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Facts about Astrology That Make it an Incredible Science!

By: Future Point | 23-Nov-2020
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Facts about Astrology That Make it an Incredible Science!

Astrology is a science that has been helping the humankind to make their lives better since times immemorial. This ancient occult science was revealed thousands of years ago in the Vedic Era by the Holy Sages that graced the land which is known as the modern day India. Since this sacred science came into existence during the Vedic times, it is also known as Vedic Astrology.

What is so Special about Astrology? 

Well, the fact that Astrology has been widely prevalent in the world since thousands of years as well as till date it finds its relevance & commands great respect in multiple communities across the world, speaks volumes about the significance of this amazing occult science.

Even in this fast paced and rapidly evolving world, countless people still consult with Astrologers simply because of the efficacy and result oriented approach of Astrology. Not only this, these days a huge number of enthusiasts want to Learn Astrology in order to make a full fledged career as a Professional Astrologer. 

Coming back to the subject of ‘What makes Astrology so special?’, let us look at certain Facts about Astrology that are worth mentioning here which will help us to have a broad idea about the importance & role of this science in making our lives better.

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A Tool That Deciphers Cosmic Will

Astrology is a sacred tool that deciphers what the cosmic bodies in the form of planets have in store for multiple aspects of our lives or in other words what does the cosmic will say for our destiny. 

Remember, it is the planets that as per their positioning in our horoscope or kundali affect various aspects of our lives such as education, health, career, marriage, finances etc. and an Astrologer by employing the principles of Astrology deciphers what the planets ultimately signify for those aspects of our lives. 

Therefore, it is always prudent to Talk to Astrologer to know what the planets have in store for us so that we can make informed decisions in life and steer our lives away from hurdles and towards success as much as possible. This in real sense, is actually what is meant by- “Taking charge of your own Destiny”.

A Great Counselor

People get easily depressed during challenging times in life. They loose the zeal to endure hardships and make decisions that would ultimately make them sail through those tough times quickly and hopefully with minimal friction.

Astrology serves as the perfect guide or counselor by revealing the celestial course of our destiny that the planets have charted for us. Once we know what the planets are pointing at with respect to the aspect of our lives that we are having trouble dealing with, we come to terms with the situation at hand and as soon as we do so, we calm down and start to accept the reality that we are going through.

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The Power of Astrological Remedies

However, the real magic of Astrology unfolds in the form of powerful astrological remedial measures that an experienced astrologer recommends to us upon analyzing our horoscope. 

These remedies have the potential of successfully addressing the root planetary cause that is creating troubles in a particular domain of our lives. Once the ill placed planet in the horoscope that is responsible for posing problems in our lives is pacified, things start to come back on the right track.

Use of Gemstones to Harness the Power of Planets

Different planets reverberate on certain specific frequencies and there are different gemstones that exactly match those frequencies. In other words, there are gemstones that are associated with certain specific planets. 

In order to harness the energy or power of different planets Astrology recommends the use of different gemstones associated with those planets. Once an individual wears the gemstone of a planet that is favourable with respect to a particular domain of his/her life, the energy of that favourable planet starts to flow in the physical as well as subtle bodies of the individual. Thus bringing in success, growth and prosperity with respect to that particular domain of his/her life.

These were just a few of the many Facts about Astrology that makes it a truly amazing science and a divine gift to humankind in the real sense. 

So, make the best use of the invaluable information about your originally planned fate by the planets and the phenomenally powerful remedies that Astrology provides to drive your life towards bliss, joy, prosperity & happiness!

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