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How Vedic Astrology Can Bring Wealth and Prosperity in Life?

By: Future Point | 21-Nov-2020
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How Vedic Astrology Can Bring Wealth and Prosperity in Life?

It is a crude fact of life that we live in a materialistic world where money decides whether someone will live a life that is full of comforts & conveniences or a life that is just an expression of mere survival.

We all wish & work for acquiring Wealth and Prosperity in our lives. However, having money in abundance or a strong financial state is not something that every individual is able to successfully achieve in his/her life.

So, what is the reason behind this dilemma?

Is it the cut throat competition in various professional spheres of life? Is it the changing technologies that makes those obsolete who do not evolve with time? Or is it simply luck?

Well, the above mentioned reasons definitely impact the financial state of an individual but eventually what really determines the ultimate financial trajectory in an individual’s life is the cosmic bodies in the form of planets!

That’s right! Planets are phenomenally powerful cosmic entities that literally shape up our destiny. They affect every domain of our lives in subtle yet highly profound & defining ways and Vedic Astrology is the ancient & sacred occult science that reveals what the planets are holding up for us or simply how our fate is slated to pan out in our lives!

Planets as per their placements in the Horoscope or Kundali of a native, affect various domains of his/her life. Different houses of a horoscope signify different domains as well as planets on their own too have certain special attributes that have a significant impact on certain key areas of the native’s life as per the state of his/her horoscope.

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How is the state of wealth deciphered for an individual through Vedic Astrology? 

Since we are discussing wealth & prosperity in an individual’s life, we must understand that if the horoscope of that individual is strong enough for the wealth & financial domain of his/her life then a sound financial state with abundant wealth will not be an issue for that individual.

So what is it in a horoscope that determines the state of wealth in an individual’s life?

Well, every horoscope is supposed to be analyzed in isolation by an experienced astrologer to know exactly what the planets are signifying for the state of wealth in a native’s life and what astrological remedial measures that are specific to his/her horoscope can the native adopt to ward off financial troubles in life as well as attract wealth and prosperity! 

Hence, it is advised that when it comes to such a critical domain of life, one must Talk to Astrologer and know the best course of action for himself/herself to enjoy a life of abundant wealth & financial security. 

However, on a fundamental basis let us see what an astrologer looks at in a horoscope for decoding the state of wealth in an individual’s life.

2nd House

This house signifies Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance.

5th House

This house represents Speculation.

6th House

This house signifies Job, Competition, Loan and Litigation.

7th House

This is the house of Business as well as Business Partnership.

8th House

This is a tricky house as it represents Sudden Gains & Losses as well as Inheritance.

9th House

This is the house of Fortune/Luck.

10th House

This house signifies Profession, Authority, Name and Fame.

11th House

This house signifies Gains & Fulfillment of Desires.

12th House

This house points towards Expenditure.

It is very important that the above mentioned houses must be cumulatively positive for an individual in order for him/her to have a life that is blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Influence of planets that are considered as naturally malefic such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn on the above mentioned houses more often than not creates hurdles & obstacles in the financial domain of a native’s life.

Also, if a planet that is closely associated with any of the above mentioned houses of an individual’s horoscope is active on the Dasha level or the current planetary period of operation, then such a planet plays a significant role in determining the state of finances in that individual’s life.

These are just a few of the many things that an astrologer analyzes while deciphering the state of wealth and prosperity in the life of an individual via his/her natal horoscope.  

Therefore, we urge you to consult with our incredibly talented & highly experienced Astrologers for a detailed & comprehensive analysis of your horoscope and know what the planetary bodies are signifying for the financial aspect or the state of wealth in your life.

Also, get powerful & result oriented astrological remedies based on your personal horoscope that would help you in gaining wealth and prosperity in your life!

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