Vastu Tips for success and prosperity at work place

By: Future Point | 10-May-2021
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Vastu Tips for success and prosperity at work place

No business can survive without adequate amount of funds at hand, and to ensure that it is imperative to follow the guidelines given in our ancient text “Vastu Shastra”. While small set ups have their own system of cash flow, big business firms follow their own set of guidelines to affirm financial stability. Tips as prescribed in Vastu Shastra smoothens the pitfalls if any while confirming the placement of the office essentials in the right directions. This certainly brings peace and positivity to the environment. 

First of all, a Shermukhi piece of land is suitable for setting up factories, business units, commercial complexes or offices. These plots are broader in the front portion and narrower at the back. A land located near to fully operational roads are an added advantage.

To usher in luck and fortune, let’s have a look into some important Vastu tips to be followed at the work place:

Vastu guidelines for office entrance

  • The entrance of the office should always be located in the North or North-East or North-West direction.
  • These directions are believed to bring positivity and luck.
  • North direction is a direction of Kuber- the lord of wealth, so accelerates financial growth.

Seating arrangement as per Vastu principles

Seating arrangement for different departments

  • Business owners should sit with their face towards the north, east or north-east, as these directions confirm growth and new opportunities.
  • North-east and North-west directions should be utilised for the sitting of marketing and sales department.
  • People working in account department should sit in the South-Eastern corner facing the North-East direction.

Managers and VIP personnel

  • Managers and supervisors should sit in the west direction and face the north-east direction.
  • Owners must sit facing the East or North directions. A wall and not a wooden divider or curtain should be there behind the chair.
  • Directors, Managers and leaders should sit in the South, West or South-West corner of the office. This helps in better decision making.


  • To improve productivity, employees must face the north or east while performing their duties. A direct light on employees should be avoided and should have a wooden periphery.

Ensuring abundant energy at work

    • One should never sleep at the desk as it attracts negative energy.
    • Keeping the desks clutter-free further adds to the productivity. Important papers and documents should be sorted and kept in a lock. Also, do away with the defective stationery to remove all kinds of financial hurdles.
    • Employees must sit facing the door in their cabins to ensure that they see each and everyone entering their cabin. This ensures trust better connectivity with the clients. 
  • A picture of a mountain should be placed behind the chair seat to win confidence of the clients. 
  • Vastu Shastra for office prohibits stocking up finished articles in the North-East direction, rather they should be placed in the North-West direction to ensure these are sold out.
  • Important financial documents should be kept in a safe located in the South-West direction of the office. The safe should face the North-East direction to gain financial prosperity.
  • A rectangular shaped wooden desk should be used in place of irregular shaped glass or metal table. Such irregular shapes create stress, confusion and detachment from work.
  • The colours best suited for a work place include cream, light green, light yellow or light gold. These neutral shades like cream will boost full concentration and engagement with work. A light yellow palette is conducive for good health. Light green strikes a balance between mind, body and soul and helps to attract positive energy. Light gold ensures larger productivity and profits.
  • Electrical equipment should be kept in the South-East corner of the official building.

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Vastu tips for the reception area

  • The reception area should be built in the North-East or East direction.
  • The receptionist should sit facing the North or East direction.
  • The company logo should be placed on the southern wall of the reception area. 
  • Placing a bunch of green jade flowers or French lavender flowers at the reception desk will fill the surroundings with positivity. 

Vastu tips for the canteen

  • The pantry must be constructed only and only in the South-East direction and should never be located in the North.
  • The walls can be painted with light blue or green colours and flowers can also be planted there.

Vastu tips for washrooms at the workplace

  • Washrooms obviously reflect negativity so their proper placement is very important, West or North-West is an ideal location for them. The East or the North-East or the South-East directions are a big NO for constructing toilets.

The staircase at the workplace

  • The staircase should never be constructed in the centre of the office as it leads to financial losses instead they should be in the South or South-West directions.

The elevators or lifts 

  • As per the Vastu experts, elevators should be placed in the North or East directions, while avoiding the North-East and South-West directions at the same time.
  • Installing lifts exactly at the main entrance flushes out the positive vibes.
  • Never place any mirror on the left side.

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Common Vastu mistakes and their remedies 

  • If the master cabin has been constructed in the North-East or South-East, it is not auspicious. As a remedial measure, a natural crystal rock can be placed in the South-West corner of it.
  • The main entrance of the office should be bright and obstacle free. It’s even better to make it fragrant. A bright painting in the East direction of the office, removes all kinds of negativity. This will also boost the productivity of your employees.
  • If office premise has a slope towards the South-East or West, a lead metal or copper pyramid can be placed towards the slope. One can also place three triangular coral stones if the slope is towards the South-East.
  • If in any case a pantry or toilet is there in the centre of the office premises, keep salt in a wooden bowl and change it weekly.
  • For offices with open spaces in the North-West, South-East, or South-West direction, fragrant plants at the window in the North-West corner is a good option. Apart from this, a wind chime with six legs also proves beneficial. 

There are end number of tips regarding Vastu for ensuring productivity, positive work environment and financial inflow at a given work place. And these Vastu principles are not that tough to grasp, they just demand little time and energy and in return ensure abundance. But all these can be used to the benefit of the company or any business only after consulting a Vastu expert. As sometimes professional help is all what we need to garner the full potential.

Turning the workplace Vastu compliant is of utmost importance as it certainly helps throughout life. Vastu Shastra primarily is a balance of 5 core natural elements, i.e. space, water, earth, air and fire. It strikes to create a positive environment in tune with these core elements. Vastu for office as discussed surely goes a long way to ensure success of any business enterprise.

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