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Know Your Aries Lucky Color and Number for Today!

By: Future Point | 17-Nov-2020
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Know Your Aries Lucky Color and Number for Today!

Out of the 12 Zodiac Signs, the very first one in the chronological order is Aries. Aries is governed by planet Mars which is a very volatile planet. Aries being ruled by Mars is associated with the Fire element.

The sign of Aries broadly signifies courage, vitality, energetic & bold personality and anger. People having Aries as their Zodiac sign are often seen having a proactive approach towards life. They are not afraid of challenging situations and usually perform well under stressful situations as compared to others around them. 

However, Aries born people are known to commit some blunders in their lives because of being over confident. Therefore, Arians must learn the art of analyzing a situation in its entirety and not jumping towards premature conclusions.

Since Aries is a sign that carries a lot of volatility along, a native born under this sign must consult with an Astrologer and get his/her Janam Kundli properly analyzed to know how his/her destiny is slated to pan out in life and what are the remedies that the native can adopt to steer the course of his/her destiny away from friction & towards maximum growth & success in life!

If you are born with an Aries sign, the perfect way to start your day is to have a highly useful piece of information for yourself well in advance which is the “Aries Lucky Color and Number for Today”.

Lucky Color for Aries

The color that is considered lucky for Aries is Red as this fiery sign is governed by planet Mars. Red is the colour which attracts the energy of Mars and stores it in the form of an aura around the native who embraces this colour. Mars is considered as a very volatile planet in Astrology which if negatively placed in the horoscope of a native can wreak havoc in the native’s life. However, people who are born under the sign of Aries benefit a lot by imbibing red colour as they are fit to gain from Mars’ energy in their lives.

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Lucky Stone for Aries

Gemstones play a very significant role in attracting the energies of planets that they are associated with. The stone that is associated with planet Mars is Red Coral or ‘Moonga’.

Red Coral attracts the Martian energy and becomes a medium through which that energy flows inside the body of a native who wears Red Coral.

People born under Aries sign can benefit greatly by wearing Red Coral which is undoubtedly a very lucky and fortunate stone for them. 

Benefits of wearing a Red Coral for Arians:

  • Red Coral results in the formation of a subtle yet highly powerful protective shield of Martian energy around a native which protects him/her from multiple malefic & evil energies.
  • Red Coral enhances the energy levels of the body.
  • It wards of diseases & ailments from the life of an Arian as it has healing properties that work very well upon the physical as well as subtle body of the Arian native.
  • Red Coral when worn after a proper consultation with an Astrology practitioner, actually helps the native to control his/her anger and better channelize his/her emotions & energies.
  • Red Coral helps people born with an Aries sign emerge victorious over their enemies.

Lucky Number for Aries

Numbers have a very profound mystical element attached to them and can bring in unprecedented success in the life of a person when that person properly incorporates the numbers that are lucky or favourable to him/her.

For Aries born individual’s the numbers that are considered lucky are 1, 7, 9, 10 and 27. If Arians consciously involve these numbers in their lives in the form of vehicle numbers, house numbers, telephone number digits, bank account or locker numbers etc., then the positive energies of planet Mars starts to flow in their lives and they move very rapidly towards success with minimal hurdles in their way.

So, this was a very basic guide to those who wish to know their Aries Lucky Color and Number for Today!

Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind and open up your life to new cosmic opportunities of success & prosperity. Having said that, it is always wise & prudent to consult with an experienced Astrology Professional to know the exact plan of action as per your personal horoscope that would bring maximum positive results in your life.

Therefore, we urge you to get your personal horoscope or kundli thoroughly analyzed by the highly experienced & phenomenally talented Astrologers of Future Point and know the remedies that are specific to the planetary positions in your natal horoscope and have the potential of turning the wheel of fortune in your favour!

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