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Red Coral(Moonga)

Red Coral is a precious, bright red organic gemstone formed in the deep sea by marine creatures called coral polyps (Corallium rubrum). It is a popular astrological gemstone usually worn to treat Mangal dosha and ensures success in leadership roles, sports, business, and health. It is associated with aggressive planet Mars, benefits the wearer by refining his team improvisation skills. Known to inculcate determination, initiative, and focus, it is highly recommended for people working in Army, Police, Sports or other professions where a great deal of physical and mental stamina is required. Red Coral (Moonga) is the Rashi Ratna for the individual who belongs to Aries and Scorpio Zodiac sign.



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Purpose of wearing Red Coral Ring Gemstone

Red Coral is considered as one of the most auspicious gemstones in Vedic Astrology as it ensures success in sports, business, health, and leadership roles. Moonga enhances the physical strength of the wearer. This gemstone is considered best when worn as a ring, as the stone touches the skin of the wearer it will bestow the wearer with the plethora of benefits in his/her life. After wearing the Gemstone one can experience a balanced and successful life. Red Coral provides courage and confidence in the wearer that helps them in facing every type of obstacle in life. Coral Stone meaning holds great significance in Vedic Astrology. This Gemstone has the brilliant healing powers that safeguard the wearer from diseases related to the stomach. Red Coral Stone Ring creates positive energy around the native which enhances their concentration level. The ring finger of the working hand is considered as a Red Coral Stone wearing finger, as it bestows the wearer with the most benefits in life.

Types of Red Coral Gemstone

Due to extensive benefits, Red Coral or Red Coral ring has become a widespread choice among the individuals. The gemstone is not an ordinary thing or ornament that can be worn by anyone, it is always advised to take proper Gem Consultation from an expert Astrologer before purchasing it. The individual has to face the side effects of wearing Moonga if worn without any Astrology Consultation. The gemstone comes in only one variety and that is Italian Coral. The shape or design doesn’t matter at all, it totally depends on the wearer’s choice.

Italian Coral

The Italian Red Coral comes from the Italian mines which are of fine quality and good finish. The gemstone is recommended to the individual who has Mangal Dosha in their horoscope. It boosts the immune system of the wearer. It also develops the confidence level in the wearer which helps in facing enemies and obstacles in life. The gemstone represents the planet Mars, the planet of power and prosperity.

Technical composition of Red Coral Gemstone

The Red Coral is the mineral that occurs from the depth of the sea. It is formed from the skeletons of calcareous, the creature that lives in the depth of the sea. The stone is chiefly composed of calcium carbonate that is arranged as fibers that radiate the central axis of the curving Coral branches. The specific gravity of the Coral Gemstone is 2.68 and the hardness level of the stone is less than 4 on the Mohs scale. Due to these factors, it becomes an opaque stone. There are many varieties of Coral that are available in the market but only high quality of Coral gemstone is used for making jewelry.

Astrological Benefits of Red Coral(Moonga) Gemstone

  • This gemstone is especially worn to ward off malefic effects of the planet Mars, which is considered as the planet of power.
  • Coral gemstone has magnificent powers in it that shield the wearer from all the negative energy.
  • It also prevents the wearer from the negative effects of the evil eye.
  • Coral is considered as the most beneficial Gemstone for those individuals who are in debt, as it improves the financial condition.
  • It strengthens the married life of the individual as it provides a long life to the spouse.
  • The Red Coral is also known for its miraculous healing benefits as it also purifies the blood and safeguards the wearer from skin ailments.
  • This magnificent stone also helps in controlling the anger of the wearer and keeps them away from every type of grudges, and fights.
  • The gemstone guards the wearer who has Mangal Dosha in Horoscope.
  • The red coral ring benefits the wearer by getting the victory over his/her enemies and adversaries.
  • The gemstone imparts courage and helps the wearer in overcoming from fear and nervousness.

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral is a costly gemstone, so one should always have an Astrology Consultation from a learned astrologer. To experience the benefits of a real Coral gemstone, Buy Red Coral stone ring Online from Future Point.

  • This Gemstone enhances the physical as well as mental strength of the individual.
  • It provides peace and harmony to the wearer’s mind which leads to a peaceful life.
  • After wearing this highly recommended ring one can feel wisdom and prosperity in life.
  • This gemstone is especially recommended for the individual who is having Mangal Dosh in their horoscope.
  • It helps the individual in gaining victory over the enemies and all the obstacles that make their life difficult.
  • Red Coral improvises the wealth condition of the wearer that prevents him/her from debt-related problems.
  • It also safeguards the wearer from the diseases that are related to the skin and face.
  • Red Coral yields peace and purity to the heart that provides a wider vision to the person.
  • This highly precious gemstone provides peace to the wearer that keeps them away from grudges and fights.

Identification of a Real Red Coral Gemstone

Original Red Coral Gemstone is often found in the depth of the sea. The gemstone is considered best when it appears identically the same as the rip wood plant or bael tree. One can also identify the gemstone by seeing its structure as it is made up of round, soft, non-transparent structure. The original Coral is a dark, spot-free Gemstone and it doesn’t have any inclusions or cracks on the surface. Before buying Red Coral, one should always inspect the color of the gemstone, as it only comes in light red color or vermilion color. An authentic Coral will never produce any sound when it is rubbed against any mirror. The Red Coral feels smooth when it is touched by the person.

Test For Identification

Milk test of Coral

One has to follow a small procedure to perform the test of identification. Take a glass of milk and put Red Coral in it for some time. Due to the excellent physical properties of the gemstone, the color of the stone will be radiated and absorbed by milk. If the Coral is authentic then milk will change its color. If it does not, then one has the duplicated Coral in his/her hand.

Magnification Test

It is another way to identify the real Coral Gemstone. To perform the test one has to keep the Gemstone under the proper lightning and then observe the surface of the Gemstone. If the individual find any type of cracks or impurities on the surface of the Gemstone then its the fake one. The original gemstone has no impurities on its structure and it feels smooth when it is touched by the individual.

Rubbing Test

It is the most appropriate test that one can perform while buying the Gemstone. To execute the test, one has to rub the Gemstone on the finger nail and notice the sound that creates after it. If the gemstone is fake then it will produce glass rubbing type of sound as it is made up of glass.

Turmeric Test

To perform the test one should have small pieces of raw turmeric. The individual has to rub the Coral gemstone on the Turmeric. If the color of the turmeric changes then one is having fake gemstone. If the gemstone is real then the color of the turmeric will not change and remain the same.

Qualities of a good quality Red Coral (Moonga)

A good quality Moonga Gemstone should not have any type of impurities within its structure. One can easily check the impurities of the gemstone by placing it on the surface of light as the light will detect the cracks, impurities, and chips within the gem. The good Quality Coral gemstone has a brilliant red hue that attracts the person. The surface of the gemstone should be smooth as well.


Color plays an important role in individual life as they bestow the wearer with different benefits. The Red Coral doesn’t come in different colors as its color may differ in intensity. The colors that are available in the market are warm pink and deep red. According to Astrology, oxblood red coral is considered best to wear as it provides maximum benefits in the wearer’s life.


The individuals often get confused about which shape of red coral is best to wear but it doesn’t matter at all because of the cut. According to learned Astrologers, It is always considered to buy perfect Red Coral Gemstone as it has a myriad of benefits. It highlights the brilliant color and smooth surface of the gemstone. The natural Moonga has brilliant red color and crackles surface. The genuine Gemstone is rare to find in the market as it is available on a trusted Gemstone Store or a website. The irregular cutting of the gemstone often degrades the beauty of the stone that makes it less attractive and desirable.

Carat and quality

A natural Red Coral has 0% transparency as it is an opaque and dusky Gemstone. The Gemstone is mainly judged by its texture and luster. It doesn’t have any black spots on the surface. From ancient times, It is always preferred to wear the Red Coral gemstone with the minimum weight of 1/10th of the wearer’s body.

For example, if the individual weighs around 50kgs then he/she should wear 5carat Moonga Gemstone. Minimum 1/10th of the wearer’s body weight (in kg). E.g. - A person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 6-carat Red Coral. Like one is willing to buy 10 Ratti Moonga then he/she can verify the Red Coral 10 Ratti price from Future Point.

Note: Gemstones are powerful potent healers, with natural mystical properties. Therefore, before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope. Alternatively, you can also take a Gem Recommendation Report to you to see whether this gem is suitable for you or not.

Disclaimer: Future Point assures 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go for an Astrologer’s Consultation before buying any gemstone.

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Red Coral(Moonga)


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