Ketu Transit 2023

Ketu is a shadowy planet and is the South node in Astrology. Ketu is a karmic planet and gives valuable insights into the past life of the native. We can estimate its power from the fact that its presence in a specific house or sign can change the whole path/scenario of someone’s life. The placement and transit of Ketu is a spectacular astrological event. With its movement through various houses, Ketu brings significant changes in the person’s life. Its transit makes you meet karmic people and experience the results of your past deeds.

Ketu is a malefic planet and makes the native go through hardships to realize what he is meant for. Ketu, if positioned at the 3rd, 6th, and 11th house from the natal Moon, gives positive results else; it creates challenges in life. Ketu always lies opposite Rahu in the birth chart. Whichever house Ketu is in the birth chart, the native has to leave significations related to that house.

However, in reality, the native remains attached chiefly to those significations. This is the karma modification a person has to apply in the present life. The moment he leaves behind the attachment or love to those significations, he starts prospering in life. Suppose you have Ketu in the second house; then all you need to do is to reduce your attachment to money and family. The moment you apply this, you will get lots of wealth and love from your family.

Ketu spends 1.5 years in a house or sign and thus considerably impacts a person’s life for quite a long time. Ketu is a spiritual planet that directs a person on a spiritual path.

Why is the transit of Ketu important? /h2>

According to Vedic astrology, Ketu brings tendencies of isolation and abandonment. Ketu is a tail of a demon that doesn’t have a head. Without a head, it keeps searching deep inside as it doesn’t have eyes. This is why Ketu makes the person think deeply about the significations of the house it gets placed in during its transit. Ketu signifies the end of a karmic cycle and is responsible for giving salvation/moksha to a person. Ketu can bring a reflective opinion and in-depth analysis. It causes the individuals to feel tranquility and the purpose of life. Therefore, it is the planet of enlightenment. However, one needs to move inward to understand its true essence. Ketu transit is very crucial to a person. Let’s understand what Ketu can bring with its transit through the different houses of your horoscope.

29 November 2023, Wednesday - Rahu Transit Aries to Pisces 00:23

Ketu Transit 2023- Date and Timing

On 30 October 2023, Monday, Ketu Transits in Virgo from Libra at 13:33 P.M.

On 29 November 2023, Wednesday, Ketu (spasht) Transit in Virgo from Libra at 00:46 hrs

Effect of Ketu Transit in the first house

The transit of Ketu in the first house from the birth Moon causes mental anguish and stress to the native. The native remains confused, and the transit also has bad implications for their health. Ketu makes the natives spend more and thus wiping off their savings. One should strictly check the expenditures and refrain from consuming their savings. Ketu in the first house gives such a mindset that the person might need to take loans. But one should avoid any urge like this as this may cause financial troubles for the native. The transit of Ketu in the ascendant directly impacts the mind. There is instability in married life. The couple may have a suspicion of each other, causing bitterness in their relations. Thus, effective communication should not be ignored at any cost. Read more about 1st House

The effect of Ketu Transit in the second house

If Ketu transits in the second house from the Moon, it exerts a negative effect on the financial conditions of the natives. Ketu in the house of wealth may create a financial crisis or failure. There will be an increase in the expenses wiping off your savings. There is a fear of theft and fraud during this period. One should be careful with his valuables. Ketu may turn your speech harsh, and you may not have cordial relations with the family. Eye-related problems may trouble you. Apart from this, there are chances of disharmony in your marital relations. Read more about 2nd House

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Effect of Ketu Transit in the third house

Ketu in the third house from the natal Moon fetches good results. During this time, the individual will get the results of their hard work. Ketu here will provide good results to the students and those looking for a job. Those already in the job will have a promotion and success in their career. Excellent results are foreseen in the field of education and career. The natives will get recognition for their work and efficiency. There are chances of short-distance travel, and those in the field of writing, journalism, media, and publication will experience good growth. There may be some arguments among the family members, but everything will be good in the end. Approach your love partner calmly and nicely; haste is not desired here. Read more about 3rd House

Effect of Ketu Transit in the fourth house

The fourth house is the house of domestic happiness, and Ketu is a planet with separating tendencies. So, Ketu creates chaos in your family life with its transit in the fourth house. Here, the mother’s health may deteriorate, or alternatively, you can face severe health issues. You should drive carefully during this period. Ketu will also affect your career, business, and financial conditions. It may lead to wrong decisions about your work and investments, so avoid making any significant decisions. Try to control your expenses and keep the money to yourself. Treat everyone nicely in your office. You might travel for work purposes, but the travel will not bring any fruitful results. Avoid property-related disputes, especially during this time. Read more about 4th House

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Effect of Ketu Transit in the fifth house

Ketu gochar into the fifth house is not good for children. There may be some cause for worry due to your children or their health and studies. Your expenses can increase, and a sense of indecisiveness will remain in your mind. Your creativity and intelligence will get obstructed, leading to wrong decisions. Thus, avoid making significant decisions; extra vigilance in economic decisions is required during this period. Time is not favorable for making long-term investments. Also, avoid investing in property during this time. Health will not keep you well and overall, and you will face many ups and downs. Read more about 5th House

Effect of Ketu Transit in the sixth house

With the transit of Ketu in the sixth house, there will be an improvement in your career and finances. The native will win over any competition, and the opponents will approve of his mettle. There may be conspiracies against you at the office, but nothing will work against you. Your financial condition will improve with a promotion or salary hike during this period. However, don’t trust people easily during this time. There will be an inclination toward spiritual and religious activities. Exercise and maintain a good diet to stay healthy and fit. The Ketu’s transit majorly affects the health of the natives. There can be health issues related to your back, stomach, feet, and bones. Read more about 6th House

सम्पूर्ण महा कुंडली रिपोर्ट में छिपा है, आपके जीवन का सारा राज, जानें ग्रहों की चाल का पूरा लेखा-जोखा

Effect of Ketu Transit in the seventh house

The transit of Ketu in the seventh house from the natal Moon causes marital discord and health issues. Ketu may create a sense of isolating tendencies in your married relations. Your spouse may show almost no interest in sexual activities. There remains mental pressure and stress most of the time. Confusions and misunderstandings surround your mind creating bitterness in every relationship. Your harsh speech may tarnish your image during this time, so be careful with your words. You may have to spend too much on unnecessary stuff. Your unkempt spending habits may land you in financial trouble. Take care of your health and visit a doctor whenever necessary. Read more about 7th House

Effect of Ketu Transit in the eighth house

The transit of Ketu into the eighth house is not at all auspicious for the native. The eighth house is a house of sudden diseases and unexpected events. Ketu mostly causes diseases and other health issues with its transit. Here, in the eighth house, health issues can trouble the most. Ketu will create mental disturbance and a lack of peace here. Eat right and do meditation to keep calm. Always sticks to reality without getting carried away with show-off. The transit can also bring ill-fame to you in society. This transit will give you spiritual and religious inclinations infusing positivity in you. Don’t trust people, as chances of fraud are there. Read more about 8th House

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Effect of Ketu Transit in the ninth house

Ketu in the ninth house makes the native keenly interested in spirituality and religion. There are chances of traveling abroad for studies, a career, or a pilgrimage. The transit will bring good results. Maintain good/noble conduct while performing in your career and job. Any illicit behavior can bring ill fame. Ketu here doesn’t give financial trouble, but the native spends a lot. The over-spending nature makes the natives lose whatever means they have; thus, you need to keep a balanced approach here. One shouldn’t get into arguments with siblings and children to avoid mental discomfort. Spend quality time with your children to get closer to them. Read more about 9th House

Effect of Ketu Transit in the tenth house

Ketu’s transit 2023 is not good in the tenth house of your horoscope. Ketu affects the financial position by creating obstructions in career and job. You may not get your due recognition, and people may take advantage of you. Your seniors may not be happy with you. The most effective remedy is to do your research work properly before initiating any task. Ketu will cause mental unrest and health issues. However, those in a job can make some benefits through this transit. There may be a lack of confidence leading to inefficiency at work. Keep yourself motivated and use sweet words to avoid any conflicts. Read more about 10th House

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Effect of Ketu Transit in the eleventh house

The transit of Ketu in the eleventh house is very impressive. It brings happiness to a person’s life. You may earn through long-term investments or property deals. This transit will make you gain through business and your social contacts. If you wish to start or expand any business, this is a favorable period. Your desires will be fulfilled, and your financial condition will be excellent. You will get good news from your children; many can make huge gains through the share market or speculative activities. Meditate to keep your mind calm and peaceful. Read more about 11th House

Effect of Ketu Transit in the twelfth house

Ketu transit 2023 in the twelfth house will not bring positive results. This is an excellent transit for spiritual growth, but it is not desirable for worldly pleasures. The twelfth house is a house of bed pleasures for the married couple. The presence of a spiritual planet here spoils their sexual relations, causing distress. Your spouse and in-laws may not support you for this period. Ketu makes you long for freedom from any bondage but maintain noble conduct. Don’t get lured by any illicit means to get what you want. You may travel abroad and have to control your expenses. Don’t lend money, as it may get confiscated. Read more about 12th House

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