Planning your future with Indian Astrology

By: Future Point | 21-Aug-2018
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Planning your future with Indian Astrology

The Indian astrology is an ancient science. It is a science which is based on calculations and mathematics. A calculation which was for the purpose to find the planetary positions, date and time.

Gradually it got evolved to understand the fortune and future of an individual. Hence, the Hindu script of Vedas consider astrology as the eye of Vedas.

In fact, Vedas considered the following six-auxiliary discipline of studies and called them as Vedangas they are: Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha. It is thus in the Vedangas of the Vedas that considers Jyotisha as the eye of Veda.

Thus, a horoscope or a Kundali of a native becomes important document to assess the future of the native. As one would know, horoscope is a document that captures the screen shots of the nine planets in the Zodiac and the bhavas (12 houses in the horoscope) along with their longitude.

In fact, these nine planets and the bhavas will form the basis for the future analysis of a native through their horoscope.

How is this possible?

In Hindu religion, the purpose of a native’s life has been enshrined in four pillars. These four pillars are Dharma, which means Duty, Artha which means Career, money and wealth, Kaama which is fulfilment of Desire, and Moksha which means liberation.

Therefore, the path to the fourth pillar of one’s life cycle which is liberation, is to endure the first three pillars. Since, the world is uncertain, one would have to seek a torch which can emanate light and enlighten the path of a native seeking liberation. Hence, astrology as an ancient science has always helped a native.

To reach the final pillar, of Moksha, one must evolve from the first three phases which will include planning since child hood. This planning for their future will include right from the phase of choosing the right education, upon completion, selecting the right career choice and then evolving through each phase in a native’s life.

Therefore, prediction through the help of astrology bring much help and solution to the problems faced by a native.

Since, astrology is a compete 360 degrees analysis, this will help the native to come out with exact analysis and in case of any shortcomings in a native’s life then remedies are recommended accordingly.

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Imagine a scenario, where there is no scientific method which can tell a native the problems they are facing. Also, the strengths that they enjoy in their present life. These strengths can be in the form of good Raj-Yog (auspicious placement of planets in the horoscope of a native to choose their future course of actions according to the strength of their horoscope.

Though in the present age, there are several methods which provide alternative methods which can give indications to the native about future. However, none of the alternative method assures a scientific approach to give crisp answers such as astrology.

Thus, astrology has been a time-tested science which has always helped the native in getting clear answers of their existence. Many secrets are revealed through the horoscope of a native.

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