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Who will become the PM? What does Astrology say about 2024 Elections in India?

By: Future Point | 05-Oct-2023
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Who will become the PM? What does Astrology say about 2024 Elections in India?

The buildup to Lok Sabha or General Elections 2024 has already started in full swing with the formation of an alliance between various political parties in India, a few months back. The ruling party- Bharatiya Janata Party or the BJP with its own coalition called the NDA, is looking confident of securing a third term in 2024. 

The BJP under the leadership of then prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, first came to power in 2014 with a full majority in the Lok Sabha which is the lower house of the Indian Parliament and then in 2019, further won a significant number of seats and secured power for the second term.

However, given the way the political sphere is shaping up in India, especially with the formation of an alliance by opposition parties, the road to securing a third term will be anything but easy for the BJP.

Be that as it may, as per many reports in the media, the unity of the opposition alliance is also far from what the political parties constituting it project or claim. But, leaving the politics aside, let us perform an honest astrological analysis to predict who will become the PM of India in the 2024 General Elections.


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Who are the PM contenders for Lok Sabha Elections 2024?

Well, this is a fantastic question which actually forms the very basis of the astrological prediction & its subsequent explanation that we will provide by means of this article.

In continuation with the pattern from past Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi from the BJP will be the party’s PM candidate for 2024. However, since the opposition has till date not come up with a prime ministerial aspirant of their own, we will only take the horoscope of PM Narendra Modi for finding out what the planets in his natal horoscope are signifying. This is simply common sense, because if there is no official contender to challenge him then anyway he is a very strong leader whose horoscope will alone reveal whether he will retain power or not?

We will also take into account the key planetary transits that will be in operation during the time of election results as transits cast a phenomenally powerful and often decisive impact when they strongly interact with the planets in the natal horoscope of a person at a particular point in time.

Horoscope of Narendra Modi

The most widely available horoscope of Narendra Modi available in the public domain shows him as a person having a Scorpio ascendant. 

However, after a comprehensive research & birth time rectification based on taking into account the major events in his life as well as his broad personality traits, we can confidently say that Narendra Modi has a Libra ascendant.

Following is the birth chart or horoscope of Narendra Modi that we use and it has helped us in making correct predictions about his political fate in the past as well:


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Lagnesh or Lord of the Ascendant

One can clearly see that Modi’s Lagnesh or Lord of the Ascendant is Venus and is positioned in the 11th house of Gains, Realizations of Desires, Social Circle & Social Acceptance. Since he is a politician, the placement of a naturally benefic planet like Venus which also happens to be the Lord of the Ascendant, in the 11th house clearly explains his rise as a political leader.

The 11th house signifies social networking and it is a well known and established fact that PM Modi is the most followed leader on social media across the globe. With his Lagna Lord in the 11th house of social networking and acceptance, he stands to be undoubtedly accepted by masses for a third term to serve India as the PM.

The Power of Mars

Mars, which is the planet that signifies courage, energy, aggression & win over opponents, is placed in the 2nd house of PM Modi’s horoscope in its own sign of Scorpio. This positioning of Mars provides extra strength to the fiery planet and in-turn blesses PM Modi with an attitude of courage & an aggressive approach to win elections.

Furthermore, Aries which is the other sign ruled by Mars is present in the 7th house of PM Modi’s horoscope. Now, since Mars is very strongly placed in the 2nd house, its other sign Aries which signifies boldness & swift action strengthens the 7th house of diplomacy & foreign affairs as well. This explains PM Modi’s widely appreciated foreign policy thus far. It is the strength of Mars that makes him act in a decisive manner in matters of foreign affairs that bring pride to India as a nation.


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A Strong Jupiter

Jupiter which is said to be the most benefic planet of all is positioned in the 5th house of PM Modi’s horoscope which signifies comprehensive intelligence & speculation among others. Jupiter gives PM Modi a significant edge over his opponents in charting out & executing the perfect election winning strategy. Also, since election results have a certain element of speculation or uncertainty attached to them, PM Modi’s Jupiter in the 5th house of his horoscope gives him a formidable personality for his opponents.

It must also be noted that a favourably placed Jupiter in PM Modi’s horoscope casts its 5th aspect on the 9th house which signifies fortune. Jupiter casts its 7th and direct aspect on the 11th house of Gains etc. and further strengthens Venus and since Venus is the Lord of the Ascendant, his entire horoscope gets strengthened.

The last or the 9th aspect of benefic Jupiter falls on the 1st house or Ascendant itself, thereby, positively enhancing PM Modi’s overall personality and making him a very strong and publicly accepted person.

Rahu to Tackle Enemies

Rahu is one of the most dreaded planets in Vedic Astrology that gives sudden, unexpected and more often than not negative results in life. However, there are certain houses where even the malefic Rahu provides the native with positive results and 6th house is one such house. Rahu is placed in the 6th house of Open Enemies, Competition and Disease of PM Modi’s horoscope. This signifies victory to PM Modi over his enemies, a win in competition (elections in the current context) and a sound health.

Moreover, Rahu while being positioned in the 6th house takes care of PM Modi’s open enemies and its direct or 7th aspect on the12 house which signifies Hidden Enemies among others, makes him prevail over his hidden enemies as well.

This is clearly the sign of a great & powerful leader who is destined to be victorious in all elections.


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Key Transitory Movements During 2024 Elections

Saturn currently transiting in its own sign of Aquarius which is present in the 5th house of PM Modi’s horoscope poses challenges for his natal Jupiter. Saturn will be in this sign during the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections therefore, things will indeed become somewhat difficult for PM Modi and carving out a majority will be quite a daunting task for him.

However, both Rahu & Ketu will mark a ‘Nodal Return’ in PM Modi’s horoscope after they will transit in the signs of Pisces and Virgo respectively on 30th October 2023 and will continue to transit in those signs during the 2024 General Elections. Nodal Return means when the Nodes (Rahu & Ketu) return to the same signs in which they are positioned in the natal horoscope of a person during their transit movements.


A very strong natal horoscope and a positively amplified Rahu clearly & unambiguously points towards PM Modi emerging victorious over his enemies or political opponents. He is clearly slated to retain power in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Please note that this analysis is done purely for educational purposes and is not in any way, driven by any particular political bias or leaning whatsoever.

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