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What is a gemstone and How to Buy an Effective Gemstone on a Budget?

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 16-Feb-2018
Views : 3544What is a gemstone and How to Buy an Effective Gemstone on a Budget?

Agemstone a mineral in the shape of a crystal or is given a shape to make it wearable. When shaped or given a decorative form its looks beautiful and then is used to make jewelry, decorative pieces or rings for both ornamental reason and astrological reason.

Gemstones have a particular color or distinctive shine that reflects back the light and energy that it receives from above or sun. It collects light and reflects it back combined with the qualities of the color it is of. It amplifies good qualities corresponding to the planet it is associated with.

A gemstone should be only worn once it has been prescribed by a well-read astrologer and once it has been shown the green flag. It's only when the person should start searching for a worthy piece. If a person wears right gemstone it works in harmony with the body and its rhythm and brings happiness, wealth, success, fame, name, luck in general. On the contrary, a wrong gemstone can be fatal for the wearer. Can cause accidents, divorce, bad health and in some cases even death.

Some stones like Neelam are so powerful and potential that they are checked after wearing those in a light cloth on arm. If within 24 hours no mishap happens then it can be safely worn. If he feels a glow on his or her face its lucky for him.

If within 24 hours the wearer feels some discomfort, see some scary dreams or meet an accident then he should remove it immediately. Most of the other stones like coral also are tested before being worn.

It’s believed that not every gemstone is supposed to suit everyone so if one wants to wear these in terms of ornamental purpose then one should make sure the stones not touching the skin at the moment it comes in contact with the skin it starts releasing chemicals in skin which goes and mixes with bloodstream and affects a person.


If a person wants to derive benefits of the gemstone that he must make sure that the stone is in contact with his or her skin.

Care should also be taken to wear a gemstone as per one's body weight. If less carat gemstone is worn it does not give its full result and if more carat or Ratti is worn it can harm the wearer. Also, a gemstone should be studded in the metal that is compatible with it. Example diamond is believed to be only set in gold. An educated and experienced astrologer can be a gem himself when one is searching for the right gemstone. He can offer true and right guidance.

Many astrologers believe that a gemstone only works for some fixed time on a person then it should be given to another person for use and the person who was wearing it should buy another one or borrow from another person who was wearing it. Two people who are wearing same gemstone example two people are wearing zircon or diamond can exchange their stones after seven years as zircon only works on a person for 7 years then it becomes ineffective. After seven years they can again exchange the stones.

How to buy the correct gemstone.

While buying a gemstone certain points should be kept clear in mind. Though each gemstone differs and there are different ways of analyzing different gemstones based on their mineral and chemical composition but still, there are some crucial points that apply to all.

1. Gemstones should be ideally bought from a recognized and trustworthy dealer.

2. A gemstone should be beautiful and pleasant to look at. If it looks muddy, untidy or just sheen less it will not be able to give complete and auspicious results. First thing is to look, if it looks dead then it won't work. It should believe in terms of when you look at it, you should feel attracted.

3. Observe the first feeling you get when you look at the stone. How do you feel? You feel attracted? Repelled? Happy? Because we all have intuition in us. Our intuition can be a very critical aid in helping us decide whether we should buy a gemstone or not.

4. A gemstone should not be broken or should not have cuts or marks or crack in it. Such a gemstone having cracks or cuts is not considered lucky or helpful. In fact, it’s considered to bring bad luck, ill health.

5. A gemstone should be free of blemishes or spots also.

Also, a gemstone should be cleansed after buying. It should be ideally immersed in Gaumutra or Gangajal for purification overnight. Next day it should be taken out and on a corresponding day, it should be filled with energy and worn.

Example Pearl is ruled by the moon, its corresponding day is Monday. It should be worn on Monday at the time of dawn after chanting the moon mantra for at least 108 times. The purpose is to do Pran Partishta means giving it life so that it works for the wearer.

A Nirdosh or Dosh Rahit means one without any fault will bring luck, wealth, health success to the wearer.

Wear right gemstone and reap amazing benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question- I doN'T know my date of birth so which gemstone I can wear

Answer- Contact Future Point to get your Prashna Kundli formed which is basically a horoscope formed by applying the principles of ‘Prashna Jyotish’ in cases where the date of birth of an individual is not known.

Once your Prashan Kundli is formed, one of our highly experienced astrologers would perform a thorough analysis of it and find out which gemstone is suitable for you!

Question- How's the combination of aquamarine and sphatik gemstone?

Answer- Any gemstone combination should be recommended only after performing a comprehensive analysis of the horoscope of an individual. By analyzing the personal horoscope of an individual, an astrologer decodes the effects that various planets are signifying for multiple aspects of that individual’s life and subsequently gemstones of only those planets that are favourable for that individual are recommended.

This is because gemstones amplify the effects of the planets that they are associated with. If you wear the gemstones of planets that are ill placed in your horoscope and signifying negative results for you, then you could get into serious troubles.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to wear a gemstone or a combination of gemstones only after getting the recommendation of a professional & experienced astrologer.