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Best Astrology Software in India Leostar

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 16-Feb-2018
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Best Astrology Software in India Leostar

Astrology is that language of stars for the decoding of which the horoscope is used as a primary tool. Long time back the manual mathematics was the only method of casting a horoscope which used to take minimum 2 hours and the possibility of making mistake was also there and in case one made mistake then he had to follow the whole process of casting it from scratch again.

However, in modern world the advent of astrology softwares has changed the entire scenario as anybody's horoscope is just a click away. Use best Janam Kundli software to cast horoscope of everyone in the family and throughout your life you won't need to visit any astrologer for casting a horoscope.

Dr. Arun Kumar Bansal who is known as the founder of Computer Astrology in India created astrology software Leostar after an extensive research of 40 years. In astrological software Leostar created by Dr. Arun Kumar Bansal you shall have to fill in your accurate time, date, month, year & place of birth and click on the OK button to get your horoscope instantly.

Astro Kundali software Leostar gives you various models of horoscope required by you as per your choice. These models contain comprehensive astrological calculations along with predictions.

If one has to make the largest model of horoscope from astrology best software Leostar manually then it shall take minimum one month, while casting which, the astrologer has to remain very cautious in the mathematics of astrology so that he doesn't make any mistake but contrary to it with the help of this software one can make the largest horoscope instantly by selecting the required model.

This is the magic and advantage of this software as now it equips you with the ability of casting of thousands of horoscopes in hours. Take the printout of these horoscopes and supply them to your customers.

Astrology best software Leostar is available not only for desktop but also for android. Desktop version is known as Desktop Astrology Software whereas the android version available for mobiles and tablets is known as LeoTouch Astrology Software for Android.

One can easily get the Panchang for next ten thousand years with accuracy of second from this astrological software. From this astrological software one can match several horoscopes together on one single screen therefore it is also termed as best Kundli Matching Software.

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The best astrology software Leostar comes in various versions and horoscope matching software also known as match making kundli software is popular amongst matrimonial portals also as it matches horoscopes instantly. The online kundli matching software is free and all people across the globe love to use it.

Best Vedic Astrology Software Leostar is used by all professional and amateur astrologers and the players of share market as it is user friendly and contains lot of features in it.

The extensive list of the various features along with it accuracy of this best Janam Kundli software has made it a top ranking software in the market of astrology software.

In astrology software free download option Leostar's app "Leostar Free Kundli" can be downloaded within seconds from Google play store.

If you are running an astrological website then you can use Leo Touch horoscope software online for making all models of horoscope by using API service of Future Point.

Astrology software free download option is available for both i phone as well as android. Android Kundli Software Leostar has made astrology reach everyone and gone are those days when a professional astrologer used to carry an astrology kit containing Panchang for doing astrology related activities and it used to take lot of time for him to help people in giving Muhurat, prediction and horoscope etc to people as with the creation of this software astrology is there in the pocket of every professional and amateur astrologer.

Astrology software also gives various types of predictions like birth reading, Nakashatraphal, Lalkitab predictions, Varshaphal, Mahadasha analysis, transit predictions and yoga predictions etc. therefore, it is correctly termed as astrology prediction software.

Best astrology sotware in India Leostar comes in various versions. All versions are incorporated in Leostar Expert. These versions are Teva, Tables, Matching, Astrology, Varshphal, Krishnamoorthy Paddhati (KP), Ratna Vichar, Pitri Dosh, Rudraksha recommendation, Horary, Lalkitab, Numerology, Mundane Astrology, Panchang, Mantras, Leo Query etc.

The Leo Money of Leo Expert is the only software in India which also gives predictions about weather, share market and commodity trends. In nutshell the Vedic Astrology Software Leostar supports all systems of Vedic, Lalkitab, Tajik, Parashari & Numerology.

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