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The ill-effects of Ketu Mahadasha in your Life.

By: Future Point | 05-Jun-2019
Views : 13070The ill-effects of Ketu Mahadasha in your Life.

The planet Ketu can be unaudacious sometimes in the life of a person. It can have some adverse effects in a native’s life. It all depends on the position of planet Ketu in your Kundli. Because of its invisibility, Ketu is called by the name of the shadow planet and it is positioned in the opposite direction of Rahu. However, some spiritual aspects are also associated with this planet. When it is integrated with some audacious planet in any house of the Kundli, it brings out positive results for a person.

On the other hand, When it is integrated with some other negative planets, it gives adverse and negative results like loss of wealth, health issues, family-related conflicts, etc. However, if you are considering to know the exact position of Ketu in your zodiac sign, you can go through our Personalised Rahu and Ketu Transit Report on Future Point or you can Consult an Astrologer to have complete knowledge of the effects of its position in your Kundli.

The planet Ketu creates some unaudacious or unwanted yogas when it gets united with other planets. The bad position of the Ketu in a house has some negative results in the life of a person. Both the planets Rahu and Ketu might have some negative effects on the life of a person. But, Ketu is milder in comparison to Rahu. The bad position of the planet Ketu in one’s Kundli can create a lot of problems and hurdles in the life of a person. Although, there is also some positive side of Ketu. Ketu is considered as a great provider of spirituality.

If the Planet Ketu is placed at the right place in one’s Kundli, then it leads to detaching the person towards salvation, mysterious knowledge, and mastery of secrets. Rahu and Ketu are the planets known for giving some unexpected results. Because of its invisibility, Ketu does not rule any particular zodiac sign. The person having Ketu in its zodiac sign placed at the right position is rewarded with spiritual achievements. The people under the influence of Ketu has great healing power, and they have the ability to heal through their spiritual and inner power.

Effects of Ketu

The position of the Ketu matters a lot in the Kundli of a person. It may have some ill effects as well as some positive effects in one’s life. All this is because of its position. There are some of the positive effects as well as the negative effects that are caused due to the position of this shadowy planet.

Positive Effects of Ketu

  • If Planet Ketu is placed in the right position in one’s Kundli, then that person will be blessed with high imagination power, they will be blessed with good luck in their multiple businesses.
  • The suitable position of the Planet Ketu in one’s Kundli will help a person in increasing their ability to make money anytime from any source. The person under the influence of Ketu will be blessed with raj yoga in their lives.
  • Ketu provides the longevity of a person’s life, it uplifts the career and provides us with a lot of opportunities.

Negative Effects of Ketu

  • The ill position of the Ketu in the Kundli of a person brings a lot of health-related problems in the life of a person.
  • The ill-positioned Ketu will create a lot of hurdles and problems in one’s life in their way of conducting their education.
  • Ketu Mahadasha increases the chance of loss of wealth, accidents, loss in business in the life of a person.
  • Ketu Mahadasha might result in marital conflicts, family problems, and the sudden death of a person.

Remedies to Get Rid of the negative effects of Ketu Dasha and make it Positive

Several remedies are suggested to get rid of the Ketu Mahadasha and to make it positive. If Ketu is placed on the right position in any house then the person will definitely have some positive effects on their lives. We could not consider the planet Ketu as malicious only. As it has some positive effects too. Here we will suggest some of the remedies that will help you to get rid of Ketu Mahadasha and make it happy and positive.

    • Saffron (Kesar) is considered as a good remedy in Ketu Mahadasha. You can eat it or take it with milk or whatever you like. You can apply it as a tilak mixed with milk. It will help you in getting rid of the Ketu Mahadasha.
    • It is said that Ketu exists in the dog. So, taking care of the dogs, street dogs will help you in dealing with the condition of Ketu Mahadasha. Feed dogs, take good care of them. Only then you will be able to make Ketu positive.
    • To make Ketu happy and get rid of its Mahadasha you need to be spiritual to get its positive result.
    • In order to get rid of Ketu Mahadasha avoid wearing dark colored clothes, like grey or black. Wear light-colored clothes like yellow or white.
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  • In the case of Ketu Mahadasha in the life of students, if they face problems in pursuing their education. Then, they are advised to learn to say no to friends and they are supposed to take their studies on a priority basis. instead of going out with friends, they should have their complete focus on their studies.
  • The person suffering from the extreme condition of Ketu Mahadasha, they are advised to wear the stone cat’s eye in order to get rid of Ketu Mahadasha. Its positive energy will overpower the negative energies of the planet Ketu.
  • The people under the negative influence of planet Ketu are advised to worship God Kaal Bhairava. The most aggressive form of Lord Shiva. They are suggested to perform Kaal Bhairava Puja. It is considered as one of the most powerful remedies to get rid of Ketu Mahadasha.
  • Peacock Feather is also known for treating the negative influence of Ketu Mahadasha. Peacock is considered a bird of protection. Placing the peacock feather at your place will be helpful in getting rid of the bad influence of the planet Ketu.
  • Worshipping Panch Mukhi Hanuman will help you in keeping away all the troubles and hurdles caused by Ketu Mahadasha. Lord Hanuman provides us with extreme strength and power and keeps all the evil powers away from us.
  • Performing Ketu Graha Shanti Puja will also help you in keeping all the negative energies, sufferings and pain caused by Ketu Mahadasha. It will give you strength and power to face all the conditions and situations influenced by Ketu Mahadasha.

We have to deal with many problems. Dealing with minor problems might be easy for us sometimes. But sometimes, dealing with major problems of our life like loss of wealth, loss of our loved ones left us helpless. You might be thinking what is the reason for all these sufferings. Why are you not able to get yourselves out of all your problems. The ill-positioned Ketu in the horoscope of any person can create a lot of hurdles and problems in their lives. Well, you might find all your answers in your Kundli only. In order to get yourselves out from all the problems of your life, you can have a look at your Kundli Online to have a basic and clear idea of upcoming events in your life so, that you can find the right path to deal with any situation effectively.

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