Saturn transit 2023- It’s Time for Something Special to happen in Life!

Saturn transit 2023

The main planet responsible for bringing life changes is Saturn. With the placement and transit of Saturn, you can expect some permanent changes to happen in your life. Saturn moves very slowly and thus exerts pressure on the significations of the house it stays. It stays in a sign or house for the longest duration of 2.5 years and thus considerably impacts the house it rests. Saturn is a karmic planet known to punish or reward us per our previous deeds. Saturn can give immense wealth and, at the same time, can take everything a person has based on its position and transit in the birth chart.

Saturn’s dhaiyya and its sadesaati are two dreaded phases of one’s life. Saturn will change the sign in the first month of January 2023. This transit makes the year 2023 an important year from the astrological point of view. With Saturn moving to the sign of Aquarius from its present sign Capricorn, many big changes in almost all of our lives are awaiting us!!

Let’s understand the impact of the transit of Saturn in 2023 on your birth chart.

When Saturn’s transit gives good results?

If Saturn transits in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses from the natal Moon in your birth chart, it gives positive results. It is generally not good in the remaining houses.

Why is Saturn’s transit important?

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn’s transits and cycles are the time of achievement and maturity. Saturn, with its stay in a house, teaches several lessons related to that house. Everything slows down during this time, leading to discomfort and dullness. There is mental pressure most of the time.

When looking at the brighter side, these struggles compel us to accept the reality of life. Saturn teaches us through strict measures and, in a way, polishes our behavior and mannerism. It helps to make the person confident and independent.

Many ascendants will be gaining while others will lose with Saturn transit 2023. Saturn’s transit plays a vital role in everyone’s life, making us realize our inner potential.

Saturn transit 2023 date and time

On 17 January 2023, Tuesday from Capricorn to Aquarius at 08:02 PM

Saturn transit 2023 in the 1st house

If the transit of Saturn falls in the first house from the natal Moon, it is not good. Saturn’s transit on the natal Moon is the second phase of the Saade Sati, i.e., the tenure of 7 1⁄2 years. The transit will bring undue pressure on the mind of the natives. They will feel lonely and cut off from their loved ones.

The Moon is the mind and finances of a person, so when Saturn transits the soft planet Moon, everything seems to turn upside down for the native. The transit may negatively impact the personal as well as professional life of the native. Here, the native should keep calm and remain patient. None of your efforts will bear fruits, and everything seems to be delayed. Take care of your health, and don’t ignore any minor ailments. Furthermore, stay in touch with your loved ones for needed mental support. Read more about 1st House

Saturn transit 2023 in the 2nd house

Saturn transit in the second house of your horoscope can increase family responsibility and wealth for you. However, Saturn in the second house from the natal Moon doesn’t give good results. But here, Saturn is in its mooltrikona sign, and Saturn improves the house it sits in as per astrology. So, some relief is there, and the natives can expect new sources of wealth during this time. It is also the third phase of saade sati which can bring mental anguish and obstructions in work.

Apart from this, you must strictly control your diet and speech. Saturn is a cold and harsh planet, and with its presence in the house of family and speech, it can create arguments in the family. The transit is not good for your love and marital relations, which may go bitter due to your harsh behavior. It would help if you worked hard and remained disciplined to grow wealth. Saturn gives results, but only after the native shows determination and hard work in his career. Read more about 2nd House

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Saturn transit 2023 in the 3rd house

The transit of Saturn in the third house gives good results. Saturn in the third house from the natal Moon increases the wealth of the natives. During the stay of planet Saturn in the third house of your horoscope, your confidence and personality will enhance. Saturn in the third house brings success in career and business. You may strat a new business venture or expand the existing one. Those unemloyed will get a profitable job.

Tim is good for property-related matters and long-term investments. Despite overall good effects, you must be cautious about your words and speech tone. Else relations with the siblings may get affected. Read more about 3rd House

Saturn transit 2023 in the 4th house

The transit of Saturn in the fourth house of the native doesn’t bring good results. Here, the native is affected by Saturn dhaiyya, obstructing work and causing disharmony in domestic relations. There will be financial instability, and you may have an economic crisis. The transit may also bring health issues, causing stress to you. Your expenditures may remain more than expected which you need to control. We advise you to avoid any long-term investment decisions at this time. Stay conscious of your legal cases and debts. Your competitors may conspire against you, but you will manage to come over. Read more about 4th House

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Saturn transit 2023 in the 5th house

Saturn transit 2023 in the 5th house from the natal Moon will invite several difficulties in the person’s life. You may share bitter relations with your loving and life partners during this transit. The period is not good for your married life and business partnership. The students will have to work harder to get good transit results. It would help if you focused more on your studies as distractions will be there. If you appear in any competition, the time is supportive for you. There are chances of falling in love with some older person. Communicate sweetly with others; else, arguments may follow with your loved ones. Try to approach every situation with patience under Saturn’s influence. Read more about 5th House

Saturn transit 2023 in the 6th house

Saturn, when transits into the sixth house from the natal Moon, gives overall success to the native. Auspicious times in your life will start with the 2023 Saturn transit in your sixth house. You will succeed even in the least expected fields. You will excel over your enemies, and your competitors will accept your supremacy. There are chances of promotion, salary hikes, or transfer in the job. Transit is good for your business and finances also. Your relations with your loved ones will remain fine. New opportunities at the workplace will come your way. Read more about 6th House

सम्पूर्ण महा कुंडली रिपोर्ट में छिपा है, आपके जीवन का सारा राज, जानें ग्रहों की चाल का पूरा लेखा-जोखा

Saturn transit 2023 in the 7th house

The transit of Saturn in the seventh house of the horoscope creates problems in the married life of the native. Here, it would help if you kept patience while interacting with your partner. There will be laziness in your attitude, and you seem to delay every work at hand. There can be arguments with your father, and in every relationship, patience is the key during the transit. Moreover, problems in business will arise, but those in the job will have a good time. There may be separation from your spouse or business partner for differences in opinion. It would help if you think wisely before acting; no shortcut will seem to work during this time. Read more about 7th House

Saturn transit 2023 in the 8th house

The placement of Saturn in the eighth house has a major impact on the health of the native. Sudden events or illnesses may cause trouble in life. It would help if you strictly watch your eating and drinking habits. Some surgery may also suddenly happen with disease surfacing. Your loved ones may not support you during this period of time. Your show-off may prove detrimental to your career and profession. Stay humble and work hard to achieve your desired goals. Those in the fields of occult or research will perform well. Moreover, your sincere efforts to build cordial relationships with your friends and co-workers will act in your favor. Read more about 8th House

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Saturn transit 2023 in the 9th house

Saturn if transits in the ninth house of the horoscope will make you feel distressed and worried. There are chances of change in job or profession. Moreover, as per the predictions, you may travel long distances. There will be inclinations toward religious and spiritual subjects. You will find solace in a foreign culture and things. Economic issues might trouble you, and you need to check your expenses. Professionally, time is not good, and many rivals may create obstructions in your work. Read more about 9th House

Saturn transit 2023 in the 10th house

When Saturn transits into the tenth house from the natal Moon, natives face difficulties at the workplace. There may be ego clashes with the seniors and bosses. You may feel distracted and need to put more effort into realizing your goals. All this will hamper your growth and affect your finances. Therefore, we advise you to refrain from arguing with your co-workers or boss during the transit in 2023. If any such disagreements occur related to any matter, ensure you narrate the situation logically; otherwise, leave it. The domestic peace will be disturbed, and you may feel like leaving your household.

Effective communication is the key to handling this terrible situation. The transit will also increase your expenses. Shani Gochar 2023 warns you against long-term investments or the purchase of the property. You will be overburdened by family responsibilities. Some old diseases may resurface, and the mother’s health may deteriorate too. Read more about 10th House

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Saturn transit 2023 in the 11th house

With the Saturn transit in the eleventh house, individuals will get all the happiness in the world. All your wishes will come true with Saturn’s presence here. Saturn will make you gain through social contacts, which is the time to achieve recognition and awards. All problems in your earlier life will vanish, providing harmony in your personal and professional life. You will get financial benefits during this time. Your confidence will increase with a positive mindset. The transit will bring overall good results in every aspect of your life. Read more about 11th House

Saturn’s transit 2023 in the 12th house

With its movement in the twelfth house, Saturn will initiate the first phase of Sade Sati for the natives. The person has to face many challenges, and there will be failures in every endeavor. Obstructions in work will follow with bad effects on the health of the native. Some new problems will emerge at every point in life. Therefore, you should work hard and stay more focused to achieve success in your goals. The situation will not be good for business also. We advise ignoring any investments during this period. You should keep calm and avoid making significant decisions now. You will experience a rough time in your profession as well. Act wisely to maintain harmony and compassion in your marital relationship. Avoid long travels during this time. Read more about 12th House

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