Mysterious Rahu – The planet of extreme riches

By: Future Point | 30-Sep-2021
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Mysterious Rahu – The planet of extreme riches

Rahu is the only planet in Vedic astrology that can turn a bankrupt guy into a millionaire within few seconds. Rahu is a planet of mysteries and suddenness as accepted in Astrology. None of the planets except Rahu is capable of producing unexpected sudden transformations in your life. 

Rahu is a shadow planet that doesn't have any physical existence. Astro enthusiasts know it very well that it is the north node of the moon and is responsible for causing eclipses. 

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are such planets in the horoscope of any person which definitely give negative results, but the only shadow planet Rahu has the ability to make the person world famous during his Mahadasha. 

Only the best astrologer may indicate the period and Dasha in which Rahu will give its best results.

Rahu is the head of demon Swarbhanu. Just imagine the extent of intelligence and boldness in Swarbhanu that he dared to stand in front of devtas and he was enough intelligent that none of the gods was able to find his reality until he drinks Amrit

So, Rahu is considered as one of the most intelligent and daring planets in Vedic astrology. He is a planet of disguise, falsehood and mysteries.

Rahu is the karaka of sudden events and that event may be positive or negative depending on the placement of Rahu in your horoscope. 

Consult the best astrologer in Delhi to know the results of your natal Rahu. Unlike other astrological planets, that initially gives you skills or capability for specialization in any particular field, then it starts giving success gradually. But Rahu acts completely in reverse manner. It doesn’t have patience and want immediate results. 

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Characteristics of Rahu in astrology

  • Rahu is known to increase the influence of the planet it is sitting with and also the lord of the house it has occupied in the kundli. For example, if it is sitting with Mars then the native will be overloaded with aggression and energy. Similarly in Aquarius, the feeling of equity will be improved to manifolds as it is residing in the house of Saturn, the God of deeds and equity.
  • Rahu is a rule breaker. It is not stereotyped and loves to do things in mysterious and innovative ways.
  • Rahu signifies the lowermost networks, poor and needy people, dishonorable, untouchables, foreigners and the distressed masses.
  • Rahu is mysteriously bigger in size than the Sun, it is frequently accepted. This is the reason it swallows sun if placed with it. 
  • On the brighter side, Rahu is a planet of innovation, motivation, data information, internet and the web.
  • When your natal chart is not giving any indication of marriage, then in that case a positive transit of powerful Rahu can give you marriage during its period. Rahu always does unexpected tasks.
  • Rahu is the biggest planet of Fame and popularity. 90% of the actors had got their first break in the movies during the period of Rahu or during the period of any other planet associated with Rahu.
  • Rahu is karaka of whatever the majority of people desire in Kalyuga such as fame, party, alcohol etc. Rahu is also karaka of all kind of addictions and gambling.
  • Rahu also significates foreign travel. If placed in 4th, 9th or 12th house, then the chances of foreign travel increases exponentially.
  • It is often said that whatever Rahu gives it takes that back. This is not true as it's not Rahu who takes away the things but it's the pride of the natives that bring them fall.

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In this sequence, we see that movies, television, shows broadcast on the internet, mimicry on radio etc. also come under the authority of Rahu. 

The people who have strong Rahu in their horoscope, they are successful in creating their fake image. Even though Rahu gives efficiency in these tasks, But to be successful in the horoscope of a person, the help of his tenth, fourth and eleventh house will also be needed. 

For example, if the fourth, tenth and eleventh house is strong in the horoscope of a person and the native is getting the support of Mercury, then the person with strong Rahu progresses very fast in theatrical, film or performing arts.

It is not that the negative effects of Rahu will be eliminated due to the strength of Rahu, but despite those negative effects, the person will continue to get success and fame. 

Major actors in Indian film industry are said to have lived up to their stardom during the Mahadasha of Rahu.

Rahu makes a native to shine in politics. We will see the possibilities of success or failure from the sixth and eleventh house, but Rahu will decide his social image.

Rahu in different houses

  • Rahu in the Ascendant (first house) makes the native free-spirited. This fact is not always true, but mostly the behavior of the person is more attracted towards freebees. 
  • Rahu in the second house gives mysterious speech to the native. The person does not lie or tell the truth, mostly you will find such a person speaking varied version of truth. 
  • Rahu in the third house makes the person fearless.
  •  Rahu in the fourth house takes him away from the mother and ancestral place.
  • Rahu in the fifth house gives deceit in love.
  •  Rahu in the sixth house gives such diseases, which even the doctor is unable to diagnose.
  • Rahu in the seventh house give difficulties in married life. Rahu in the eighth makes the death complicated.
  • Rahu in the ninth house causes sharp ups and downs in the fate of the native, whether he is suffering or successful, but luck is never the same. 
  • Rahu in the tenth house gives the native an understanding of politics and conspiracies. 
  • Rahu in the eleventh house gives the native immense monetary benefits. 
  • Rahu in the twelfth house makes the native extravagant.

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The lord of the house in which Rahu is placed should be well placed. Let’s see in which fields, native can do best if the lords are strongly placed and Rahu is not affected by malefic planets.

  • Sun - related with Govt. / Semi Govt. higher positions and politics.
  • Moon - related with management, medicines and nurturing.
  • Mercury -It may give fame related with IT industry, finance and theories.
  • Mars - It may give fame related with War, Bravery or sports and surgery.
  • Jupiter - It may give fame related with guidance, teaching and religious/spiritual activities. It is also linked with research.
  • Venus - Connected with glamour, artistic representations, poetry and music. Related with herbal medicines as well.
  • Saturn - It may lead native to rules, compliance and hard work. Native may get fame for his dedication and determination.

If your Rahu is strong then remedies should be done to strengthen Mercury and please Rahu to get favorable results and if your Rahu is weak and unfavourable, then treatment should be started immediately to pacify it, else it will hurt to a great extent. 

Talk to astrologer to get effective solutions and remedies based on the analysis of your birth chart for problems related to job, employment, business, family, relationship, love affair, children, money, foreign travel, legal troubles, enemies, conspiracy etc. in the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu.  

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