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Ketu Mahadasha and its Effects in Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 24-Sep-2018
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Ketu Mahadasha and its Effects in Vedic Astrology

Ketu Mahadasha: Ketu is considered as one of the most dreaded planets. It is also known as the "South Node of Moon" or "The Dragon's Tail". As per the Ancient Hindu texts, when divine nectar was being distributed among the Gods, a demon disguised himself as a God and entered the crowd of Gods to drink nectar and become immortal.

Just when that demon started drinking the nectar, the Sun God & the Moon God identified that demon and Lord Vishnu who was distributing the nectar among the Gods, cut the head of that demon. But the demon had already drank the nectar by then so, he became immortal with his head and the remaining part of his body as two separate but immortal entities. To know how will Rahu-Ketu influence the major areas of life.

The head came to be known as Rahu and the remaining headless body as Ketu. Today, we will talk about Ketu.

Ketu is a planet that has incredibly strong and mostly ground shaking results in one's life. While Rahu entangles us in this world, Ketu on the other hand is known for taking us to our liberation. But this liberation does not come easily and more often than not, the malefic effects of Ketu pose hurdles in our movement to the liberation or Moksha aspect that this very same planet signifies.

The exact results of Ketu in a native's life, depend on which house it is positioned in, which houses it is aspecting, which planets it is conjunct with, which sign it is present in and so on & so forth. But the major effects of Ketu are seen in its Mahadasha or its primary and longest period of operation in one's life that comes for 7 years.

Effects of Ketu Dasha or Ketu Mahadasha in one's life can be analyzed broadly on the basis of the house that Ketu is placed, in one's natal horoscope.


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Let's look at the results of Ketu in all 12 houses of a horoscope:

Ketu in the 1st House

When Ketu is present in the 1st house or the Ascendant or Lagna in one's horoscope, it negatively affects the decision making ability of the person. People having Ketu in the 1st house of their horoscope are not able to arrive at a conclusion in their lives.

It gives blood pressure problems to the individual. The person becomes dissatisfied from himself/herself. Although the native is drawn towards spirituality after the age of 42 years but dissatisfaction never goes away from the lives of natives that have Ketu in the 1st house of their horoscope.

  • Ketu in 1st house also signifies marital problems.
  • Ketu in 1st house gives very good understanding of astrology.

Ketu in the 2nd House

A person having Ketu in the 2nd house will never have satisfaction from his/her family and money (both earned as well as accumulated).

(Note: If Ketu is present in the 2nd house along with the Ascendant Lord then gives utmost satisfaction with family members and matters related to money)

  • Ketu in 2nd house makes the native a hesitant speaker.

Ketu in the 3rd House

A person having Ketu in the 3rd house of his/her horoscope will be dissatisfied by his/her siblings and neighbours. The courage factor in their lives will also be on the minimal side.


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Ketu in the 4th House

People having Ketu in the 4th house of their horoscope are likely to feel restless in their homes and their residence may be near a temple or a cremation ground. No matter how beautiful their home is but they are always looking for an excuse to run away from their home.

Ketu in the 5th House

Ketu in the 5th house sometimes results in miss carriages and dissatisfaction from children, however one child of a native having Ketu in the 5th house will earn very ample name & fame.

Despite having great ability and knowledge, Ketu of 5th house makes the native do a job that is very close to slavery and his/her efforts are never appreciated/recognized at the workplace. But Ketu in 5th house gives very good understanding of astrology.


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Ketu in the 6th House

This Ketu gives dissatisfaction from maternal uncle or maternal aunt. One should stay away from having pet cats or dogs. This Ketu is also not good for marital life and can give blood pressure problems to the native.


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Ketu in the 7th House

This Ketu makes the person sexually very active but his/her partner is likely to be more inclined towards spirituality and not sex. So, it results in dissatisfaction from the sex life. It also makes the native feel that he/she is not getting the respect in the society that they deserve.

Ketu in the 8th House

This Ketu gives the native very religious in-laws but the native often speaks very bad or harsh words to the in-laws, making his/her relations with the in-laws, sour. If your have ancestral wealth, then it is likely that this Ketu will not let you get that. Ketu in the 8th house can give problems of the private parts.

Ketu in the 9th House

Ketu in this house make a native unlucky and dissatisfied from religion.


Ketu in the 10th House

This Ketu give dissatisfaction from one's profession. People having Ketu in the 10th house often dream about comforts and live in sorrow.

Ketu in the 11th House

People having Ketu in the 11th house have a lot of property but they are never satisfied with the property that they have. They are also not satisfied with their friends and their uncle.

Ketu in the 12th House

Ketu in this house makes the native help others in need and the native never gets tired of helping others. It is this quality that leads the native towards liberation. Also, Ketu in the 12th house, defeats the enemies of the native.

We described how Ketu affects a person, especially during its Mahadasha (major period) but there are a number of factors that come into play as per one's individual horoscope.

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