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Your Palm speaks of Your Destiny

By: Future Point | 01-Oct-2021
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Your Palm speaks of Your Destiny

Have you ever thought that the shape, formation and the lines present on your palm indicates almost every event about to happen in your life? Palmistry reading is an ancient science and the best astrologer tends to predict your future by reading the indicati ons given by your palm. Let’s know more about it.

Mounts of Palm

Look at your palm carefully. You will notice some bumps of flesh just below your fingers. These are called Mounts in palmistry and play a major role in palm reading. 

As they resemble rolling mountains on your hands, so are called mounts. In palmistry, these mounts have been categorized under seven heads with each named after a planet and have different characteristics. 

A palmistry reader by analyzing the formation and level of development of each mount, predicts about a person’s personal traits, life style, romance, financial status, career, health and more.


Following are the locations for the seven mounts: 

  • The Mount of Jupiter: it is found at the base of the forefinger and is placed above the Mount of Inner Mars
  • The Mount of Saturn: it is placed at the base of the middle finger
  • The Mount of Sun: it is placed at the base of the ring finger
  • The Mount of Mercury: it is placed at the base of the little finger above the Mount of Outer Mars
  • The Mount of Moon: it is placed below the Mount of Outer Mars, on the base of the palm, little finger side
  • The Mount of Venus: it is placed at the base of the thumb, below the Mount of Inner Mars and surrounded by the life line
  • The Mount of Mars: →Mount of Inner Mars: Palm side, between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus  

→Mount of Outer Mars: Palm side, between the Mounts of Mercury and Moon

→Plain of Mars: Located in the center of the palm between the Mounts of Inner Mars and Outer Mars.

One may learn palmistry to gain an in depth knowledge of different mounts of different planets. This will help in understanding life and related events in a better way.

Explanations of Mounts

The Mount of Jupiter:

The Mount of Jupiter symbolizes willpower, authority, ambition and self-respect.

If the mount of Jupiter is well developed and prominent, it shows that the native is ambitious, career-oriented, responsible, honest and reliable person. Besides, he wants good reputation in society and is passionate towards love and money. They generally succeed in their career with their great enthusiasm and determination towards work. Suitable jobs for you include army and civil services. 

Less prominent or under-developed mount indicates clumsiness, timid nature, dishonesty, and lack of moral values. If it’s too low, it gives lack of confidence in life with a laid back attitude.      

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The Mount of Saturn:

The Mount of Saturn is related to intelligence and hardwork.

If you have a prominent and well developed mount of Saturn, then you usually possess sharp intellect, sincere behavior, patience and love for independence. Besides, you love to study and have excellent organization and mathematical skills.  

If it’s low, you tend to get depressive and sad. Besides, you are religious but at the same time believe in superstitions. In addition, you can keep the secret for others.   

If it’s too high, it indicates your showy nature. You remain too cautious while dealing with day to day affairs. If it’s too large, you are super emotional and a pessimist. 

The Mount of Sun

The Mount of Sun is mainly concerned with sentiments, personal interests, wealth and outlook on beauty. 

If it’s well developed, the native is usually clever, mild and has an instinct for art and literature. You may not be in the profession of an artist or dramatist but you have good aesthetics sense. Besides, you are generous at heart. At the same time, you don’t appreciate undue favors of others. You are perfectionist by nature. In terms of wealth, the male are likely to make easy money in business and the female usually have a high chance of marrying a rich man. 

If this mount is flat or low, it indicates you don’t love artistic flair. You wish to live a luxurious life but your fortune in wealth is usually not so supportive.  

The Mount of Mercury

The Mount of Mercury represents wisdom and analytical capabilities. 

With a developed mount of Mercury, you usually have witty nature and have excellent communication skills. You don’t lack resources in life. Besides, you are good in studies with good management tendencies.

If the mount is too high, then you just talk mindlessly with no intentions to work hard. Also, your speech may hurt others.

If this mount is too low, it indicates you are a negative person without will. You usually are not willing to put in any efforts to accomplish the given task.

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The Mount of Moon

The Mount of Luna also called the Mount of Moon is related to imagination, intuition and mystery.

If the mount is developed and prominent, it represents you are very creative, loving, intuitive and pretty imaginative. As an individual, you have mild nature with love for freedom. 

You are flexible or changeable and easy to get emotional or depressed if your mount appears highly developed.

If the mount is low, it indicates your conservative apvroach towards life. You may lack in new ideas and innovation.

The Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus is mainly concerned with love, romance, health and affection. 

A developed and prominent mount of Venus indicates that the native is sympathetic, gentle, and rich in sentiments. Most of them have attraction for the opposite gender and could enjoy a good fortune in love relationship.

An overly developed mount of Venus indicates excessive sexual tendencies which is not good and may easily make you stranded at times. 

If this mount is flat or low, at the same time the life line sticking closely to the thumb that makes the mount too narrow indicates lack of energy. 

If the mount is too low, you lack warmth and are cold-hearted in nature. In addition, you don’t have romantic or loving tendencies.  


Mount of Inner Mars (Mount of Lower Mars/Mars Positive)

The Mount of Inner Mars is related to courage and adventure. 

A well developed and prominent mount indicates courage, health and adventures. Army generals and brave soldiers usually have this type of mount. 

An overdeveloped mount suggests lot of aggression. While a low mount indicates timid and indecisive nature. You usually hesitate to do things and have no heart to deal with anything.

Mount of Outer Mars (Mount of Upper Mars/Mars Negative)

The Mount of Outer Mars also called the Upper Mars or the Mars Negative mainly represents self-control and endurance.

If you have a strong Outer Mars on your palm, then you are steady, persevering and fearless. Also, you could stand any humiliation in life. The wealth fortune for you is usually stable without fluctuations. 

An overdeveloped Outer Mars depicts lack courage. 

A flat or too low mount indicates that you can’t remain calm and also can’t handle any difficult situation tactfully.

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