Astrological Influence and Significance of Venus in all houses of Horoscope

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 16-Feb-2018
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Astrological Influence and Significance of Venus in all houses of Horoscope

In Vedic Astrology, Venus planet holds a significant and important role and is considered as a benefic planet. It is said to be governing important aspects of life such as love, beauty, sex, marriage, happiness and creative expression in an individual. Venus as a planet signifies love, affection, attraction, and happiness, attachment to the worldly realms, wealth, luxury, prosperity and knowledge.

Let’s have a look on how Venus can affect and influence with its placement in different houses of the horoscope:

Venus in the 1st House:

The positive effect of Venus’s placement in the 1st house would be that the native will get support and benefit from the govt. Any pending court case, property issue, the native can win easily. But, the negative effect of this placement would be that the native can be involved in too many relationships. There is also a chance to get into extramarital affair of such natives.

Venus in the 2nd House:

When Venus is placed in the 2nd house of the horoscope; this placement is generally considered to be auspicious. It will have the positive effects on the native; it will bestow the native with all the worldly luxurious and materialistic comforts and facilities. But the person will also have an inclination towards the spiritual world. However, this placement can lead to the delay in child birth or it may happen that the native will have to remain childless.

Venus in the 3rd house:

The placement of Venus in the 3rd house is not considered to be auspicious and beneficial for the native. Such a person may get involved in extra marital affairs. This placement is also bad for finance and money related matters. The person may have to bear some unnecessary losses and bad luck in business and finance.

Venus in the 4th house:

A person with Venus placed in his 4th house in the horoscope shall enjoy all the worldly comforts and luxuries in life. However, the person may face difficulty in the child birth or bearing the child and there is also a chance of second marriage. Second marriage can be avoided by marrying the first spouse for the second time.

Venus in the 5th House:

Such a person with Venus placed in the 5th house of the chart would always be a scholar, patriot and rich. He/she may also live a happy and prosperous married life. But, love marriage is not advised to such natives. There may also be a rift in the relationship with the mother of the native.

Venus in the 6th House:

A person with Venus placed in the 6th house of the chart can easily win over his enemies. Such a person always lead a healthy life and employment benefits from the employer can also be cherished. There is always a possibility that the native belongs to an affluent and rich family. But, there are chances of unlawful relationship with the opposite sex.

Venus in the 7th House:

Such persons are always good at making public relations, partnership and long term friendships. They usually attain success after getting married. Placement of Venus in the 7th house indicates wealthy, loving and fortunate partner.

Venus in the 8th House:

Such persons should avoid investing money in speculation, share market and any other form of insecure investment. Financial gain is indicated after marriage or partnership in terms of business. But the ill effects of this placement are; disappointment in love, death of spouse, afflicted health, money deterioration, difficulty in legacy, occultism and a disturbed domestic life.

Venus in the 9th House:

When Venus is placed in the 9th house of the horoscope; it makes the native sympathetic, generous, kind, helpful, service oriented, spiritual and religious. This placement also indicates favourable abroad journeys, honours, success, good fortune and happy & prosperous married life.

Venus in the 10th House:

Such natives will be social, popular, famous, respected and popular with women. They will enjoy all the luxuries of life. This placement will cause the native to become practical, analytical and intelligent and will take the toughest decisions in life very easily.

Venus in the 11th House:

When Venus is placed in the 11th house of the horoscope, it makes the person to enjoy universal brotherhood, peace, wealth, financial gains with an imposing personality. But an afflicted Venus in this placement can indicate obstructions, delays, hurdles, quarrels, partiality and jealousy in the relationships.

Venus in the 12th House:

Such natives are often seen to be inclined towards love, romance and adventure. They could easily get involved in many relationships, can have an extramarital affair also. They can also be at times liars, selfish, unhelpful, mean, cruel, wicked and seeks for their own mental, physical and emotional pleasures.

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