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Rahu Transit in Pisces - 5 Ascendant Signs that will Shine

By: Future Point | 20-Sep-2023
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Rahu Transit in Pisces - 5 Ascendant Signs that will Shine

What is Rahu?

Rahu is one of the two ‘Shadow Planets’ (the other one being Ketu) in Vedic Astrology which means that it does not have a physical existence. 

Make no mistake, despite not having a physical form, the effects of Rahu (as well as Ketu) are felt very strongly in the domains of one’s life that it is affecting as per its placement in the horoscope of that person.

Rahu is also considered as a ‘Naturally Malefic Planet’ which more often than not provides sudden & negative results in the life of a person. 

Rahu’s Transitory Movement

Planet Rahu (just like planet Ketu) always moves across the zodiac belt in a retrograde motion. This makes Rahu exert a phenomenally powerful impact on all during its transitory movement. 

The nature & magnitude of Rahu’s effects on a person depends upon the placement of Rahu in the natal horoscope of that person as well as the sign or house through which it transits.

Therefore an astrologer, along with other factors, pays a lot of attention to the current transitory movement of Rahu while analyzing the kundli or horoscope of a person.

What does Rahu signify?

Now since we know that Rahu is a ‘tricky’ planet whose position in the natal chart as well as the movement in the zodiac belt casts an enormous impact on the life of a person, let us see what it primarily signifies.

Rahu signifies sudden gains & losses, narcotics, spying, very high-end technologies, sophisticated surgeries, gambling, cheating, fraud, encryption, computer hacking, addiction, grandfather, unpredictable behaviour and litigation, to name a few.

Rahu Transit 2023

Rahu will move into the sign of Pisces on 30th October 2023 and will transit in that sign till 18th May 2025. This will be a very intense transit of Rahu as it will move in the last last of the 12 signs of the zodiac belt. 

It will obviously have different effects on people as per their overall horoscope as well as the house in which it will transit while being in Pisces.

Speaking in ‘general’ terms, people belonging to 5 specific ascendant signs are going to enjoy the positive effects of Rahu in their lives during its transit in Pisces. However please note that we are assuming a favourably placed Rahu in the natal horoscope of these people.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that one must consult with an experienced astrologer to know the exact effects of Rahu’s transit in Pisces in his/her life.


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So, without further ado, let us look at which are those 5 Ascendant Signs that would attract the positive effects of an otherwise troubling & malefic Rahu during its transit in Pisces.


Rahu will transit in the 11th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Gains, Realization of Desires, Friends, Social Network, Uncle and Elder Siblings. 

Gains from new financial endeavours are on the horizon for you. You are likely to get a very lucrative career based opportunity with the reference of a friend. 

This is a good time to plan your finances for the future as things will fall into place for tangible long term gains. 

You will get all the help & guidance that you need from those around you and you will move ahead in a smooth & confident manner to realize your dreams & desires. 

Do not make a decision with respect to an investment without having a thorough understanding of what you are foraying into. Relations with your elder siblings will be cordial and you could benefit significantly from one or some of their contacts. 

There is no need to worry on the health front as well. However, do not push your body to its limits unnecessarily and follow a balanced dietary & exercise routine.


Rahu will transit in the 10th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Career, Profession, Name, Fame, Power, Position and Social Standing. 

There is a very popular belief among astrologers with respect to Rahu positioned in the 10th house in the natal horoscope or transiting in the 10th house. The astrologers claim that the 10th house is the best house for Rahu. 

The astrologers believe that a 10th house Rahu makes a person triumph over all challenges and emerge as the undisputed victor in a contest or the ultimate achiever in a key endeavour of life. 

You will overcome all the hurdles in your life during this time, especially those that are related to the professional sphere of your life. You will get all the support needed from your seniors and colleagues alike. 

It would appear as if despite so much adversity, you are getting all the required help without even asking for much of it. 

Make the best use of this period as such a strong & more importantly positive transit of Rahu does not happen very often in life.


Rahu will transit in the 3rd house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Courage, Short Travels, Documentation, Communication, Struggle and Younger Siblings. 

On one hand this is a very tough period for you in terms of hard work & striving for the fulfillment of your goals. 

On the other hand, this is a period during which your hard work will be handsomely rewarded. Keep working diligently and be assured that your efforts will not go in vain. 

This is a transit that will add maturity & wisdom to your personality. Your thought process will become streamlined and you will adopt a serious & dedicated goal oriented approach. 

You would have some unexpected but well thought-out suggestion or recommendation coming your way from someone who lives nearby. Your communication skills will improve and you will develop tact & diplomacy that will significantly help you achieve your objectives.


Rahu will transit in the 6th house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Job, Competition, Enemy, Litigation, Disease, Loan and Bickering. 

If you have been looking to make a job switch then you are in for a treat as a very lucrative opportunity is slated to come your way. Your enemies will no longer bother you and you will emerge victorious in all tussles for power & position. 

However, all this will not come very easily to you and you have to hold your ground. But eventually, things will turn out to be in your favour. This is a very conducive time to try your hand in job related competitive examinations. 

Give it your best shot as Rahu is signifying a win in competitions. Furthermore, if you have been entangled into some legal hassles then the situation will pan out drastically in your favour. 

Health is a domain that you need to be very careful about as chances of getting under the weather are quite high for you.


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Rahu will transit in the 1st house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Self, Innermost Nature, Ego, Personality, Worldly Outlook and approach to life. 

You will experience a drastic change in your overall personality & broad outlook in life during this time. You will become more focussed & dedicated towards your goals & desires. 

However, an element of arrogance will also slip into your nature that might alienate you emotionally from those around you. You will become headstrong and that will give you the required impetus to charge ahead to achieving your aims & objectives. 

You will be high on confidence and morale. Your actions would be interpreted as unnecessarily assertive and would disturb the cordial relationships that you share with many. But, you will achieve or at least move significantly closer to your materialistic goals in life. 

You need to strive for a balance between your personal desires or pursuits of life and your relationship with those around you. A success with no one around to share the joy derived out of it, is barely a success. But nevertheless, you will experience a boldness in your personality that will prove to be beneficial for you in materialistic terms.

So, this was the in-general prediction of how the transit of Rahu in Pisces starting from 30th October will positively affect people having the above mentioned 5 Ascendant Signs.

However, since there are so many astrological permutations & combinations involved when it comes to decoding the precise effects of planets on a person, it is highly recommended that you must get your personal/natal horoscope thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer.

Also, for those who are at the risk of bearing the brunt of the malefic effects of a transiting Rahu or an ill-placed Rahu in their natal horoscope, we recommend the Rahu Graha Shanti Puja offered by Future Point.

It is an incredibly effective puja ritual which is performed in your name to ward off the malefic influences of Rahu in your life. The Rahu Graha Shanti Puja is performed by a highly learned Brahmin priest while following all the prescribed procedures as mentioned in the holy scriptures.

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