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Importance of Ketu in Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 20-Feb-2019
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There are nine planets that are analyzed as per the principles of Vedic Astrology to decode the destiny of a native. Each of these nine planets have their own characteristics and significance. However, one planet that truly stands apart and is the most tedious one to understand in its entirety in terms of its results, is Ketu. Ketu is also known as the 'South Node of the Moon' or 'Dragon's Tail'. To know how will Rahu-Ketu influence the major areas of life in detail, Avail the Rahu-Ketu Transit Report 2019 now!

How did Ketu came into existence?

Once the Gods & Demons decided to churn the Celestial Ocean and divide the auspicious things that come out among themselves. But their primary objective was to derive the 'Nectar of Immortality'.

However, as soon as the Nectar came out, a fight started between the Gods & Demons to grab and drink the Nectar first. Seeing all this, Lord Vishnu took the form of an extremely beautiful girl called Mohini and offered to distribute the Nectar equally among both the parties.

Agreeing to this arrangement both God as well as Demons sat in two lines facing each other waiting for their turns. But Lord Vishnu knew that the Demons after becoming immortal will wreak havoc in all the worlds. Therefore, He in the form of Mohini through His powers, switched the pot of Nectar with a pot of an ordinary liquid while feeding the Demons and resumed the pot of Nectar while feeding the Gods.

One Demon saw this switch and took on a disguise of a God and secretly sat in the line of the Gods. As Mohini (Lord Vishnu) came to feed him the Nectar, the Sun & Moon Gods identified the Demon and asked Mohini to stop feeding him the Nectar. But it was too late as the Demon has already drank the Nectar.

Immediately Lord Vishnu took His original form and annoyed by this behaviour, cut the head of the Demon with His Discuss. However, since the Demon had already consumed the Nectar, He became two immortal entities- One with just the head that came to be known as Rahu and the rest of the headless body that came to be known as Ketu! Since that very day, both Rahu & Ketu became arch enemies of both Sun & Moon and have been negatively affecting them in the form of eclipses from time to time. But in this article let us move further with Ketu.

What does Ketu represent?

Ketu is the most mystical planet in Vedic Astrology and although it is considered as natural malefic but its effects on a native cannot be ruled as outright negative. Interestingly Ketu is the natural significator of Moksha or Ultimate Liberation.

The most famous characteristic of Ketu is inclination towards spirituality and occult sciences along with detachment from the outer world. Ketu also represents dissatisfaction from many domains of life such as marriage and career. Ketu is also associated with 'out of the body or after life experiences'.

Material or worldly comforts and Ketu do not go along together. This mystical planet signifies true wisdom and progress on the path of asceticism and enlightenment. Ketu is a planet of infinite possibilities in life if placed properly in the horoscope of a native and can cause sudden & severe damages as well if not conducive for a native.

Transit of Ketu

Ketu takes around 18 months to transit through one sign of the Zodiac Belt and so does Rahu as both the planets are always 180 degrees opposite from each other. The presence of Ketu is felt even more during its transitory movement in a sign.

The house in which that particular sign is placed in the natal chart of a native gives strong results as per the condition of Ketu for him/her during that particular time and also as per the state & strength of Ketu in his/her natal chart. Get Personalised Rahu Ketu Horoscope 2019

Results of Ketu in all 12 Houses of a Horoscope

1st House

Ketu in the 1st house makes a person religious and inclined towards spirituality.

Here, Ketu promotes the change of residence of a native either permanently in its Maha Dasha (primary period of operation) or atleast signifies frequent travels in its minor periods of operation. It negatively affects the education life of a native and the native likely looses interest in studies with diminished levels of concentration.

The married life of such a person is always disturbed and the person remains dissatisfied from his/her marriage. If that person is into a business in partnership, then Ketu of the 1st house breaks the business partnership. Ketu in the 1st house brings fortune in the life of a native after the age of 48 years.

2nd House

Ketu in the 2nd house gives mouth related ailments, especially related to teeth. There is a constant bickering with the family members that leads to below average family relations. The person is frequently bothered by enemies.

Ketu here brings problems in repayment of loans and the native suffers from health issues. It also promotes accidents and injuries. Ketu here also negatively affects the career/profession of a native and increases hurdles & delays in getting things done.

3rd House

Ketu in the 3rd house increases courage in a person, however that person is frequently engaged in cumbersome short travels. It causes bitterness with younger siblings.

Again married life and partnership in business are negatively affected in the life of a person who has Ketu in the 3rd house if his/her horoscope. But Ketu makes the person very religious and remains involved in the processes of spirituality. Also, Ketu here promotes foreign travels but negatively affects the gains from different ventures in life.

4th House

Ketu in the 4th house creates bitterness in the relations of the native with his/her mother and disrupts the comforts from property and vehicle in the life of a native. It promotes accidents and causes a threat to the lifespan of a native.

Post marriage, the relations of the native his/her in-laws become turbulent and bitter. It is seen that people who have Ketu in the 4th house of their horoscopes get success in the field of Politics. Ketu promotes foreign travels and brings an increase in the overall expenditures in life. Buy Rahu Yantra and safeguard yourself against Rahu Transit 2019.

5th House

If Ketu is placed in the 5th house then it bestows great education and gains from speculation & share market. Ketu again makes the native religious and promotes foreign travels. Here it also bring gains in multiple domains of life and signifies support from friend as well. It makes a person very logical and argumentative by nature.

6th House

Ketu brings problems related to enemies, court cases and health of a native. It causes delay in career and creates bitterness in the relationship with father. It destroys wealth or gains and disrupts harmony in the family.

7th House

Ketu clearly creates turbulence in the married life of a native and negatively affects the business prospects in life. However, Ketu here infuses extraordinary bravery into the native and blesses with a bold personality but brings bitterness in the relations with younger siblings.

8th House

This is a house of death and Ketu in this house inflicts death like sufferings on the native in the diseases & accidents. Ketu here, reduces the lifespan of the native. It brings an increase in expenditures and promotes religious travels (pilgrimages).

Ketu impacts the accumulated wealth in a negative way. Also, a person having Ketu in the 8th house of his/her horoscope tend to have a turbulent relationship with his/her mother. Ketu here, creates problems with respect to inherited property as well.

9th House

Ketu in the 9th house of a person's horoscope makes that person very religious and spirituality inclined. It signifies pilgrimages and foreign travels. It makes the native very wise and enhances the analytical ability of the native.

It also makes the native courageous and the native enjoys harmonious relations with younger siblings. Ketu provides auspicious results related to education, intelligence, children and speculation. Buy Ketu Pendant: a powerful charm to create an aura of protection against all evil.

10th House

Here Ketu brings delay, dissatisfaction and hurdles in the professional aspect of one's life. Ketu gives health problems to the native related to heart. It destroys wealth and one gets malefic results as far as the family aspect is concerned. The native get constantly heckled with enemies, loans, legal hassles and medical issues.

11th House

Ketu here, gives great results in gambling, speculation or share markets. The person keeps a bad company still the person benefits from his/her friends. Ketu signifies big income and the person is seen to display courage & bravery in his/her endeavours.

However, Ketu disrupts the harmony factor in relations with younger siblings and the education of the native remains incomplete. It negatively affects the married life and signifies constant bickering with the spouse.

12th House

Ketu in the 12th house of the horoscope of a person makes that person go on frequent pilgrimages. It makes the person very powerful and victorious over all enemies. However, the expenditure is always on the higher side in the life of such people. Ketu puts an initial burden of loans on the person but eventually the situation moves towards normalcy.

So this was a broader description of the malefic but otherwise mystical planet- Ketu. Remember, there are so many planetary combinations in the entire horoscope of a native that it is always prudent to get a personalized analysis of the horoscope.

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