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8th House of the Horoscope: The House that Denotes In-Laws

By: Future Point | 13-Oct-2023
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8th House of the Horoscope: The House that Denotes In-Laws

Vedic Astrology helps in deciphering what the planets have in store for various aspects of a person’s life such as Education, Health, Career, Marriage etc.

While each aspect has its own importance & relevance, Marriage is arguably the most crucial aspect of one’s life as it marks a new beginning in the life of the person and brings about phenomenal changes in his/her life.  

Vedic Astrology helps in knowing how the marital aspect of a person is slated to pan out based on the position of different planets in his/her Janam Kundli.

People before getting married Talk to Astrologer to know how is their married life poised to unfold and how by means of certain astrological remedies that are specific to their Janam Kundli, can they minimize the hurdles signified in their marital journey by pacifying the ill placed planets of their Kundli and at the same time attract the positive energies of planets that are favourably placed so that they end up enjoying a blissful marriage in their lives!

Kundli Matching or Kundli Milan is an incredibly effective process that evaluates the compatibility factor of both the boy & girl who wish to tie the knot or are already married, on a number of crucial parameters. These parameters cover General Nature, Education, Finances, Health, Childbirth, Relationship with the In-Laws etc.

Spouse Family Vedic Astrology deals with decoding a person’s relationship with his/her In-Laws. This branch of Vedic Astrology reveals the role and influence of a person’s In-Laws over him/her and more importantly over that person’s marriage.

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The 8th House of the Horoscope or Kundli

Apart from many other things, the 8th house in the Janam Kundli of a person represents his/her In-Laws.

The reason why the 8th house is the house that represents the In-Laws is very simple. The 1st house of a person’s Kundli represents ‘Self’ and the next house i.e. the 2nd house represents ‘Family’.

Similarly, since the 7th house represents ‘Spouse’, therefore the next house i.e. the 8th house represents ‘Spouse’s Family’ or the ‘In-Laws’!

Spouse Family Vedic Astrology focusses on deciphering the 8th house of the Janam Kundli of a native in order to know how the native’s relationship with his/her In-Laws is signified and what kind of influence will the native’s In-Laws have over his/her married life.

It is extremely important to have an auspicious 8th house in the Kundli because apart from In-Laws, the 8th house also signifies Accidents, Life-Span, Inheritance as well as Sudden Gains & Losses.

Therefore, if someone has an 8th house that is negatively affected then that person is likely to have serious troubles lined up in his/her life especially when it comes to relationship with the In-Laws!

Factors that affect the 8th House in a Negative Manner

There are numerous astrological permutations & combinations that decide the ultimate results that a particular house of a person’s Janam Kundli will eventually provide.

However, speaking in a generalized context, the following astrological combinations or situations with respect to the 8th house of a person’s Janam Kundli are considered negative and are known to provide unfavourable results to that person:

Saturn in the 8th House

Saturn signifies sorrow, insults and delays. If this naturally malefic planet is positioned in the 8th house or is aspecting the 8th house, then the native experiences problems from his/her In-Laws.

The ‘Shadow Planets’- Rahu or Ketu affecting the 8th House

Rahu & Ketu are called ‘Shadow Planets’ which means that they do not have a physical dimension attached to them. However, despite being subtle in their existence, Rahu & Ketu cast sudden and more often than not, negative effects on a person. These two are naturally malefic planets, so their influence on “most” of the houses are negative & troublesome.

Rahu or Ketu positioned in the 8th house signify tensions and bickerings with the In-Laws. These planets create problematic situations wherein harmony is lost in the relationship with the In-Laws which in-turn creates bitterness in one’s marriage.

Mars in the 8th House

Mars is a highly volatile planet and signifies anger. Hence, placement of Mars or aspect of Mars on the 8th house creates serious differences with the In-Laws and gives rise to situations wherein the person fails to have a cordial relationship with his/her In-laws.

Sign of Leo in the 8th House

If the native has a Capricorn Ascendant, then the 8th house of his/her Janam Kundli will have the sign Leo present in it. Leo is a sign that disrupts the relationship of the native with the person/s that the house in which the sign Leo is present, signifies.


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There are a whole lot of astrological scenarios that warrant caution on the part of a person while choosing a life partner to ensure a smooth, blissful, happy and joyful married life ahead!

Therefore, it is prudent to go for a Horoscope Matching or a Kundli Milan by Name before finalizing a marriage.

However, those couples who are already married or even those who wish to tie the knot together but have troublesome astrological placements in their Kundli must consult with an experienced Astrologer and get their Kundlis thoroughly analyzed. Upon analyzing the Kundlis, the Astrologer would be able to suggest remedies that would pacify the negative effects of planets responsible for causing problems in the marital domain of their lives and thus, help them to lead a married life that is a manifestation of bliss, love & happiness!

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