Mars Transit 2023 - Time, Predictions, and Results

Mars Transit 2023

In Astrology, every planet brings significant changes in a person’s life with its transit. The transit can bring negative and positive results based on its placement in the birth chart. Transit is mainly checked from the Moon chart, but it is crucial from the ascendant too. Planetary placements and transits into various signs and houses make events happen in our lives.

The transit of Mars is an important transit for the specifications Mars represents. Astrologers analyze the transit of Mars to understand its results in various aspects like education, career, health, marriage, business, divorce, finance, etc.

What is the importance of Mars transit?

The movement or transit of Mars is usually for 1.5 months, and depending upon its retrograde movement, and the transit span may increase. Mars is the planet of energy, passion, enthusiasm, courage, land, brother, blood, body, etc. It is due to Mars that we feel energetic or lazy. Mars makes you move and strive for various goals in life. Mars influences the lives of humans with its movement in different houses and signs of the zodiac. The transit of Mars is considered good in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses. In other places, it brings bad results. However, the Rashi placement on Mars is very important. A planet gives good results when it is in a strong position else; it may give bad results. So, we have to analyze the strength of Mars through sign and house placement. Mars is weak in its debilitation and enemy sign.

Let’s see the results of Mars in various houses from the natal Moon/Moon sign-

  • 13 March 2023- Gemini
  • 10 May 2023- Cancer
  • 01 July 2023- Leo
  • 18 August 2023- Virgo
  • 03 October 2023- Libra
  • 16 November 2023- Scorpio
  • 28 December 2023- Sagittarius

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Effect of Venus transit in the 1st house

When Mars transits in the first house, i.e., on the Moon sign, the native gets specific results. Mars and Moon together make the Lakshmi yoga. During this transit period, there will be many opportunities to earn wealth for the native. Mars is a fiery planet, and Moon is a soft planet; when they come together, there remains aggression in the native. Your short temper and aggression may make you make decisions in a hurry which may make to regret them later. The transit of Mars in the first house will have a negative impact on the health and marital relations of the native. Mars in the 1st house creates Manglik dosha, which will create several obstacles and difficulties in life. Read more about 1st House

Effect of Venus transit in the 2nd house

Mars in the second house from the Moon is not a favorable placement. There will be hurdles in earning wealth. You may fight and argue with your family members for your arrogance and fiery speech. There are chances of disrespect and ill-fame for the native. This is when the native may wish to have spicy food making their stomachs vulnerable to indigestion and acidity. Also, drive carefully during this time as Mars aspects the 8th house of sudden injuries and accidents. Mars may create problems in every relation with its fiery tendencies. Your love life may not run smoothly, and students will find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. Overall, this Mars transit in the second house is not favorable. Read more about 2nd House

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Effect of Venus transit in the 3rd house

The transit of Mars is favorable in the 3rd house. Mars is the karaka of the third house, and its transit into this house increases the efforts and hard work of the natives. The natives try their best to achieve their goals and succeed. It is when you get the support of your siblings but at the same time may have some disagreements due to your fiery speech and arrogant attitude. If you are facing any legal case, then there are chances of your winning during this transit. Mars spoils the speech of the native. Thus, the only caution is to talk sweetly with everyone. Mars affects the 6th and 10th houses with its transit in the 3rd house. Thus it will be a very special time for your business and profession. Depending upon the sign, the native will get good or bad results in the career. Health will be excellent during this transit period. Read more about 3rd House

Effect of Venus transit in the 4th house

Mars creates Manglik dosha in the fourth house. When it transits into the fourth house of the kundli/horoscope, there is a disturbance in the domestic life of the person. The person gains through deals in property, but there remains disharmony in relations with the family members. The person will work enthusiastically at the workplace but may end up fighting with the seniors and bosses. We advise you to avoid arguments during this time. Mars will affect marital relations with its 4th aspect on the 7th house. The partners may fight for no reason, and the partnership may break for uncontrolled anger. Take care of your words and eat nutritious food. The health of the mother may deteriorate. Overall, the transit will bring little results. Read more about 4th House

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Effect of Venus transit in the 5th house

Mars transit in the fifth house creates obstructions in studies. The students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies; however, those in sports will perform very well. The love life will also get disturbed. There will be arguments and fights with the love partner. The natives may get troubled with indigestion, a stomach infection, and acidity problems. Mars will make you get attracted to the opposite gender. You can hang out with friends and family. You need to control your hot temperament as it can lead to troubles with your loved ones. There will be excess expenditures that you need to control. There are chances of sudden accidents and injuries, so drive carefully. Read more about 5th House

Effect of Venus transit in the 6th house

The transit of Mars is favorable in the sixth house of the horoscope. Mars is the karaka of the sixth house; it is a fighter that fights against legal cases, diseases, loans, and competitors. Those appearing in a competitive exam will succeed. This is the time to prove your excellence over your competitors. You may have arguments with your colleagues at the workplace, but in the end, they all will accept your superiority and will support you. If you wish to have a loan, then you can get it during this time. You will get financial benefits through hard work and effort. Your expenses will remain high, and you may need to spend on medical bills. Mars in the sixth house will make you bold and confident. Read more about 6th House

सम्पूर्ण महा कुंडली रिपोर्ट में छिपा है, आपके जीवन का सारा राज, जानें ग्रहों की चाल का पूरा लेखा-जोखा

Effect of Venus transit in the 7th house

Fiery Mars is not good in the house of marriage, i.e., the seventh house. Mars will create disturbance in the married life of the natives. There will be arguments and a lack of mutual understanding in the partners. Mars, with its influence on the first house, will make you impatient and aggressive. You may start paying attention to your fitness. There will be aggression and harshness in your speech which may create problems with the family members. If you are in a business partnership, you can have differences in opinions with your business partner. You need to keep a strict eye on your finances; else, it will wipe off due to expenditure. Your own people can cheat you and we advise you not to share your secrets. There may be some disease related to your eyes or whole face. Restlessness will follow during this time. Read more about 7th House

Effect of Venus transit in the 8th house

The sign Scorpio falls at the eighth place in the Kaal purush kundli, which is the sign of Mars only. Here, Mars will increase the secretive tendencies of the native. The native may suddenly find interest in research, occult, and mysticism. The transit is not good from a health point of view. You may face problems in digestion and genitals. There are chances of surgeries and accidents also. The eighth house shows inheritance, and Mars is the karaka of property. There are chances of getting some property in inheritance also. The person needs to work hard to achieve desired success in life. It is better if you work hard secretively as it will bring better results for you. Here, also, the person is afflicted with Manglik dosha. Read more about 8th House

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Effect of Venus transit in the 9th house

The transit of Mars into the ninth house from the natal Moon is not good. There are chances of arguments with the father and teachers/Guru. Mars can take you o long journeys with its aspect on the 12th house of foreign. There will be decreased inclinations towards religion and righteousness. You may get involved in illicit work bringing harm later. Mars will create obstructions in your success and require more hard work and effort on the part of the native. Health will be disturbed, and luck will not support you. You will get everything after much effort and obstructions. Read more about 9th House

Effect of Venus transit in the 10th house

Mars gets directional strength in the 10th house. The 10th house is the house of career and karma. The person feels enthusiastic about his career goals. He tries every means to succeed in his work endeavors. Mars here may give arguments with the seniors and bosses. Mars, with its aspect on the 4th house, will create disturbance in the domestic environment of the natives; the family members will fight amongst themselves, and there will be no solace. You may earn through the property but don’t make any decisions involving huge investments. You may not get credit for your work and efforts giving you frustration. We suggest you refrain from using harsh words for anyone. Mars, with its aspect at the 6th house, will bring relief from diseases, debts, and legal issues. You will win over your competitors despite them plotting against you. Read more about 10th House

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Venus transit in the 11th house

The transit of Mars in the eleventh house is an excellent position. Here, Mars will present any opportunities to make financial gains. You can earn through your efforts and will be recognized for your work. This is the time to get some awards too. If you are a sportsperson, you will make big achievements during this time. Your energy and creativity will increase to higher levels. You may get attracted to someone and may decide to marry that person. The natives will make gains through share market. You will take care of your body and health during this time. You should invest in property during this time. There will be an increase in your social circle. Overall, this is an excellent transit for you. Read more about 11th House

Effect of Venus transit in the 12th house

The transit of Mars in the twelfth house will give a difficult time to the native. There will be high expenses, and chances of hospitalization are also there. The transit is bad for the health-giving serious indication of health deterioration. There are chances of going abroad for work or medical needs. Mars creates Manglik dosha in this house. There will be no pleasure in the sexual relations of the natives. The couples may fight and argue. If there is divorce yoga in the kundli, the native may get a divorce with this transit of Mars in the twelfth house. Read more about 12th House

The natives may also suffer from problems related to ears, eyes, legs, feet, etc. This transit of Mars can make you feel isolated and neglected. Mars will bring new and better career opportunities to foreign companies. Many may go abroad for education and work during this time. However, you are advised to take care while interacting with people as chances of fraud are there. Talk sweetly and calmly with everyone you meet.

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