Nadi Astrology and secrets of past life

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 15-Feb-2018
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Nadi Astrology and secrets of past life

Our India has been blessed with spiritual practices, books, seers, mahatamas and much wisdom. India has always been called land of adhyatma or spirituality. When India word comes astrology cannot be left behind. India taught astrology to the whole world. but not many are aware that there are many types of astrology. There are many branches in it. And one of those branches is Nadi Astrology.


So what is Nadi astrology ?

Nadi Astrology is an ancient astrology or Jyotish system that hails from the Southern parts of India mainly Tamil Nadu. It has been very much in practice and common since many centuries. Its believed that it originated from a conversation that happened between Maa Parvathi and Pita Shiva and hence also called 'Shiva Nadi Jyotsium'.

The information about a person's life was earlier written on palm leaves that was derived from the thumb impressions. It was believed that left thumb of women contained their blue prints and in men their right thumb's impression was taken into consideration. Times changed and during British times these were taken more interest into as Britishers then were doing research on Harappan culture, Indian scriptures and were translating them and due to many reasons the leaves were divided and they reached different parts of India. Today there are many different centers in India that contains different sets of palm tree.


What is nadi astrology


Team of well read Astrologers after doing very accurate and intricate calculations reach upon the right information regarding an individual. This information is shared with the concerned person only. The knowledge to calculate and to be able to extract the information solely remains with the Seers of South.

It is believed that these are the Akashic records or the blue prints of one's soul. Each soul is different in nature, behaviour,essence and has a unique soul mission. These nadi leaves or Nadi Astrology helps a person in connecting with his or her reason of birth. A person starts understanding things that were unclear earlier in a clear manner. Patterns that were getting repeated everyday and every year get broken as one realise what were the lessons that were to be learnt and what were the actions that were to be taken and then the person starts making spiritual process and goes through celestial speed up where he works out his karmas quickly and grows in terms of spirituality. The person once on becoming evolved never looks back. He has the power to avert evil and even change his destiny and to a greater extent also predictions as per kundali as Kundali tells about the stored karma and once person breaks the previous chain of events and creates new positive karma,he become consciously aware.

Nadi Astrology tells about a person's family, his relations with others, his likes dislikes, actions performed in past and that are being performed at the moment. Every person this planet whether Indian, American irrespective of race, religion, cast, creed can find his information from Nadi Astrology. As Nadi astrology is based one the soul's past performed action.Actions create Karma.Karma can be generated through thoughts, words, actions. So a soul collects Karma as per the kinds of karma it creates, the karma gets collected in cosmic blueprints and in thin layers of akasha and some believe these are already stored much before the advent of the soul on earth. Also the karma gets accumulated in one aura. Nadi Shastra mainly deals with info coming from thumb print or soul's blue print.

So as per the karmas accumulated earlier in past lives the Nadi Astrology tells about the diseases one will suffer due to certain karmas performed in past. Nadi Astrology can give accurate information about one's to be spouse,children and in general future related to them. Also one can learn from Nadi Astrology that what kind of financial life one can expect to have. Nadi shastra can foretell some misfortune that are destines to occur in future but its believed that if you are able to access your records then you are destines and blessed to alter them.


Secrets of past life


Its believed that not every person is supposed to get information and guidance fron Nadi Astrology as its not written in everyone's fate to transform their karma. Only blessed and lucky souls reach Nadi Astrology or get information regarding it. Once a person is lucky enough to get to know about it and luckier enough to be able to get guidance through this Shastra, one can get guidance and remedies to make one's life and soul journey smoother and meaningful. You should consult Nadi Astrology if you are suffering from some disease and are clueless why you are made to endure it.

  • If you have marital problems and feel suffocated and misunderstood and feel helpless.
  • If you are stuck in a dead end job, low paying job and see now alternative.
  • If you feel you were born to do something than just living a common mundace life full of meaningless chores.
  • If you feel as if you are just going through life but need a reason to live.
  • If you feel awakened and want to know more about the true purpose of you or want to grow spiritually.

So today only get your Nadi Reading done to learn more about your soul's essence and mission on earth.

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