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How does Kundli Milan in Astrology help in having a blissful marriage?

By: Future Point | 06-Oct-2023
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How does Kundli Milan in Astrology help in having a blissful marriage?

There are many key events that occur in a person’s life but, Marriage always takes the center stage. Marriage is a sacred union in which a boy & girl vow to spend their lives together and stand by each other's side at all times. Marriage teaches a whole new meaning of responsibility when the couple extends their family and becomes a medium of bringing a fresh form of life in the form of their child into this world.    Making the right choice of life partner can lead to a happy, fulfilling relationship, while a wrong match can cause problems and discord. This is where Vedic Astrology specifically, Kundli Milan, can provide profound guidance that could play a significant role in ensuring marital bliss & harmony.

Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching is an incredibly beneficial process that makes it possible to determine the compatibility between the prospective groom & bride. It involves matching the kundlis or horoscopes of the boy & girl on the basis of a lot of complex astrological parameters to ascertain whether the boy & girl have the celestial support to lead a blissful married life or not. The main purpose is to analyze the combined influence of planets, houses, and zodiac signs on the couple. If the match indicates a high level of compatibility, it is believed to ensure marital bliss. On the other hand, major discrepancies in the Kundli can forewarn about challenges in the relationship.

Here are some ways in which Kundli Milan helps find an ideal life partner and have a blissful marriage:

Assesses Temperament and Personality

The position of planets and houses in the birth chart (horoscope) provides deep insight into a person's innate nature, likes-dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Analyzing the Kundlis together reveals if the temperaments and personalities of the prospective bride and groom are in harmony. This is critical as personality mismatches are a common cause of friction in marriages. Compatible temperaments indicated in the process of Kundli Milan make it easier for partners to understand and adjust with each other.

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Analyzes Emotional and Physical Compatibility 

The Moon sign indicates a person's emotional needs while the Venus sign throws light on physical and sensual compatibility. If Kundli Milan shows that the Moon and Venus signs of the prospective partners are in harmony, it suggests an emotional and physical connection between them. This greatly enhances the quality of marriage. On the other hand, incompatible Moon and Venus signs may cause problems like communication gaps, arguments, dissatisfaction, etc.

Studies Fertility and Progeny

For a couple, having children is often an important goal. Kundli Milan analyzes the prospects of childbirth by studying the second, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses. Any afflictions to these houses in the combined chart may cause delays or problems in childbirth. However, if these houses are positively influenced, it indicates fertility and progeny. This allows the couple to be mentally prepared.

Examines Longevity of Partners

The longevity of self and spouse are studied from the first, seventh, and eighth houses. If a person's longevity is less than the spouse's as revealed in the Kundli Milan process, it may lead to early widowhood. However, if the lifespans are similar, it suggests that the couple will enjoy a long married life together. This is an important factor for ensuring marital stability.

Analyzes Manglik Dosha

The Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosh is perhaps the most dreaded dosha (planetary flaw) generated in a kundli or horoscope with an ill-placed Mars. It is formed when planet Mars is positioned in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the kundli of a native. This planetary position is believed to cause tensions in married life unless the dosha is mutually canceled out in the combined chart. Kundli Milan carefully analyzes this dosha. Manglik natives are matched with fellow Mangliks to cancel out the negative effects and ensure marital bliss.

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Studies Financial Prospects and Directions

Finances play an integral role in married life. Kundli Milan studies the second, sixth, eighth, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth houses to analyze the financial prospects of the couple after marriage. Compatibility in these houses ensures financial security and stability in the relationship. The directions of growth are also determined through the process of Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching.

Analyzes Family Life

The fourth house in the Kundli signifies domestic peace and happiness. The combined influence of planets on this house is studied to check compatibility in family life. If afflicted, it may cause problems with the partner's family. However, harmony here indicates joy and satisfaction in the home environment.

Considers Previous Birth Karma

Karmic connections and past life bonds between two people are also reflected in their astrological charts. Kundli Milan can reveal if there are karmic lessons to be learned through the alliance. It provides clarity on whether new karma is to be created or if past karma is to be resolved. This helps people understand relationships at a soul level.

Assesses Gun Milan for 36 Points 

The Gun Milan system analyzes different factors between the couple's charts. Each factor carries a certain point weightage with the highest possible point score being 36. Compatibility of a minimum of 18 points out of 36 is considered favorable for marriage. The more points, the better the match. The 36 Gun points provide a detailed and nuanced perspective on compatibility.

Recommendations from Experienced Astrologers

Kundli Milan provides immensely helpful astrological guidance that helps in making an informed decision to ensure long term marital bliss. It is prudent to consult with the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point to decipher the nuances present in the kundlis of the prospective couple. With their expertise, they can advise remedies if minor doshas are present and recommend the best time to solemnize the marriage.

In essence, Kundli Milan analyzes the synastry between two horoscopes. It provides vital insights into the compatibility between the couple on multiple fronts - temperament, finances, fertility, families, past karma, and so on. However, while Kundli Milan indicates probable challenges and auspiciousness, the bride and groom must put in sincere efforts toward building a strong relationship. Their willingness to understand and adjust with each other despite differences is equally important.

When carried out correctly by learned astrologers, Kundli Milan serves as a reliable guide to finding the right life partner. It can help minimize marital discord and foster understanding between the couple. This leads to a long, loving, and fulfilling marriage that provides a lifetime of happiness and harmony. The saying “Marriages are made in heaven” holds special meaning in the context of Kundli Milan. So for those seeking their soulmate, refer to this ancient Vedic science for divine guidance.

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Kundli Milan is an invaluable tool for ensuring a compatible, loving, and lasting marriage bond. It provides deep astrological insights that cannot be discerned superficially. The horoscopes indicate possibilities based on what the planetary bodies are signifying and  the bride and groom must give their 100% to ensure a successful & joyful marriage. With open communication, respect, and willingness to adapt along with incorporating powerful astrological remedies, even challenging horoscope matches can result in beautiful relationships.


What is the process of Horoscope Matching or Kundli Milan?

The process of Horoscope Matching also known as Kundli Milan form the core of Vedic Astrology when it comes to applying this sacred occult science for deciphering the marital domain of life. It helps in determining the compatibility between a prospective couple. It analyzes the combined influence of zodiac signs, planets, houses, and other astrological factors on the relationship. The aim is to check for auspiciousness and areas of discord to ensure a harmonious marriage.

What astrological factors are analyzed during Kundli Milan?

Some key astrological aspects analyzed during Kundli Milan include Rashi and Nakshatra Compatibility, Temperament, Lifespan, Manglik Dosha, Finances, Fertility, Gun Milan of 36 points, Malefic and Benefic Planet Influences, and Indications of Previous Birth Karma or Karmic Connections.

How many Gunas or points are ideal for Kundli Milan? 

A minimum of 18 points out of a total of 36 points is considered favorable in the traditional Gun Milan system of Kundli matching. The more points above 18, the better the match. 36 points is the best case with complete compatibility.

Can Kundli Milan predict divorce?

While Kundli Milan analyzes the probability of marital harmony, it certainly highlights the malefic planetary influences that are seen as creating troubles in the married life ahead. A high level of compatibility in Kundli Milan reduces the chances of divorce but it also depends on the couple's effort and willingness to make the marriage work. Major flaws discovered in Kundli Milan can indicate marital discord if not resolved in a timely manner.

Does Kundli Milan consider caste, religion, or family background?

Traditional Kundli Milan does not take into account factors like caste, religion, or family background as it is solely based on astrological principles. However, in India, these aspects may be considered through the prism of traditional beliefs (without any discrimination, of course) along with astrological guidance. Having said that, the ultimate decision to tie the knot is exercised by the boy & girl.

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