Top 3 Contenders as per Astrology to win the Cricket World Cup 2023

By: Future Point | 06-Oct-2023
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Top 3 Contenders as per Astrology to win the Cricket World Cup 2023

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has started in India and it will take place from 5th October to 19th November 2023 across various locations in the country. This is the 13th edition of the quadrennial sports tournament that is eagerly anticipated by cricket fans all over the world. The cricket world cup is an event that is watched by millions of cricket fans in India alone.

Teams participating in Cricket World Cup 2023

National teams from 10 countries are participating in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The list of the participating countries in alphabetical order is as follows:

  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • England
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka


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Who does the celestial bodies favour this time?

As per the occult science of Vedic Astrology, the celestial bodies in the form of planets are favouring 3 countries, very strongly. From an astrological point of view, teams from these 3 counties are seen in a position from where they have a highly promising chance of taking the 2023 ICC Mens’ Cricket World Cup trophy home.

We have arrived at these 3 names after a lot of research and a comprehensive study of the horoscopes of these nations. We have also conducted a thorough analysis of the transitory movements of key planets in the zodiac belt during the course of the tournament.

So without further ado, let us look at the 3 teams that are best positioned to win the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 and our astrology based rationale behind the prediction.


Yes, you read that right! India which is also the host of this tournament, without any doubt is in a very favourable position to win the men’s cricket world cup 2023. This prediction is purely based on the horoscope of India and the transits during the world cup that will be casting their effects on the country and its team in the current context.

If you look at the horoscope of India, Jupiter is placed in the 6th house of competition and enemies or opponents in this case in the sign of Venus which is also the Lord of Ascendant in India’s chart. Since the world cup is a sports competition involving opponents, a naturally benefic Jupiter placed in the 6th house of India’s horoscope the friendly sign of Venus which also happens to be the Lord of the Ascendant, clearly  points towards victory over opponents in competition.

Since India always carries this combination along as it is there in the natal horoscope, we cannot base our prediction solely on these factors.

However, when we look at the current transitory movements of planets in the zodiac belt and apply them on India’s horoscope, then we see Mars that signifies aggression, courage, strength & vitality etc. is transiting in the sign of Libra from 3rd October to 16th November 2023. Libra is in the 6th house of India’s horoscope and the transit of Mars will pretty much cover the entire world cup.

Therefore, a powerful Mars transiting in the 6th house of competition & opponents in India’s chart is one of the most powerful celestial assistance that the country and subsequently its team is getting in this world cup.

Another positive planetary influence that India will get is that from the otherwise malefic Rahu post its transit in the sign of Pisces on 30th October 2023. Pisces, which is a sign owned by Jupiter, is in the 11th house of Gains in India’s horoscope. Plus, Jupiter is anyway placed in the 6th house of India’s horoscope and a Rahu transiting in Pisces will further strengthen the natal Jupiter, thus, making India as a very strong contender for the world cup trophy.


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Australia is a country that holds the record of winning the men’s cricket world cup the most. The Australian cricket team is always high on confidence when it comes to eyeing for the champion’s title.

Let us start ascertaining Australia’s prospects of winning this mens’ cricket world cup 2023 by looking at the 6th house of competition & opponents in Australia’s horoscope. We can clearly see that malefic Rahu is positioned in the 6th house. But, we must not forget that the 6th house is one of the very few houses where Rahu actually gives highly positive results.

With Rahu positively affecting the 6th house in its horoscope, Australia stands out as another very strong contender for winning this tournament. Furthermore, Mars in the 3rd house of courage in its friendly & fiery sign of Leo ruled by Sun, enhances the courage & determination of the Australian cricket team to a significant extent.

As far as the current transits are concerned, Mars will be in the sign of Libra for almost the entire period of the world cup and Libra occupies the 5th house in Australia’s horoscope. Now, the 5th house which signifies Speculation among others, is receiving the positive influence of a strong Mars thus, increasing Australia's chances at winning this world cup to a large extent.


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Being the defending champions in the 2023 world cup, England stands a fairly strong chance at winning two consecutive world cups. Celestial bodies are casting very positive influences on England which makes it a country capable of winning the world cup this year.

The horoscope of U.K that we have in the picture above has Rahu positioned in the 8th house along with fiery Mars. This creates a troubling ‘Angarak Yoga’ which more often than not brings problems.

But, Mercury is the dispositor of the 8th house house in which this yoga is formed and is placed in the 5th house of speculation, giving England a fair chance to register a consecutive world cup win.

However, the Angarak Yoga is still a malefic planetary union. Therefore, England has fair but not strong chances of winning the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

Nevertheless, let us enjoy the tournament and wish India (our motherland), the very best!  


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