (Fire-Air, Earth-Water) often find it easier to understand each other and balance their energies. On the other hand, those belonging to clashing elements (Fire-Water, Earth-Air) may have to put in more effort to align their divergent natures. Understanding these elemental combinations can help partners appreciate and adapt to differences.

Check Planet Positions and Aspects

Beyond ascendant signs, the positions of planets and the aspects or angles between them shape an individual's inclinations and needs. For example, the Moon in Cancer desires a nurturing home life, while the Moon in Aquarius needs intellectual stimulation. Venus in Leo seeks dramatic displays of affection, whereas Venus in Taurus values sensuality.

Mars in Aries is energetic and enterprising, while Mars in Libra is charming and seeks harmony. By mapping the planetary positions of two charts, areas of compatibility as well as potential discord can be identified. Easy aspects (trines, sextiles) indicate rapport, while hard aspects (squares, oppositions) suggest challenges that require compromise.

Decoding the 7th House 

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, the 7th house signifies Spouse/Life Partner and Marriage. The sign on the cusp and any planets residing in this house reveal key information about a person's approach to intimacy. For instance, Pisces in the seventh house yearns for spiritual connection, while Aries here craves vibrant chemistry. 

The condition of planets linked to the seventh house by aspect also matters - if Venus is in a detrimental position, it may indicate trust issues. Comparing seventh house placements between charts can signal how well-suited a couple is to each other or if certain adjustments need to be made.

Look at Mars Connections

While Venus is the planet of love, Mars represents passion and sexual attraction. The placement of Mars in two charts can indicate the strength of chemistry between partners. Easy Mars aspects like trines or sextiles bring magnetic energies. On the other hand, Mars squared can generate friction or sexual tension that requires handling with care. Analyzing such Mars connections helps manage expectations about physical intimacy and erotic compatibility.

Study the Fifth House 

The fifth house in Astrology governs creativity, self-expression, and romance. Along with the seventh house, it provides clues about how each person approaches dating, courtship, and relationships. Signs on the cusp and planets placed here reflect differences in romantic styles - Pisces enjoys fantasy here, while Sagittarius seeks adventure. Comparing fifth houses can reveal if partners have similar attitudes about nurturing romance or if adjustments are needed. This house also rules children, so it provides insight into compatibility regarding parenting styles.

Synastry Analysis or Horoscope Matching 

While individual charts or horoscopes provide a foundation, comparing two charts through synastry or what is called the process of Horoscope Matching, can reveal the dynamics of a specific relationship. Synastry analyzes how planets positioned in the horoscope of one person interact with those positioned in the horoscope of the other. For example, his Mars aspecting her Venus can indicate powerful sexual chemistry. His moon aspecting her Saturn may suggest an emotionally fulfilling bond. Challenging synastry aspects like the Saturn square sun can also show areas that require conscious effort. Thorough synastry helps uncover both strengths and friction points, so that couples enter marriage with the much needed clarity.

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Study Composite Chart

The composite chart is created by merging two individual charts into one, offering insight into the unique chemistry of a relationship. Signs, house placements, and aspects in the composite chart reflect the energetic patterns that can develop between two people. For example, the composite Sun in Aquarius indicates a partnership-oriented towards intellectual pursuits and social circles. Composite Moon Square Pluto suggests intense emotional dynamics. Noting areas of harmony and discord in a composite chart enables a greater understanding of the relationship entity being formed through marriage.

Assess Division of Signs Among Houses

In some couples, certain signs are heavily represented while others are absent. For example, a couple may have no Earth sign emphasis in their charts. This could indicate a relative lack of practicality or routine in the relationship. On the other hand, multiple planets in an Air sign suggest an intellectual bond. Examining the distribution of signs can reveal innate strengths as well as potential growth areas for a couple. Understanding this symbolism encourages playing with strengths and consciously developing weaker traits.

Encourage Self-Development

Astrology is powerful for self-knowledge and development, - critical for healthy relationships. Gaining awareness about one's Mars aggressiveness, Venus jealousy, Saturn repression, or other challenging traits helps manage them before they ruin intimacy. Knowing strengths and weaknesses enables playing up assets and tempering shortcomings. Astrology prompts examining unconscious patterns, listening to guidance from planetary transits, and integrating positive qualities suggested by signs. This inner work ensures both individuals bring their best selves to the marriage.

Set Realistic Expectations

By revealing essential personality traits and intimate styles, Astrology allows couples to set realistic expectations. One may wish for endless social fun while the other craves quiet time at home. Unrealistic hopes that a partner will change lead to disappointment. Astrology helps accept profound differences revealed in birth charts as innate rather than as flaws to be eliminated. With self-awareness and mutual understanding come greater tolerance, patience, and adaptation. Partners happily avoid trying to force a square peg into a round hole if Astrology convinces them it cannot fit.

Create Relationship-Enhancing Habits

Astrology not only reveals personality tendencies but also offers guidance for acting on them positively. For example, Saturn's aspects may suggest a tendency towards coldness, but consciousness can help override this with more constructive traits Saturn also represents, like integrity and wisdom. Astrology provides a relationship-enhancing action plan - Venus in Leo may benefit from expressing affection more dramatically, the Cancer Moon needs dedicated private time, and Mars in Libra can practice conflict resolution skills. Following such astrological guidance helps maximize innate compatibility.

Find Shared Values and Purposes

Sometimes the greatest bond between two people is a shared higher purpose, values, or spiritual beliefs. Jupiter aspects between charts can reveal shared philosophies of life that provide a firm foundation. Neptune connections indicate idealistic vision or psychic sensibilities in common. Nodal contacts signify a shared destiny and mission. Discovering such shared higher ground through Astrology helps a couple join forces as teammates with common goals, rather than struggling over differences. This forges a bong strong enough to provide a stable enough foundation for the marital union to go through all ups & down with grace.

Set an Optimal Wedding Date

Selecting an auspicious wedding date & time is important in Astrology. Astrology stresses upon selecting a date & time for getting married that signifies positive cosmic energies being dominant in the cosmos based on the current transitory movements of planets. Jupiter's transits bring luck and growth; Venus's aspects align with love; and the Sun energizes new beginnings. Challenging transits like Saturn squares or retrogrades are best avoided. Astrologers also recommend marrying during peak planetary hours - Venus hour for love, the Jupiter hour for prosperity, and the Moon hour for fertility. An astrologically optimal wedding chart becomes the blueprint for the couple's life together. The date provides a sacred foundation aligned with cosmic forces.

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Navigate Life Transitions Together

Major planetary transits affecting an individual's chart also influence their relationships. Dramatic outer planet transits like Pluto squares, Uranus conjunctions, and Saturn returns signify pivotal life transitions and internal shifts. Navigating these together using astrological awareness leads to bonding and personal growth. Couples who encounter such transitions supportively say "this too shall pass". By cooperating with cosmic forces, they emerge renewed on the other side. A united commitment to soul growth fosters intimacy far beyond the superficial.

There are clearly many ways in which the profound insights offered by Astrology can foster greater fulfillment and harmony in marriage. While starry-eyed romance has its place, a mature relationship thrives through developing realistic expectations, embracing differences, aligning values, optimizing strengths, and supporting each other's growth. With so much at stake, Astrology's guidance helps couples lay an enlightened foundation so they can build a lasting relationship that stands the test of time, enriched through sharing life's journey together.


Astrology's insights into temperament, intimacy needs, communication styles, and life purpose can reveal the potential and pitfalls of a marriage. While the stars do not dictate destiny, astrological awareness empowers couples to understand themselves and each other at a deeply meaningful level.

By illuminating compatibility strengths as well as friction points, Astrology provides a roadmap to navigate the complexities of married life wisely. Used consciously, it is a powerful tool that enables two individuals to grow together in a sacred union aligned with cosmic forces.


How does Astrology help in achieving marital bliss?

Astrology reveals the real or core nature of the couples who wish to tie the knot, thereby helping them to assess their compatibility based on their interests, nature, personality as signified by the planetary placements in their horoscopes.

What is Kundli or Horoscope Matching?

Kundli Matching of Horoscope Matching is a process in Vedic Astrology that helps in determining the actual compatibility between a couple based on multiple astrological factors. It plays a decisive role in ascertaining how much the people looking forward to entering into a marital relationship are compatible with one another.

Who is the Best Marriage Astrologer in India?

Dr. Arun Bansal, without any doubt, is the Best Astrologer in India that one can ever come across to get practical as well as effective astrological guidance for leading a happy & blissful married life.

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