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Last Mercury Transit Of 2020 & Its Impact On Your Zodiac

By: Future Point | 19-Dec-2020
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Last Mercury Transit Of 2020 & Its Impact On Your Zodiac

The significator of communication, speech, intellect, and wit- Planet Mercury will be transiting through the Sagittarius zodiac sign as you step into 2021. An auspicious Mercury in the Kundli influences one’s speech and helps one to attain sharp wit and confidence in their own strengths. Mercury dominated zodiacs consider knowledge their ultimate wealth and value substance over shallow materialistic ventures. These people are music lovers and are delighted by their sweet speech. They have an excellent way around words which can charm anyone and everyone around them. 

With the auspicious effects of the planet Mercury, one can become cunning, sharp, an excellent orator, one who is good with numbers and a rationalist. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury planet is considered to be the factor of speech, communication, mathematics, logical prowess & clear sharp wit. People with a strong Mercury in their Kundli generally have more proficiency in fields that require higher intellect, like that of medicine, legal aids, business, and fiscal & economical. Mercury is also considered as a factor of skin, therefore, due to the strength of Mercury, the skin remains good. At the same time, a weak Mercury in the kundli symbolizes skin disorders and dullness on the face. 

If planet Mercury is weak in a horoscope or is in tandem with a malefic planet- then the native has to face trivial problems in life when it comes to moving ahead. Due to the weak position of Mercury, the person has to face difficulty in communicating and explaining their feelings to others. There is innocence in his/her nature which could sometimes be interpreted as naivety and such a person lags behind in mathematics and logical ability. Among zodiac signs, Planet Mercury governs over Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign. Virgo is also its higher sign or the one in which it enjoys a stronger position, while Pisces is its low sign or the one in which it is debilitated.

According to Vedic Astrology, the transit of Mercury planet is considered a major event as it changes & shifts the equation of each planet it comes in connection with. Year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us, filled with so many highs and plenty of lows. We had to fight new battles, ones we never knew even existed and come out victorious. The last Transit of Mercury is surely an event that one must not miss! 

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Mercury will change its sign from Scorpio and move towards Sagittarius starting 17th of December. During this transition, planet Sun will be moving in Sagittarius zodiac sign which will form ‘Buddhaditya Yoga’ which is bound to impact your zodiac sign in one way or the other. 

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For the natives of the Aries zodiac sign, planet Mercury is going to transit through the 9th house. The period of this transit will be marred with mixed results. Since Mercury signifies intellect and wit, you will have to work particularly hard in order to gain any significant results in your life. This would stem from your previous neglect towards any major project. To combat such issues, try delving into projects that you believe in. On the social level, you will gain many new friends in this period. Your candour will likely make you popular in the big crowd. However, you are advised to not let this get to your head and stay humble. 

The duration of Mercury Transit will also give you a deeper insight into what shapes you as a person. You might try new experiences in this period; this might include imbibing spirituality in your life or coming in close contact with a spiritual teacher. Your knowledge will be influenced by planet Mercury, thus making you resourceful for your peers & colleagues.

Trips or vacations are probable; keep all your documents handy in times of need. You might face difficulties while travelling due to misplaced documents if proper care is not given to the advice. All trips and travels made in this duration are going to help you in the future, so make sure that you utilize them well. On the familial front, there won’t be any problems, but it is advised that you keep your temper in check. Rifts with father are highly probable. This transit is auspicious for married people. Your spouse will also get good results. Students can take any major decision regarding their future during this period.    

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Planet Mercury is going to transit through the 9th house of your zodiac during this transitional period. You are advised to work carefully in this period and give it all you got. Concentration is the key at attain success. There are high chances of you facing monetary losses, which could be easily prevented through careful deliberation of the funds. Those skilled in driving are advised to be careful while on the road. Follow the traffic rules to a T; Driving while intoxicated can be like inviting an accident. 

Apart from this, your siblings may also face some problems. Use your wit and intellect to help them out whichever way you can. However, do not presume things and let them come to you for assistance. In this period, Mercury is going to overstimulate your mind, which will make you more inclined towards secrets and delving into matters that don’t involve you. There are chances of you going on a trip against your will. It is advised that you do not indulge yourself in negative thinking and wreck the plans of someone else. It is nice to sometimes go with the flow and expect the unexpected. Keep an open mind as this could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you. On the health front, you will have to be extra cautious and stay vigilant on what you eat. Maintain regular sleep patterns and do regular exercises. 

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Mercury will transit in the seventh house from your zodiac sign. People associated with the business sector can get a significant bump of profit during this transit period. Mercury influences the communicative skills, thus you’ll have a great time making new friends. This will be a particularly positive time frame in your life. If you are in a partnership business, chances of gaining profits are pretty high. In order to maximize these profits, you are advised to maintain a cordial relationship with your peers and business partners. You can be sceptical about your choices, but it is important that you trust your partner as well as their judgements. 

Keep in mind that keeping a positive attitude is what matters the most. Try to reign in your anger issues and not let cynicism enter your stream of consciousness. Your real strength lies in your positive attitude and the vision to always keep moving forward. With the effect of Mercury Transit, your married life is going to improve for the best. You will likely invest your energy in having a decent conversation with your partner, which will not only improve your relationship with them, but also stabilize the closeness you two share. Your attitude in marriage is going to change completely in this period, wherein you will openly share your thoughts with them and work on reducing the distance and increasing the bond of love. During this time, you will also splurge recklessly on them, which will surely increase your expenses, but in the long run it is going to offer you an upper hand in times of need.   

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For the natives of the Cancer zodiac sign, planet Mercury is going to transit through the 6th house of their zodiac. In this duration, you are advised to take special care of your health because even a little carelessness can get you in trouble. Try to keep an eye on your sleeping pattern and eat healthy. Financially, this might turn out to be a tumultuous time. You will be struggling with your expenses which you will try harder to manage. 

But on the brighter side, your career will bring out the best in you. You will enjoy a great relationship with your peers and colleagues, which is going to help you in future projects. Hard work done in this duration will yield you phenomenal results in the later days and will bring colour to your dull life. Legal cases and proceedings of the past are expected to come up in transit’s duration. Those who enjoy travelling will enjoy their time, as new opportunities to travel far & wide are going to open up. If taken, these can turn out to be excellent for you. Since Mercury is going to extensively influence your communication skills. You will taste success in the field of debates and any task that requires you to put your oratory skills to test. Your opponents will try to sabotage your public image in this period, so it is advised that you stay wary of all their tricks. 

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For the Leo zodiac sign, Mercury is going to transit through the 5th house from their zodiac. As a result of this transit of Mercury, there will be strong chances of you working hard to increase your income & benefit from the choices you have made in the past. If you are working in the business field, you are advised to be time efficient. Do not let your projects get the better of you; try to always remain a step ahead and earn as many profits as you can. Those in a private sector job might be transferred. 

Despite the changes in your career, the chances of your income increasing are pretty high. Significant changes in your salary will boost your morale and inspire you to take up new challenges and work harder than ever before. You will look up to exploring new ventures and widening your horizons. There will be no hesitation on your part as Mercury boosts your confidence and gives you a new-found purpose. Students of the Leo zodiac sign will be able to perform excellently well in their studies. Your intellectual ability will increase, and you will be able to solve complex problems in the blink of an eye. On the marital front, the transit of Mercury is going to be a boon for your relationship with your partner. You will get to spend quality time with them as your charm will attract them towards you. There will be plenty of happy moments you will get to share with them. Your words will make them happy and forge a new path for a brighter life with them. Singles will surely find someone worthy of their time in this period, so don’t stop looking.     

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For the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign, planet Mercury is going to transit in the fourth house from your zodiac. This movement of planet Mercury towards your fourth house is giving a strong indication towards the ups and downs you might have to face in your family life. If that becomes the case, you are advised to keep our temper in check and excuse yourself from a situation of conflict. You should try and prevent any arguments from happening in your family by behaving as an anchor and tethering them to the reality. It is highly imperative that you keep things organized at home and do not let matters escalate to full-blown arguments.   

Meanwhile, your entire focus will be on your home and the tensions that persists, which might make you neglect your health a bit. You may experience stiffness or pains in the chest. Your mother’s health might also suffer in this period, so extra care must be taken to avoid such circumstances. At the same time, you will have to work extra hard in your job to attain the desired results. Struggles are going to extra vicious in this period, so it's important that you put your trust in yourself and believe in your gut feeling. During this time, those doing business will be able to yield good results through successful projects of the past. If you want to do business in partnership, time is fantastic. Investing in property might turn out to be excellent for you in the long run. One advice for this duration is to be careful while driving.  

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Planet Mercury is going to transit through the 3rd house from your zodiac sign. During this transitional period, your siblings will act as your anchor, and you will try to build a better relation with them. On the work front, your friends will play a crucial role in bringing you out from a tight spot. Since Mercury enhances your communication skills, you will be able to dominate your social presence through your charming personality. The Mercury Transit is going to lead you towards success in life. Through journeys and short trips taken in this duration, you will be able to realize your true potential in life and move towards your calling. Some might get to enjoy monetary benefits due to this short trip. 

If you are working in a job or a private setting, the chances of getting promoted are pretty high. In case you are involved in a business, your profits in this period will be off the charts and gain you much leverage over the blunders that wrecked havoc in the last few months. On the marital front, your lucky stars will come in handy and lend you their complete support. You will attain full support from your partner and will try and resolve all the previous issues between you two. The Mercury Transit is going to play an important role in resolving all the issues of the past and move towards a successful happy marriage. For the students, this would be a fantastic time to act on your strengths and use to your benefit to achieve success.  

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For the natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign, planet Mercury is going to transit through the 2nd house from your ascendant. During this time, you will be able to accumulate wealth and strengthen your financial position. This will not only tether you to a social circle, but also enhance your current position and help move towards a period of undisputed growth. You will be able to effectively provide aid to the familial wealth and work towards increasing it. 

Since planet Mercury enhances your communication skills, you will be able to bond with people from different strata of life. Your capacity to have a conversation with anyone and everyone will benefit you in developing business relations. On the familial front, you will be able to get the full support of your siblings. They will help you out financially, while providing crucial ideas to help you out in the business. On the health front, the transit could be a crucial time to be extra vigilant about your health. If you fail to do so, chances are you might have to visit the hospital. Your in-laws will be gaining benefits from you in this duration, which will also help you develop a great relationship with them. This relationship will also be beneficial for your work and career goals. Travel projects undertaken in this period are going to benefit in the long run.  

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For the Sagittarius natives, planet Mercury is going to transit in your own zodiac sign. This is going to turn into a boon for you. This placement of Mercury in your own sign will enhance communication prowess and create attraction in your personality. You will be able to charm your way through difficult situations. People in your social circle will be impressed by your finesse. Your behaviour will show generosity,  tenderness, and mild attitude towards everyone. This will impact your social standing and garner much love due to your philanthropic nature. 

During this time, your logical abilities will also come to the fore. Sudden monetary gains will get you ahead in your game. Time is excellent for those looking for a new job. New opportunities will be available in this period so make sure you keep looking out for them. The transit of Mercury is going to be excellent for the married natives as it will help you move past the problems of the past and forge a stronger relationship with your partner. The issues that you were facing prior to this transit will vanish in thin air as you work diligently towards improving your relationship with them. The mist of confusion that surrounded your life will clear with time and you'll be able to move past it and talk with clarity. You will be able to open the knots of your mind and in sit down with your life partner to solve whatever is there, which will move the relationship towards strength.

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For the natives of the Capricorn zodiac sign, Planet Mercury is going to transit through your 12th house from the ascendant. In this time frame, you will likely face a sudden surge in your expenses. You might not realize how terse your financial situation could become, thus spending way too more than you anticipated. These could be avoided with proper planning and allocation of funds to combat any fiscal troubles in the future. 

In this duration, those hoping to go abroad will likely taste success. Investing in property will be a good thing to do since high returns are highly probable. Apart from this, the transit of Mercury is going to be fantastic for foreign trade, imports, and exports. People aligned with the business sector will be able to garner good profits. However, on the marital front you might have to face arguments and conflicts with your partner. You will face a hard time communicating your thoughts through, which will likely be the cause of major hindrances in the smooth sailing of your marriage. You are advised to focus on your relationship with your partner. Bridge the differences with love and respect by being mindful of the feelings they might exhibit. Due to an abundance of luck, you will be able to get the most out of your work schedule and will enjoy your leisure time at home with family. Students preparing for competitive exams will be able to secure good grades, but extra effort on their part would be needed. There will be a growth of spiritual and religious thoughts in your mind, from which you can also connect with the spirit of philanthropy.

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For the natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign, planet Mercury is going to transit through your 11th house from the zodiac sign. This time period would help you attain full autonomy over your intellect and put it to great use. This period is highly beneficial for you, so be prepared to get all around benefits rolling in your life. Your social circle will likely increase in the period wherein you will meet plenty of new people and get an exclusive chance to climb up the social ladder. Those involved in the business sector will get to network with new people who will likely benefit their cause and help you reach your goal targets. 

The Mercury transit is going to boost up your career and give you a chance to establish contact with people who can get you ahead in life. For the ones in love, the transit of Mercury will provide you much sweeter and simpler times with your partner that you both can cherish. You will be able to exchange your feelings of love and affection with them which will help move your relationship towards a more prosperous time. Your income is bound to increase in this duration, which is going to motivate you to spend more and splurge on items that you do not require. The best thing to happen during this transit would be the chance you will get to fulfil your heart’s desire through a wish or two. At the social level, your supremacy will increase, and you may meet some people who will have special importance in your life in the coming times.

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For the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign, planet Mercury is going to transit through the 10th house from your ascendant. This house signifies career and its prospects, which infers a great deal of importance for this transit. Currently, there are chances of growth in both job and business. Moreover, if you pay attention, there will be plenty of opportunities available to move ahead in life through the means of your career. Your communication skills will greatly influence your vocation, since you will charm your way through negotiations and yield maximum benefits. 

You will be an integral part of discussions at work because of your commendable work. Seniors will come forward to support you in the office due to all your previous hard work. If you belong to commerce or media sector then this time will be very favourable for you. Because of your intellectual prowess, you will be able to finish all your tasks before time and make way for fun activities with your family. This transit will bring new job opportunities for the natives of Pisces zodiac sign. Those who are unemployed can get jobs during this period or hear back from a well reputed organization. This transit will be fantastic for family life and there will be an atmosphere of peace and happiness in your family. You will receive the co-ordination and harmony from all family members, which will strengthen the relationship and improve your mood. Your family's gross household income is also likely to increase. 

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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