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Venus transit in Taurus - 4 may 2021

By: Future Point | 05-May-2021
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Venus transit in Taurus - 4 may 2021

Venus is the planet for enjoyment, beauty, good food, ornaments and everything luxurious. It also represents your love life, spouse as well as marital bliss. In a female online Kundli it represents the husband. Sexual relationships as well as sexual organs are seen by Venus. It’s a benefic planet that gives beauty. If well placed it bestows the native with comforts and all the nice things.

Sometimes we see ladies of a house slogging even if they have money to keep staff. Usually we see that Venus is afflicted in such cases. To gain material comforts in life, the Venus should be well placed in a Kundli. When Venus is afflicted in any Kundli it causes relationship failures, marital discord & problems related to eyes. Talk to an astrologer if your Venus is not well placed or afflicted.

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Two signs are owned by Venus -

Taurus & Libra. Libra is its mool trikon sign and it gets exalted or attain happiest position in Pisces. Venus is going to transit in Taurus sign from 4th May to 28th May 2021. Venus will definitely be happy as it is entering its own sign after battling in Aries which is owned by Mars. Venus transit in Taurus will bring good luck overall and it denotes cultivating good relationships. It also means one gets more drawn towards commitment rather than casual dating.

The effect of this transit is different for all 12 ascendant signs. The best astrologer can see your Kundli in detail as to what is the ascendant and where Venus is placed but for a general idea the effect in the 12 signs are -

Aries -

For Aries, Venus is the 2nd and 7th house lord. It’s transit over the 2nd house will be an auspicious one. It brings about creativity in your work and makes you earn good income in this period. The native will gain material wealth and resources in this period. There will be benefits in personal relationships also. But you may end up over spending so you should be cautious about that.

Taurus -

For Taurus, Venus is the 1st and 6th house lord. It’s transit over the 1st house is considered very good. Being the lagna lord and transiting over that house gives good opportunities to the native in terms of job as well as romance. If you are looking for a job that pays higher than the current one then it’s a good time. Also if you are planning to get into a relationship or ask someone out then it’s the best time. In this period you will bring name and fame to your family. But as it also governs your 6th house, please be cautious about your health.

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Gemini -

For Gemini, Venus is the 12th and 5th house lord. The transit is over the 12th house which is the house of expenses, foreign land as well as losses. You can be inclined to incur unnecessary expenses that will burn a hole in your pocket. Also you may get some good news from foreign land if you wish to start some work with a foreign company or planning to study abroad. It may not be a very good period for your marriage and should be careful about how you deal with your spouse.

Cancer -

For Cancer, Venus is the 4th and 11th house lord. It’s transit is over the 11th house which represents gains, desires fulfilment, friends and elder siblings. During this period you can get benefits from your networks and connections. You will enjoy this time fully with your friend circle and even get a chance to widen it. You can get some benefit from luxurious properties. You will get full support from mother as well as elder siblings.

Leo -

For Leo, Venus is the 3rd and 10th lord. It’s transit over the 10th house which represents your professional life, career and social status. This transit will help you rise financially and attain a good rapport with your seniors. You may buy a new house or a vehicle. You will be able to overcome challenges and come out a winner at your work place.

Virgo -

For Virgo, Venus is the 2nd and 9th house lord. This transit over the 9th house will be a very good period for you. It will bring luck in all your endeavours. You will spend money on an overseas trip which will b successful for you. You will get some good advise as well as benefit from your father. Students who wish to go in for higher studies will get good results. Overall a very satisfying period.

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Libra -

For Libra, Venus is the lord of the 1st and 8th house. This transit is over the 8th house which will be a tough period for you. There will be obstacles in your work. You may face health troubles yourself or your spouse may get sick. You can get some benefit from your in laws but overall have to remain cautious. You have to be careful before indulging into luxury spendings as that will not be fruitful for you.

Scorpio -

For Scorpio, Venus is the lord of the 7th and 12th house. Venus transit over the 7th house will bring some opportunities to convert a relationship into marriage. There will be more excitement in your romantic life in this period. There may be some partnership opportunities and chance to visit a foreign country. But be careful in what you speak out as there may be some misunderstandings too.

Sagittarius -

For Sagittarius sign, Venus is the lord of the 6th and 11th house. Venus transit over 6th house will be good for people who are interested in sitting for a competitive exam. Job wise also the results will be good. But there may be some health trouble at your end. If you are entangled in a legal battle, things may turn in your favour during this period.

Capricorn -

For Capricorn sign, Venus is the lord of the 5th and 10th house. It’s transit over the 5th house will give you a romantic mood. You are likely to make your partner happy and buy them gifts. It is good for students also as they will learn with utmost focus. Professionally also the native will reap good results during this period.

Aquarius -

For Aquarius sign, Venus is the lord of the 4th and 9th house. It’s transit over the 4th house will be very good. You will buy a new house or a vehicle. You will want to upgrade your house and invest in home furnishings etc. It will be good for your relationships and bring good luck. Professionally also you will use your mind well and get good results.

Pisces -

For Pisces, Venus is the lord of the 3rd and 8th house. It’s transit over the 3rd house will give you the power to be courageous and do good at the professional front. You are likely to go on a short trip. You will enjoy a good relationship with your younger siblings during this period.

These are the general transit predictions for the upcoming Venus transit over Taurus sign. To show your individual Kundli one can consult the best astrologer and know what’s in store for you. Also to make the most of the Venus transit it’s best to talk to an astrologer and find out.

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