5 Signs that will be most affected by 2023's Last Solar Eclipse on Sarvapitri Amavasya

By: Future Point | 04-Oct-2023
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5 Signs that will be most affected by 2023

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a very powerful celestial phenomenon that creates  a massive upsurge in cosmic energies. From an astronomical point of view, a solar eclipse takes place when the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, thus blocking the sunlight from reaching the Earth. A solar eclipse creates a temporary or transitional phase of darkness specific places on Earth where it takes place. 


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Solar Eclipse in October 2023: Locations & Timings

October 2023 is going to be a very intense month from a celestial point of view. On 14th October, the last Solar Eclipse of this year will take place. This solar eclipse will be visible in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Bahamas, Peru, Antigua, Barbados, Uruguay, Haiti, Jamaica and some other regions nearby.

Timings of the second Solar Eclipse of 2023 are as follows:

The eclipse will begin at 08:34 PM on 14th October and will end at 02:25 AM IST on 15th October 2023.

It must be noted that this particular solar eclipse will be an Annular Solar Eclipse. This type of a solar eclipse takes place when the Moon is quite far from the Earth in its orbit and does not cover the Sun entirely from a visual perspective. Therefore, the eclipse thus formed  makes the Sun look like a ‘Ring of Fire’ since it is not completely covered by the Moon.   

Astrological Significance of a Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse affects the lives of many people in a phenomenally powerful manner and literally shapes up their lives in the period that follows, to a significant extent. An eclipse, be it solar or lunar, is considered as a difficult time for people like pregnant women and the elderly because of the subtle effects that such an energy intense phenomenon exerts on the subtle bodies or auras of these people.

The solar eclipse on 14th October 2023 is occurring on Sarva Pitru Amavasya which marks the end of the Shradh or Pitru Paksha. This makes this solar eclipse a very intense one with serious impact expected on the lives of many people across the globe.

Will the rules of Sutak Kaal apply in India?

‘Sutak Kaal’ is a period that starts 12 hours prior to a solar eclipse and 9 hours prior to a lunar eclipse and ultimately ends with the eclipse. There are many tasks that are prohibited during the Sutak Kaal. Pregnant women are advised not to touch/use pointed objects such as scissors, knives, needles etc.

People in general are advised to avoid excessive eating during this time and from a spiritual perspective it is highly recommended that if there is some cooked food or milk stored in the house during the Sutak Kaal, then a ‘Tusli’ leaf must be added to it to insulate it from the turbulent energies that begin prevailing in the cosmos as the eclipse approaches.

Temples remain closed during the Sutak Kaal and not no auspicious rituals are performed in households as well. 

However, the Sutak Kaal only applies at places where the eclipse is occurring or is visible from. Since this solar eclipse will not be visible in India, the rules of Sutak Kaal would not apply in India.


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Effects of Solar Eclipse October 2023

While the Sutak Kaal rules only apply in the regions where the eclipse actually takes place or is visible, the impact of the eclipse is universal. Furthermore, the eclipse often starts casting its impact a few days earlier than it actually takes place and extends those effects for a few more days after its completion.  Therefore, the annular solar eclipse that will take place on 14th-15th October 2023 will impact all of us starting from let’s say a week prior to the event and the impact will be there till about a week later.

However, this solar eclipse will cast a significant impact on people associated with 5 specific Ascendant Signs which are:

Aries: This will cast a negative impact on the state of your mind and might bring serious disruption in your thought process. It is a time when you will be at a heightened risk of getting injured or having an accident. Avoid unnecessary travel and outdoor strenuous or adventurous activities on and around the eclipse.  

Gemini: The eclipse would cast a dark shadow on the comforts & conveniences that you have. New problems will arise in your life and they will have a negative impact on your state of mind. You will be under stress and would find it hard to make tough decisions. Chances of someone cheating you are very high during this time.

Cancer: The eclipse will give rise to restlessness and you will feel the burden of anxiety on your mind. This is not a good time for your health. Some minor hiccups during this time might unfold into bigger problems if not dealt with timely & properly. Avoid starting any new venture and take a break from any strenuous endeavour that you are currently a part of.

Virgo: Fear of enemies, stress and worries will occupy your mind. Expenditures will be significantly more during this time. You will experience headaches and would find it hard to focus.You will feel lonely during this time. Do not take any health related issue lightly and follow a light & nutritious diet. You will feel a decline in your enthusiasm and willpower during this time.

Libra: The eclipse will be detrimental for the marital domain of your life. Your relationship with your partner will face headwinds and you could have some serious disagreements that might lead to bickering & heated arguments resulting in a negative impact on the harmony factor in your relationship. You will get irritated while dealing with people around you very often, which might lead to unnecessary confrontations.


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The solar eclipse that will take place on ‘Sarva Pitru Amavasya’ is a very intense cosmic phenomenon. It is highly recommended that you contact Future Point before this event and get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed by Dr. Arun Bansal who has a huge experience that spans more than four decades in providing his clients with life-transforming occult wisdom.

Get powerful remedies that are tailor made specifically for you based on your horoscope to counter any and all negative impact of this upcoming solar eclipse 2023.

Remember, fortune favours those who act wisely & timely. Therefore, prepare yourself to sail through this incredibly powerful celestial occurrence in the form of the solar eclipse with the sacred occult wisdom of Vedic Astrology!


Do eclipses have an effect on people?

From an astrological & spiritual perspective, eclipses are very powerful cosmic phenomena that exert subtle yet incredibly strong effects on all of us.

Where does the ‘Sutak Kaal’ (period of prohibition) apply during an eclipse?

The ‘Sutak Kaal’ applies only in those places where the eclipse is visible from.

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Dr. Arun Bansal from Future Point is the Best Astrologer in India with more than 40 years of experience in providing highly effective occult based remedies to people from all over the globe. 

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