Tips and Tricks to make your Office Vastu Friendly

By: Future Point | 07-Jan-2019
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Tips and Tricks to make your Office Vastu Friendly

Vastu is a science of divine architecture that is applied to attract positive energies into a structure or a space and dispel the negative ones out of it.

The ancient scripture that contains the sacred knowledge of Vastu is called "Vastu Shastra".

Vastu can be applied to all structures & spaces, be it a residential space or an office space where some business is performed.

Although, you should not ignore the importance of applications of Vastu in both residential as well as office spaces, but making your office Vastu compliant should be of paramount importance to you.

This is because your office represents your business and that is the source of wealth in your life.

You must not leave the prosperity factor of your life to destiny. Rather, you must take initiatives of incorporating the incredibly powerful and result oriented applications of Vastu in your office.

Following are some tips & tricks that you as a business owner can adopt to make your office Vastu Friendly:


  • The entrance of your office should be in the North or East direction. Also, you should avoid keeping sofas, tables, chairs etc. right in the path ahead of the main entrance of your office as this path should always be obstacle free.

Welcome Room

  • Generally people make a welcome room in their office for the initial seating of their guests. You should make that welcome room in the zone of social association that is in the East direction or North-East corner.

Central Area

  • The central area of your office should be as vacant & full of space as possible. We are not talking about having an absolutely empty central area but as free as possible.

Direction in which the Owner should Sit

  • If you are the owner of a business, then in-general it is advised to sit in the South-West direction while facing North.

An Empty Wall behind your Seat

  • There should not be any paintings or pictures or a small temple of worship that people generally fix on the wall behind their seat. The wall behind your seat should be empty.

Your Desk

  • Your desk should be of rectangular shape. Avoid going for fancy shaped desks like L-shaped, semi-circular etc.

Seating Arrangement of Staff

  • Your staff should be seated in such a way that their faces should be in the North or East direction.

For Financial Growth

  • The North-West zone of your office is responsible for the banking & wealth aspects of your business therefore, you should place a pair of 'White Horses' in that place.

Accounts Department

  • Employees that deal in the banking transactions of your company should be seated facing North or East.

Important Documents

  • You should keep all crucial & important documents in a cabinet in the South-West area of your office.

Profits & New Orders

  • In order to ensure a smooth inflow of profits & consistent new orders in your business, make sure that the Northern area of your office must not have Red colour or strong shades of Red.

Shape of Employee Workstations

  • Have the workstations of your employees in rectangular or square shapes.

Heavy Electrical Equipments

  • All heavy electrical equipments in your office should be placed in the South-East corner of the building.

Better Coordination in Your Staff

  • To ensure that your staff has better coordination, put a picture of an 'Orchestra' on the West wall of your office.


  • Your office should have Pantry in the South-East section.

Remember, these are in-general recommendations.

For proper Vastu for Office, one should always take the Vastu Services of a professional who will offer Vastu solutions after carefully analyzing the exact situation.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Future Point as the highly experienced Vastu experts of Future Point offer a Vastu Consultation online and offline (with an on ground visit) as well.

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