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Remedies to control the bad effects of Planet Ketu

By: Future Point | 03-Nov-2018
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Remedies to control the bad effects of Planet Ketu

In Vedic astrology, amongst the nine planets, Ketu is given much importance. Though Rahu and Ketu or North and South nodes are not planets in reality, they are mere calculations and expressed in the form of points in astrology, deciphering their role has always been a challenge to the astrology. More with Ketu since, Ketu does not have any aspect other than the usual 7th house aspect form its position. Also, the role played by Ketu is always associated with enigma, confusion, negating features and someone who can easily deceit others. However, this point of view is merely general in statement. Since, Ketu is not always bad. Especially if placed in Upachaya houses in a horoscope or Kundali. Upachaya houses are 3rd, 6th 10th and 11th house form the ascendant. Ketu effects are highly beneficial. However, when placed in any other houses apart from the one mentioned above, then remedy for Ketu is advisable.

Though these remedies are always case by case, however, their existence will be purely on astrological consultancy at individual level. Still, the following remedies mentioned below are for general benefit of the native and shall be highly recommended at the time when required the problems are trivial and easily manageable. ketu remedies in Lal kitab and as per the Vedas has always been helpful to the individual.

Remedies to make Ketu positive:

  • As people with a negative Ketu look for shortcuts in life, one needs to remember to forget about taking any shortcuts - there are no shortcuts to success in life. It's a process. Ketu can make it seem like you can quickly achieve a lot of things, only to realize that the chosen path does not exist in reality, which causes one to be feel very low and unable to rise up again.
  • Kesar/saffron is a good remedy for Ketu - eat it, apply it as a tilak mixed with raw milk, drink it, use it anyway you can.
  • Ketu resides in dogs, so as a remedy people should take care of dogs. It is preferable if one takes care of street dogs, as you are doing double the work by taking care of another life while doing a remedy for Ketu.
  • If Ketu is very bad, then start wearing anything made of gold - if wearing a pendant, the thread can be yellow or white.
  • It's important to be spiritual to get good results from Ketu.
  • To stop Ketu's disturbance, stop wearing any grey colours and use mostly yellows and whites.
  • If Ketu is negative, then don't trust anyone - that's anyone, regardless of their relationship with you as there's a very high chance of you getting deceived by people who are close to you. It's usually people in the friend circle, but why take the chance.
  • Also, a negative Ketu can create problems in study due to friends. So, learn to say no to friend when deciding whether to study or go out with friends.
  • If Ketu is causing one a lot of anxiety, then it's important to wear a silver bracelet, donate sugar (khaand), give treats made of jaggery and/or items that grow under-ground (groundnuts with jaggery is a good option) to your friends from time to time - this is because a negative Ketu does not let one have good friends easily.
  • You can also offer sweets to Children and destitute Children’s to please ketu.
  • You could also raise a flag atop a temple or inside.

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