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LeoStar-I: The basic raw material for practicing astrology

By: Future Point | 23-Dec-2020
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LeoStar-I: The basic raw material for practicing astrology

In the olden times all kundli’s were made by hand and the astrologers used to do the mathematical calculations themselves. They were mostly accurate but it was a very time consuming process and of course there was a scope of error. It was also very cumbersome to carry the charts around and also store them. Then computers came and all calculations started happening on that. 

Online Astrology software’s came into place and Kundli’s were made on it in a matter of seconds with full accuracy compared to around 30 minutes manually. These Kundli software’s really picked up and all the astrologers needed this as their raw material. Like we need machines to run a factory, planes to run an airline, kitchen to run a restaurant, in the same way we need the best Kundli software to become a professional astrologer.  

Professional Astrology software is a computer based program designed for calculating Janam Kundli’s and do horoscope matching. Janam Kundli is the chart with 12 houses with the exact placement of signs and planets. It is based upon the time, date and place of a native’s birth. It is a snapshot of the planets in the solar system as we see from the earth. 

Online astrology software accurately places the Moon, Sun and other planets in the houses for analysis. Kundli matching is for marriage purposes and calculates how many guns are matching between a boy and girl. A minimum of 18 guns should match out of 36 guns for a couple to have a happy marriage. Astrologers get these details in seconds with the help of a good software & then they can make predictions & suggest remedies to their clients.  

The benefits of using a professional astrology software are – 

  1. Time saving - the calculations are done really fast so they saves the time of the astrologer as well as the customer. 
  2. Accuracy - even if the astrologer is very good in maths, still there is a scope of error in calculations and the computer has no scope of errors so it’s more accurate. 
  3. Ease of saving data - an astrologer can easily save and carry the Kundli of his/her customers as it’s in the computer drive and no need to carry cumbersome files. 
  4. More information - a good professional software gives a lot of information which are otherwise tough to calculate manually like all divisional charts, dashas, transits, gullika, mandi, shad bal, planetary friendship and enemy charts etc.
  5. Prints - a good software has the option of giving a print of the Kundli to the customer directly if they wish to keep a hard copy.  

There is an option of a lot of softwares online but I feel the best one is Leostar-I software. It’s the most comprehensive software available in the market today. Along with the above benefits the Leostar-I software has the following pros which are not available for any other online software –  

  1. It does not require a hardware key like the other software’s. It runs on internet which is available everywhere. 
  2. You can have the updated version without any extra cost. Just download the latest version any time and install to run it. 
  3. You can buy it from anywhere in the world, pay online and then run it on your computer. No need to wait for any hardware devices etc. 
  4. You can buy it for a short period like one month or for as long as 10 years. That way it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 
  5. It is easy to install on your Laptop and just needs a one-time registration. 
  6. There is also a professional software fee download version that you can use for a month which is a lite version. This way you can have a look and feel of the software before buying it. 
  7. It is multi lingual and has many user friendly options of making charts, combining them on one page, changing colours etc.  

Hence during and after studying astrology one must invest in a good software as you get an advantage over others & get a good command over your subject. You can then make accurate predictions with the help of the best online software.  

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