Top 10 Astrology Softwares for Windows PC and Android

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 01-May-2018
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Top 10 Astrology Softwares for Windows PC and Android

Best Astrology Software:- An Introduction to Leostar & LeoTouch Series of Astrology Softwares.
Four decades back it was a wonderful idea to do the computerization of astrology by creating an astrology software. At that time it was like a dream come true for Mr. Arun Bansal, Delhi University, MSc topper in Physics & an MPhill in Computer Science from JNU who created the first and foremost Vedic Astrology Software in India successfully. Initially it was a DOS based application, wonderful in accurate horoscope casting which received wide appreciation from the whole community of astrologers in India and abroad.

After that it was upgraded several times and was made to reach window based mobiles too and now the current Leostar software is a big achievement as it has successfully supported all systems of astrology. The softwares created for android based mobiles and tablets fall under Leotouch series. The uppermost versions of Leostar & LeoTouch series of astrology software support all systems like Leostar Expert and Leostar professionals where as the other versions contain less number of modules.

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Leostar astrology software accepted as best horoscope software is used by all professional astrologers who practice Vedic Astrology for predictions, Kundli matching, horoscope casting & online astrology consultation. It is popular because of its accuracy & credibility. Astrology software Leostar supports various systems of astrology. Leostar & LeoTouch series of astrology softwares has various versions.

The Leostar & LeoTouch Series of Software has following Astrology Softwares which are arranged below as per their potential of supporting various systems and features of astrology and the one which supports all is kept on the top.

Here is the list of all astrology softwares of Future Point created for Windows, Mobile/Tablets, Share Market & Websites- Softwares for Windows -

  • LeoStar Expert
  • LeoStar
  • LeoStar Light
  • LeoStar Plus
  • LeoStar Standard
  • LeoStart Home
  • LeoStar Beginner

Softwares for Androids/Mobiles -

  • LeoTouch Professional (with printing)
  • LeoTouch Professional (without printing)
  • LeoTouch Home

Software for Share Market -

  • Leo Forecast

Software for Websites -

  • LeoStar API Application

Brief Description of 12 best astrology softwares

We have been offering the various softwares of LeoStar & LeoTouch series from a very long time. We keep upgrading these softwares depending upon our research work and requirements of users. You can choose your software from the list given above. For getting detailed information about these softwares you can visit our portals i.e., & Brief Description of 12 best astrology softwares of Future Point is given below-

Softwares for Windows -

1. LeoStar Expert

LeoStar Expert is the top most astrology software of Future Point as it gives the astrology calculations of almost all Vedic Astrology systems. It contains all valuable modules i.e. Teva, Tables, astrology, Matching, Mundane, Muhurat, KP, Numerology, Horary, Varshphal, Lalkitab, Panchang, Mantras, Leo Query and Advance with Pitri Dosh Analysis, 100 percent accurate gem recommendation software, Ratna Dasha Graph, Rudraksha Reading, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Prediction and so many other important calculations and predictions.

This is for astrologers who really have very big clientele. LeoStar expert contains all astrology softwares of LeoStar series. It is most comprehensive, expensive and meant for expert class of astrologers. This most advanced and expensive astrology software of Future Point is the result of research work of around 40 years.

This software includes all the features of Leostar Professional and also gives horoscopes like Bhrigupatrika, Kundalidarpan, Parashar Patrika etc. In addition to that the 30 year report of around 300 pages can also be obtained. It marks the finest tune and detailled latest features covering that detailled Pitridosha analysis, detailed Sadesati report, Rudraksha report & accurate gem recommendation software which are exclusively included only in this package and no other software includes these. The extra features of LeoStar Expert have been listed below -

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  • Daily, monthly & yearly predictions have been introduced.
  • Detailed Pitridosha Analysis has been incorporated.
  • Detailed Sadesati report.
  • Special detailed package for Rudraksha has been added.
  • Leostar Expert Edition gives Panchang calculations, reports and Festival Master Updating especially for Panchang makers. It also provides the facility of editing before printing.
  • One of the best features of this software is its accurate gem recommendation software.
  • LeoStar Expert contains Prediction Master in which the astrologer can add his own prediction with additional convenience of editing the predictions added.
  • The layouts of page can be designed in your own style as per choice. Expert Edition gives the facility of printing horoscope in real book binding format in sectional form.
  • These advanced features make it more advanced package of Leostar and are available in its expert edition.
Astrology Software

2. LeoStar Professional

LeoStar Professional is the best selling software of Future Point. LeoStar Professional is used by those who are professional astrologers. This software contains modules and calculations required to solve the queries of client. It caters to the all needs of a professional astrologer in terms of obtaining accurate and comprehensive astrology calculations with remedies & predictions. It features a wealth of calculations, charts, tables, tutorials, and interpretive reports. Books, Calendar, Transit, Mantras and lots of other astrology information have also been included. To know about the extensive features of LeoStar expert visit

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3. LeoStar Light

LeoStar Light has been created on the growing demands of community of astrologers which believes that every astrologer has own and unique ways of making predictions therefore he prefers to use astrology tools as per the requirements of his own area of expertise therefore the selection of 3 softwares in LeoStar Light has been left to the choice of the astrologer. Leostar Light best suits the pocket of astrologer with the option of customization as per requirement. This is the best selling astrology software after LeoStar professional and has been designed as per the personnel needs of the astrologer. LeoStar Light has Teva, Tables, astrology, Matching, Mundane and 3 other modules/packages which can be chosen from the follwing list of 6 modules i.e. - 1. Muhurat, 2. KP & Horary, 3. Numerology, 4. Varshphal, 5. Lalkitab, 6. Panchang.

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4. LeoStar Plus

LeoStar Plus is one step above LeoStar Standarad as it contains Teva, Tables, Matching, Mundane and one extra module of choice which can be chosen from the follwing list of 6 modules i.e. - 1. Muhurat, 2. KP & Horary, 3. Numerology, 4. Varshphal, 5. Lalkitab, 6. Panchang. It is short and crisp and contains all modules of Standard plus one of choice which can be any out of the above 6.

5. LeoStar Standard

This software is named LeoStar standard as it contains all standard requirements like astrology calculations, matching in detail and mundane calculations. Astrology software LeoStar Standard details Astrology and Matching. LeoStar standard caters to all fundamental needs of a professional astrologers by incorporating modules like Teva, Tables, Astrology & Matching. The astrology calculations and the matching in this software are more comprehensive and detailed as compared to LeoTouch Home. This can be termed as best Kundli Milan or kundali matching software of LeoStar. Therefore for casting horoscope for marriage and matching the horoscopes this can be considered as Standard software because in other lower versions of LeoStar i.e. LeoStar Home and Leostar Beiginner the comprehensive Matching calculations have not been included. In its Astrology calculations it is complete and better than LeoStar Home and that is why perfectly named as LeoStar Standard.

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6. LeoStart Home -

LeoStar is for amateur astrologers and students of astrology. It contains Teva, the detailed astrology calculations are missing, astrology tables, brief matching details and basic astrology calculations are included.

7. LeoStar Beginner-

It is meant for those who are beginners in astrology. It can cast basic horoscope and Vimsottari Dasha.

Softwares for Androids/Mobiles -

8. LeoTouch Professional (without printing)

All softwares of LeoTouch series are designed for android based mobiles. This astrology software designed exclusively for android based mobiles is used by all professional astrologers as it contains all necessary astrology calculations of all systems of astrology. Future Point has brought revolution in astrology by making you competent enough to do astrology anytime, anywhere as with this software astrology has reached into the pocket of common man.

LeoTouch Professional is the best choice of all astrologers now a days for their mobiles. It contains all required calculations and predictions. It contains almost all features of LeoStar Professional. It is like an ocean of astrology in your pocket. The ease of using has made it favourite of all. The horoscopes of thousands of your clients, family members and friends can be saved in different categories. Research Data has also been incorporated. All important astrology softwares like tables, astrology, matching, mundane, varshphal, lalkitab, panchang, muhurat, kp & horary, numerology have been included.

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9. LeoTouch Professional (with printing)

LeoTouch Professional (with printing) gives the facility of priting various horoscope models which can be obtained from LeoTouch Professional.

10. LeoTouch Home

It is designed for amateur astrologers, students and beginners in astrology. It gives Modules like Tables, basic astrology calculations and brief horoscope Matching.

Software for Share Market -

11. Leo Forecast

Leo Forecast is best astrology software for those who are best players in Share market as it helps them in knowing the share market trends. It uses the combination of mathematics and astrology to predict the ups and downs of share market. Leo Forecast is that share market prediction software which helps management in its attempts to cope with the uncertainty of the future. It relyies mainly on data from the past and present along with the analysis of trends. The one blow of share market can ruin a share market investor completely whereas the correct idea about market trend can turn him/her into a millionaire.

Software for Websites -

12. LeoStar API Application

In present era everything has turned online with the inception of internet few decades back. Majority of business persons have registered online presence of their businesses. Same is the case with astrologers and therefore the new era of astrology has entered in the phase of online astrology consultation which is known as online astrology. Not only online astrology consultation but also online horoscope casting has been statrted by all astrology portals. Future Point has introduced LeoStar API Application service by using which anybody having an astrology portal can give the facility of making horoscopes online thereby generating more business for his/her website as the customers shall be able to order for the casting of any horoscope model of Future Point online.

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