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First ever astrology software – its serving and improvisation

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 03-May-2018
Views : 4705First ever astrology software – its serving and improvisation

Leostar Expert is the best astrology software today. The android version of this software is known as LeoTouch Professional. The features are unlimited. Most recognised and distinguished astrologers in India and abroad rely on it because of its accuracy & precision in claculations. It was developed by the first ever astroprogrammer in India at that time when computer savy persons in India were limited. It has complete and perfect blend of astrocomputation and technology. The current and several times upgraded version of this software therefore is the result of continuous & intensive and extensive research work of 40 years in which the feed back of users and suggestions of millions of erudites have ben incorporated.

It was developed by Chairman of Future Point in 1978 and after making few updates he launched it after a couple of years. Since it was the first ever developed software and therefore the larger base of its users has led it for its upgradation to what it is today. It was continuously backed by thousands of users world wide. In nutshell it was scrutinised by so many astrologers world wide during their usage in past 35 years that each year it adds a new faether of accuracy which are known as its updates. Something which was already in market from so many years shall definitely have trust of millions who have been using it and suggesting changes every now and then. It has always beeen a prodct for the astrogers' community & with the widest acceptance and immence support from all it is what it is today.

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To sum up we shall say that it is combined effort of team future point and the community of most eminent astrologers of India & abroad especially who were the first ones to see and accepted it with the pinch of salt by comparing each and every calculation of the software with their generations old traditional method of manual calculations. So, this software was not scrutinised modern age astroloogers who do not know the deeper mathematics behind calculatins rather totaly dependent on apps & programmes so the accuracy of new softwares comming up today always go for a toss. Modern softwares developers donot know the concept of Sandhi Lagna, war time corrections and day light saving concepts, vaious time zones and are minting money on unauthentic and may be unverified product.

Even the biggest players are making wrong horoscopes and are failing to do accurate calculations. This can lead astrology to a wrong path. We need to put a check on such practices by creating an international check post and trademark for ensuring quality and accuracy. Future Point's LeoStar Expert supports various time zones, Sandhi Lagna, war time correction and day light saving concept with hundred percent accuracy. The horoscope of the child borne anywhere in the world shall get absolutely accurate horoscope from the astrology software LeoStar. The best horsoscope sotware LeoStar Expert can create Panchang for 10, 000 years with accuracy of second. Future Point team successfully created this astrology software for android mobiles and tablets too.

Future Point has created various best astrology softwares for supporting all systems of astrology. All these softwares are incorporated in LeoStar Expert. It is a bundle of various modules of astrology softwares which can do comprehensive astrological calculations, predictions and recommend perfect remedies too.

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This is an ideal software especially for those who manage their own astrological websites. Register yourself with the API application launched by Future Point. By doing this you can avail the online presence of LeoStar Expert. This is the most popular Kundli software online as all those who have availed this service can generate extra revenue as their clients would be able to order the horoscope model of their choice. By availing this online astrology software you can atract lot of traffic on your website.

This user friendly kundli software LeoStar Expert gives the facility of printing and you can print various horoscopes in book format in sectional form. The features of this software and its ability to support all astrology systems like Parashari, Lal Kitab, Tajik, Jaimini, Kp, Horary, Numerology keeps it at the top. For astrology websites Future Point has created online kundli software LeoStar API, for windows - LeoStar Expert, Professional, Light, Plus, Standard and Home, for android based mobiles & tablets it has created LeoTouch Professional & LeoTouch Home whereas for Share Market it has created Leo Forecast.

The Free Kundli astrology software app comes by the name LeoStar Free Kundli App. This free kundli app also gives free matching therefore you can get ashtkoot Guna matching from free horoscope matching software included in this app. In nutshell you can be an online astrologer by downloading this free kundli software.

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