Know the future of your child’s education

By: Future Point | 18-Dec-2020
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Know the future of your child’s education

The best moment in a couple’s life is giving birth to a baby. It is like you take another birth when you become a mother or father. But one thing that concerns all parents as soon as a baby is born is their child’s education. In this competitive world, parents have to take big decisions for their little ones right from getting them admission into a good school to choosing the best career for life. In Delhi, even nursery school admission for a 3 year old is a big task for parents. They often consult the best astrologer in Delhi for guidance about their child’s future. 

As the competition is increasing by the day, admissions in a good school and college are getting tougher which gives a lot of stress to the parents and even young children. Even after getting a good score in the 12th exams, they are still not getting the college and course of their choice which is leading to depression among young adults. They age many folds overnight and have to work so hard. Those who are not focused in studies also get lot of pressure from parents and teachers to get a high score leading to depression. They get into a shell and get inferiority complex.  

As it was rightly said by someone that all individuals are different and the same pattern should not be followed for all. All students cannot score 100 % marks and should not be pressurized to the extent of depression. If a fish was taught to climb a tree it would not last a day but if its thrown in water it swims so beautifully hence our aim should be to know the strengths of a child & then make him/her work in that direction. Studying the education horoscope is very important in this regard. There are astrology courses specially designed to analyse the education of a child.  

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Education is mainly judged from four houses – 

1)    2nd house – This is analysed for primary education. We need to check the planets placed in this house. If the planets placed are benefic then the child will have a good early education. We also study the lord of this house & the planets aspecting this house. If mostly all associated planets are benefits then the child will have a good education in his early years or else there can be a break in his education due to some reason. Planets like Rahu or Saturn create trouble in a child’s education. Parents should consult the best astrologer in Delhi who can analyse the education horoscope of their child.  

2)   4th house – This is analysed for education in school & overall grasping power of a child. If this house & its lord are strong then the child will do well in his education. The planets placed in this house should be strong for any individual to have a good school life education. There should be no negative aspect & also its lord should be strong.  

3)   5th house – This is a very important house in terms of analysing the main education of a child. It represents memory power as well as an analytical mind of any child. One can see the high school and college education through this house. College admissions which are a big concern for all students and parents can be analysed from this house. A strong 5th house with no negative aspects shows that a native will study well in his life. A benefic planet like Jupiter or Mercury associated with this house is very beneficial for the native. 

4)   9th house – This represents higher studies as well as P.H.D which is beyond bachelor level. A strong 9th house ensures higher level education.  

5)   8th house – For education in astrology or occult sciences, a native should have a strong 8th house. If Jupiter has an association with the 8th house, the native will be drawn towards secret studies like astrology and occult sciences. It also shows a native’s research capabilities. 

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Planets in a horoscope also give you indication towards what line a child should choose for a successful career. Mostly parents talk to the best astrologer in Delhi for guidance about what course should be chosen by their child. There are a few indications that can make you understand how one can predict about your child’s education –  

1)    A strong mercury gives you a good analytical and mathematical ability. People with a strong mercury usually get into financial line. In fact, if sun and Mercury are conjoint together it gives a Budh Aaditya Yog which makes the native very intelligent.  

2)   Saturn association with the 10th house can make the native a very good lawyer. In fact my brother was very keen on doing C.A but his mercury is combust & his Saturn is very well placed in the trine house so after consulting the best astrologer in Delhi we were advised that he should drop the idea of becoming a C.A & take up law. Now he is a leading lawyer in Delhi.  

 3)   A strong Venus & mars makes the native a good engineer. If you talk to a good astrologer s/he will suggest that child to take up engineering. 

 4)   Mars also represent surgery so a person with a strong mars can also get into a medical profession.  

In this way consulting an astrologer can give a lot of guidance to parents as well as students and reduce their anxiety and depression. If you excel in your field you will do well. If Lata Mangeshkar’s father would have asked her to play cricket she would not be able to become the best singer or if Sachin Tendulkar’s father would have asked him to learn singing he would be a failure in life. So it is important to analyse the education horoscope of a child and then work towards their strengths.

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