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Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone

Gomed Stone or Hessonite is a honey-colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate having an important place in the Hindu scriptures. Hessonite gets its name from the Greek word ’Hesson’ which stands for inferior’. This stone is believed to be ruled by the Vedic planet ‘Rahu’. Rahu signifies success or failure in politics, deep-seated complexes, irrational behavior, and stress by spirits and ghosts. Gomed Stone benefits the wearer in all aspects of life. It blesses the wearer with fast and miraculous relief from Kaal Sarp Dosh and its symptoms. Rahu is a shadow planet and does not own any sign as such but it gives the results in a very different way.



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Gomed Gemstone blesses the wearer with victory over enemies and the power to fight against negative vibes. Every individual should live a prosperous and positive life so to make that happen you can buy Gomed Gemstone online in India from Future Point Astro shop. Now in the age of digitization, everything has moved to smartphones. There is no more going to the gemstone shop and do hours of checking and then bargaining. Instead now on an individual can order Gomed Stone Online certified and tested stone and get it at the comfort of home.

Purpose of wearing Gomed Gemstone

Gomed/Hessonite can remove the ill effects of planet Rahu. This stone is highly powerful as it generates positive energies all around. Kaal Sarpa Dosha and Kalathra Dosha are effectively removed by wearing Gomed stone. Gomed stone is considered very effective in the treatment of fatal diseases like color blindness and snake bite.

It protects the wearer from the evil eye, hexing, negative thoughts, dementia attack, etc. It has the capability to cure allergies, thyroid, and stomach problems that can be completely cured by this stone. By wearing Gomed Gemstone at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu helps the wearer to get rid of the difficulties caused by the spiteful planet Rahu.

It also benefits the wearer with otherworldly power of expanding concentration, focus, which gives clear direction to achieve goals. It can be worn as a ring, bracelet or necklace but it should be the original Gomed Stone. It is highly beneficial for the wearer in enhancing knowledge, strength, and power. Also, the wearer should recite this following Mantra to energize the stone with positive energy. “Aum Raam Rahve Namaha”(108 times). In Hindi "ॐ रां राहवे नमः".

Types of Gomed Gemstone

1. Hessonite( Gomed) Ceylonese- The Gomedh gemstone originates from Ceylon-Sri Lanka called as the Ceylon Gomedh or the Siloni Gomedh wherein the term “Ceylon” is used as an identification tag for citing the origin of Gemstone.

2. Hessonite(Gomed) African- The African Gomed Gemstone is a derivative of garnet and it occurs naturally in the form of Calcium Aluminum Silicate. It has a chemical composition similar to Grossularite. This is a cold Gemstone that rules some area of the body.

Technical Composition of Gomed Gemstone

The chemical composition of Hessonite or Gomed stone is Calcium Aluminium Silicate (Ca3 Al2 {SiO4}3) holding the specific gravity of 3.65 and the refractive index ranging between 1.742 - 1.748. This gemstone uses its chemical composition from the grossularite. Not only volume but the location of inclusions can also degrade the quality of the gemstone significantly. Gomed/Hessonite can be found all over the world in the form of limestone deposits. Gomed or Hessonite is mined in India and Srilanka, found in Tanzania, Mexico, East Africa, and Canada. Ceylonese Hessonite is considered the best of premium quality.

Astrological benefits of Gomed Gemstone

Gomed is an important astrological Gemstone because of its ability to ease off the negative influences of Rahu-Mahadasha in the native’s birth-chart. One should always wear the Gomed Gemstone in the most suitable time period selected according to Vedic astrology.

  • Hessonite Stone is considered highly beneficial in bringing the benefits of five fruits of life: Meditation (Dhyan), Financial Prosperity (Artha), Righteous living (Dharma), Pleasures of the body (Kama) and Salvation/Nirvana (Moksha) to its wearer.
  • The wearer of Gomed Gemstone is not affected by any kind of black magic, hexing, etc.
  • It helps in improving the health of the wearer and cures ailments like epilepsy, allergies, infections of the eye & sinus, hemorrhoids, etc.
  • It brings peace and happiness in marital life. Both husband and wife can wear Hessonite stone to promote love and harmony between them.
  • People into computer jobs, politics, government services, lawyers and scientists are highly benefited with the magical powers of this stone.
  • It also helps in healing diseases like cancer, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure, fatigue, etc.
  • Gomed Stone calms the mind of the wearer and helps him/her from depression, anxiety, and mental problems.
  • It reduces the evil effect of Vedic planet Rahu and protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies.
  • Gomed Stone helps in enhancing concentration, focus, knowledge to achieve desired goals. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for students and people who are working in the research field.
  • According to Indian Astrology hessonite stone is considered for Kumbh Rashi.
  • In Western Astrology Gomed birthstone is prescribed for Gemini.
  • Hessonite gemstone is also suitable for Libra and Taurus Rashi.

Benefits of wearing Gomed Stone

Gomed Gemstone is known as a very powerful gemstone that has many benefits related to physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.

  • Gomed stone is especially an effective gemstone for those who have Kaal Sarpa Dosha in their Horoscope.
  • The Gomed Gemstone removes anxiety and blesses the wearer with confidence and courage to take over anything.
  • It is highly beneficial for those who suffer from” Evil Eye” hexing, spirits, black magic, etc.
  • By wearing Gomed Stone the wearer can get instant relief from disorders like Indigestion, Asthma, and Anxiety, etc. However, it is important to identify the original, good quality Gomed to enjoy astrological benefits.
  • Wearing this stone is considered to be immensely beneficial for people working in public relations, diplomatic positions, commissioning trades and event management.
  • Gomed Gemstone blesses the wearer with victory over enemies and protects the native from the negative energies.
  • Gomedh or Gomedak helps in the acquisition of wealth if Rahu is placed positively in the native’s horoscope.
  • It removes confusion and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament to the wearer.
  • It also improves the income, position, and power of the wearer in the professional field.
  • Gomed Gemstone is beneficial in enhancing the confidence, clarity, and creativity of the native.
  • Wearing Gomed Stone at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu helps an individual to get rid of the afflictions caused by the shadowy planet Rahu.
  • The Gomed Gemstone destroys fear complexes and entrusts the individual with self-confidence, motivation and the courage to over anything.
  • Hessonite is extremely beneficial for the people pursuing a career in public speaking, as it enhances the wearer’s communication skills and confidence over large crowds.

Identification of a Real Gomed Gemstone

It is important to ensure that the chosen gemstone is worth wearing and contains mystical properties. Hessonite gemstone can be recognized with its heat-wave effect which appears relatively dark in appearance. For a common person who is not aware of the Hessonite Gemstone properties, it is impossible to identify Hessonite just by mere appearance because they would not be able to make out how potent the heat-wave effect pattern is.

  • Test for Identification
    • If a real hessonite or Gomed is left in cow’s urine for twenty-four hours the color of the urine changes.
    • Real Hessonite will not have the following: dullness, roughness, hole or dents, flat, black spot.
  • Qualities of a good Gomed Gemstone
    • Color-Color of Gomed covers a broad range from honey-yellow to deep reddish-brown.
    • Transparency- Visible inclusions in Hessonite occur as toffee-like streaks or black spots. Invisible inclusions are like oily dots of liquid inclusions.
    • High specific gravity- It holds the specific gravity of 3.65 and the refractive index ranging between 1.742 - 1.748.
    • Uniform color- If the color of Gomed Stone resembles the color of Cow’s urine then it is believed to be the most perfect. It should have a uniform color with a smooth and fine appearance.
    • Color- It is found in cinnamon color, Brown red color, brown and red color. The suitable color for the Hessonite Gemstone is medium to dark orange or brown-orange to brown yellow with some variations in the tone.
    • Cut- Hessonite is mostly worn in Silver rings and the natural rough Hessonite Gemstone is cut to form round and oval shapes in most of the cases. It can also cut and faceted into rectangles or squares and even hexagons. These Stone beads are also used in necklaces and strings in jewelry.
    • Carat and Clarity- Hessonite Gemstone measuring 2 to 5 carats in weight have high demand in the market, this is because most astrologers recommend to wear Hessonite Gemstone in this size for therapeutic use. The weight of the stone should vary 1/10th of the body weight. E.g. a person weighing 60 Kgs can wear a 6 carat stone. A clear, transparent Hessonite commands high price due to its premium quality.

NOTE: Future point only deals with genuine astrology products. So Buy Agate Stone Online for best quality. Every product that you find in our Astro shop is of the highest quality and Lab certified examined by our expert Gemologists. Buy Gomed gemstone from our online store and get excellent results in life. Shop online for Gomed Gemstone from Future Point, the most trusted Astrological Website in India. You are advised to take a Gemstone report from our renowned astrologer’s to know the suitability of Gemstone.

Disclaimer: Before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer for your Horoscope and get the gemstone that suits you the best. Alternatively, you can also get a Gem Recommendation Report to check if the gemstone is suitable for you as per your Kundli Predictions.

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