Family consultation- A way to all round happiness

By: Future Point | 29-Sep-2021
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Family consultation- A way to all round happiness

Family is the foundation of a happy and contended life for any individual. Family members are the ones whom we always look upon in the time of despair. 

After a daylong of work and stress, a family feels like a heaven where an individual re-energizes at once. It is with the support of the family that an individual reaches heights in his endeavors. 

A peaceful and supporting family is the biggest asset in one’s life which he cherishes throughout his life. 

But what if there is a complete absence of peace amongst the family members who fight every now and then for petty reasons? 

What if even the thought of coming back to home gives you stress?  

What if getting a mutual consent of the family even for the tiniest things is unimaginable?  

If one gets such family then the life becomes troublesome with no happiness left in the family. 

Each member of the family has specific responsibilities towards other members of the family. 

And when they seem to step back from their responsibilities, it is then the difficulties arise. 

In such a situation consulting each and every member and understanding about their respective characteristics and psychological needs can do wonders!

Here we are not talking about any psychologist but consulting the best astrologers of India is what will do the desired trick. 

Vedic astrology studies the correlation between the placements of the planets in one’s natal chart and his personal characteristics. 

When we understand the type of personality of an individual it becomes easier to talk and understand him. Dr. Arun Bansal, the top astrologer in Delhi and NCR helps you through his best family consultation services

He is a known figure in the field of astrology who is widely acclaimed for his astrological services and achievements.

Free astrology online consultation for compatibility in family:

A strong family relationship is dependent on mutual understanding and support in the family. This can only happen if we are aware of the shortcomings of each other in the family. 

For understanding the life in a better way, an online astrology consultation is the best available option. Astrology seeks to find solutions to every problem in life and solving family problems is no exception. 

Dr. Arun Bansal after analyzing the respective natal charts of family members provides remedial measures to overcome disharmony in the family. 

Possible reasons behind family problems:

A family serves as super power which one uses to maximum of his benefits and comforts. If the members have unity then no stranger can harm or take advantage of them. But different members living under the same roof may have misunderstandings in their minds regarding each other. 

There are several reasons responsible for family problems and some are enumerated below:

  • Comparisons among the family members lead to jealousy and fights.
  • Financial or property issues among siblings.
  • Members living in a joint family whereby they neglect their respective duties.
  • Privacy reasons of the members as they wish for their personal space and peace of mind. 
  • Legal disputes
  • Weak or afflicted planets may be the possible cause for eg.- Venus. Venus is the planet of love. If it is weak or afflicted then couples have to deal with many complications to further a healthy relation.
  • Ego issues among the family members.

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How astrology is helpful in dealing with family problems?

  • Family Problem Solution is the domain of Vedic astrology. All of us have heard about the usefulness of the subject at some point in our life. The problem in the family can be successfully eliminated after understanding the problems occurring in the family. 
  • The auspiciousness of the placement of planets is checked in the charts of both parents, as well as their children to predict how the parent-child relationship will work.
  • An in depth study of the planets and stars in the astrological charts of different members in the family are done with great precision. 
  • Not just the birth chart but other important divisional charts are also studied with due care. 
  • Different astrological doshas responsible for fights in the family are diagnosed. 
  • Pitr dosha, kal sarp dosha, shani and mangal dosha, rajya bhang dosha are some of the negative doshas putting negative implications on the relation of a family.
  • A family consultancy describes how the relations between the family members will be in future along with possible reasons and what measures should be taken to make it cordial.
  • Apart from decades of experience and wide knowledge base, great intuitive powers that are natural gift also come a long way in decoding the problems in the family. 
  • Remedies for each member of the family are given individually.

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How online astrology consultation at Future point is different?

  • Future Point is a pioneer in the field of astrology and vastu with remarkable presence of more than 40 years.
  • Mr. Arun Bansal is not just the top astrologer in India but is also the creative mind behind the leading software LeoStar-I.
  • We can imagine his grasp in astrology through the fact that he invented the no. 1 astrology software in India.
  • Arun ji has a complete command over precise predictions because he possesses excellent knowledge not just in astrology but in other fields of occult science as well. 
  • Astrologers here have experience more than 30-35 years that speaks excellence in itself.
  • They have thousands of satisfied clients all over India and across the world and the number is still counting.
  • They also provide different kind of reports like education report, family report, career report, finance report and marriage report which one can use at their convenience. 
  • They provide consultancy reports in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil amongst many other.
  • The remedies offered for problems in the family are truly time-tested and trusted. 
  • Remedies include both vedic and Lal kitab specifications depending upon the suitability to the person. They may range from donations to charity, various mantras, wearing gemstones, and keeping yantras among others.
  • One can buy certified and lab tested precious gemstones or rudraaksh in their store only.
  • The horoscope reports will help in strengthening the family bond and prevent it from tearing apart.
  • They not just consult but also teach astrology, Vastu, tarot, crystal healing etc. through their well crafted courses. 

One should not think anymore and head straight to Future Point in case he is facing any trouble in personal or family life. The best astrologer here will resolve their issues with great expertise while confirming smile at the face of every member of the family!

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