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Learn Sacred Occult Sciences from Best Astrologers of India

By: Future Point | 14-Dec-2020
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Learn Sacred Occult Sciences from Best Astrologers of India

Astrology or Vedic Astrology is a divine occult science that was revealed to the humankind by the Holy Sages of Ancient India who were self realized beings that always worked for the betterment of the world.

Astrology empowers us to know what our fate holds for us and how we can truly take charge of our life by aligning our actions in accordance with the Cosmic Will. 

By the progression of time from the Vedic Era, Astrology gave birth to multiple other occult sciences that are also highly revelatory in nature and act as very efficient complimentary sciences to Astrology. Some of those sciences are Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu and Tarot Card Reading.

Astrology and other complimentary occult sciences have always had their relevance well established in human society since times immemorial simply due to their sheer effectiveness and ability to steer the human life towards bliss & prosperity. 

Plus in our modern day world that is driven by sky high human aspirations and brutal competition everywhere, the need to incorporate the wisdom of Astrology and other complimentary occult sciences in our lives have never been higher.

Hence, we need more & more occult practicing professionals today who would guide their fellow humans upon occult grounds and suggest them the best path forward for leading their lives that would have minimal obstacles and maximum opportunities of success & positive growth!

In an effort to be a meaningful contributor to this noble endeavour, Future Point is offering multiple courses on various occult domains including an Astrology Course that can turn novice astrology enthusiasts into Professional Astrologers.

Why Future Point?

When it comes to learning any academic domain successfully, one should only choose to learn it from someone who has an absolute mastery on the underlying subject/s or in other words- holds a multidimensional subject matter expertise on that particular academic domain.

Future Point is an organization that is working relentlessly for many decades now with an aim to help people benefit from Astrology as well other highly effective & beneficial occult sciences. 

Future Point offers highly beneficial occult wisdom & guidance to its clients all over the world that empowers those clients in leading a truly better life and propels them towards realizing their dreams & goals in life.

However, apart from providing incredible occult guidance to its clients, Future Point also offers the best learning opportunities to those who wish to make a full fledged career as an occult professional in one or even multiple fields of occult sciences!

All courses offered by Future Point are delivered by instructors who are highly experienced real life professionals & renowned subject matter experts of their respective academic fields.

Following are few of the incredible courses on various branches of occult science that Future Point offers:

Course on Astrology

The Astrology Course offered by Future Point gives an in-depth knowledge about the principles of Vedic Astrology that when applied on an individual’s Natal Horoscope or Janam Kundli, reveal what the planets have in store for that individual with respect to various domains of his/her life such as education, health, career, finances, marriage, children, travel etc.

The syllabus of Future Point’s Astrology Course has been formulated after a lot of research by highly experienced astrologers. The course aims at developing comprehensive analytical skills within a student and ultimately empower the student to correctly decipher the expected results of planets as per their positionings in a given horoscope.

The Astrology Course neatly covers the topics that are vital to decoding a person’s destiny. All the topics are taught in a systematic and easy to understand way by instructors that not only hold a complete mastery over the theoretical concepts of Astrology but are highly experienced real life practicing Professionals of Astrology themselves.

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Course on Numerology

Numerology is a science that deals with the effects that numbers cast upon us. One must understand that numbers are phenomenally powerful entities that play a highly significant role in shaping up our destiny. 

If a person manages to incorporate certain numbers in life that are favourable to him/her as per his/her date of birth, then that person can witness unprecedented positive growth & development in his/her life.

Numbers from 1 to 9 are connected with the nine planets that form  the very basis of astrological analysis. Hence, the correct use of Numerology by a person in conjunction with the astrological remedies as per his/her natal horoscope, amplifies the overall positive results of planets that are favourable for that person.

The Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point teaches about the nature of various numbers and how they behave in our lives as per our date of birth. 

The course empowers the student to identify the numbers that an individual based on his/her date of birth, must consciously incorporate in his/her life to attract the planetary energies that are favourable to him/her and at the same time, avoid the numbers that have the potential of attracting malefic energies in life.

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Course on Vastu

Vastu is a divine science of cosmic architecture. According to Vastu, every structure in the cosmos attracts certain energies as per its architecture and design. 

Furthermore, different functionalities inside a structure as per their directions, create a very strong energy field and affect the lives of people that reside or work inside that structure in a phenomenal way.   

The Vastu Course offered by Future Point covers immensely profound concepts of Vastu that makes a student understand the correct architectural design of a structure that eventually attracts a flow of positive cosmic energies inside. 

The course effectively deals with the concept of the Five Primordial Elements and the different directions that they govern. The Vastu Course teaches the correct place/direction of various functionalities inside a house that ensure a smooth and harmonious state of an element’s existence in that house.

The students in the Vastu Course also learn about various Vastu based Tips & Remedies that have the potential of warding off a ‘Vastu Dosh’ which is basically a flaw in the Vastu of a structure without making hard physical changes to the structure.  

Considering the high demand of Vastu Experts/Professionals today, the Vastu Course offers the best learning platform for someone who wishes to carve out a rewarding career as a Vastu Professional.

Course on Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards are mystical cards that reveal the trajectory of a person’s destiny with respect to the domain of life that he/she is interested about knowing at the time of a reading.

These Tarot Cards have the potential of revealing how certain events are slated to unfold in a person’s life and what will be the best path forward for that person to ensure minimum hurdles as well as maximum success in life.

The revelations from Tarot Cards help an individual in making timely & informed decisions in life and hence are considered an incredible & highly beneficial medium of mystical guidance.

The Tarot Course offered by Future Point is an amazing course that delivers the divine & intuitive knowledge of the mystical Tarot Cards and offers a student an opportunity to become a Professional Tarot Card Reader that could reveal the probable fate of an individual and how that individual can steer his/her life towards maximum success by taking timely & right decisions in life!

So, choose the occult science that you would wish to learn from the incredibly talented & highly experienced instructors of Future and eventually become a successful practicing professional of that particular stream of occult science in life!

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