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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus - 1 May 2021

By: Future Point | 01-May-2021
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Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus - 1 May 2021

The celestial space is full of changes and surprises as the planets move from one zodiac to the other. As they get conjoint, and look at the earth, events happen all over the world. If you talk to an astrologer, they may say that the transit predictions are much more important and accurate because these planetary movements are actually taking place in the universe. It’s universe truth for all. Also we study the transit predictions from the moon because of two reasons – 

  1. Moon is the closest to the earth.
  2. Moon represents the mind so to study how you are feeling through any transit period we need to know what is going on in your mind. 

The upcoming transit big conjunction is going to be of Rahu with Mercury in Taurus on the 1st May till 26th May 2021 and then again Mercury will retrograde in Taurus on 3rd June to 22nd June 2021. As Taurus is owned by Venus we can say that Mercury and Rahu will be in the sign owned by Venus. Rahu is friendly with Mercury, Venus and Saturn and in few texts Rahu gets exalted in Taurus.

If we have to see the effect of Mercury and Rahu conjunction in Taurus worldwide then we should first she what do both these planets represent. Mercury is communication and Rahu is a planet of illusions. The powerful countries may give an illusion to the developing countries but won’t really help them out in crisis. Also the communication and dialogue will not be very clear or honest. World leaders may be misunderstood in their way of talking. 

To know the effect of this Mercury in Taurus 2021 for different moon sign you should consult an astrologer but a general idea is given for you to ponder over (please note these are according to moon sign) 

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The natives with moon placed in Aries should be careful when they are speaking to their family or friends. They can lose their cool and get into trouble during this conjunction period. They should take care of their health specially skin and throat and also be careful while driving. They can get some new opportunities but should think carefully before investing. Shopkeepers may get trouble from customers bad mouthing them. Students need to focus on their studies and work extra hard to get a good result. 


The natives with moon placed in Taurus this conjunction period can be tough on health. They can get problems like cough and cold. They should be careful even about their stomach. On the financial side also you may over spend. People involved in a partnership may incur losses. However, all is not on the downside. If students are looking for internship then it’s a good time for them. And also couples will enjoy their time together. 

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The natives with moon placed in Gemini will be overall average. There can be a sickness in the family which will lead to extra expenses as well as stress on mind. There can also be some problems in their eyes. They can face some losses and obstacles at work. It’s important to stay calm and meditate. The native may face problems from their employees so be careful. 


The natives with moon placed in Cancer have to be careful with leg injury. They can get some problems related to thigh as well as knee. The older folks need to be careful as they can get sick. It’s a good time for children as they get a lot of focus on their studies and are able to perform well. Also there may be a trip with family or friends which will bring good enjoyment to the native. Business people should be mindful of new investment and also what to talk as it can pose a problem. 

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The natives with moon placed in Leo have to be very careful about their health. Even a small problem should not be taken for granted. Women and children should also take care of their diet as it can cause a stomach problem. May will be a good time for switching jobs or getting a hike in salary in the current job. It is also a good period to start a relationship or for finding a good match for marriage. Do think before you talk rudely to your elders as that may land you in trouble. Also if Leo moon sign native’s are in an extra marital affair then chances of getting caught in this period are high. 


The natives with moon placed in Virgo have to be careful about their health. They may suffer from a hand injury or get skin related issues. There may be confusion in decisions regarding career and finance. The native should not shy away from taking advice from financial experts rather than jumping to own conclusions. There may be a financial crunch as people may not give the money they owe you. For the natives looking for a new job will get success. Natives in commission related business will also see good success. If you are planning to go abroad for work or study, your trip will be successful during this period. Natives applying for loan will also get it promptly. 


The natives with moon placed in Libra will see a favourable time. Those involved in designing and marketing related jobs will be successful at work. They should take care of their health as there might be a leg injury. If they are looking to sell their house or inheriting anything then legal documents should be throughly checked. Relationships wise it is a good period and for single ones a new love may blossom in this period. 

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The natives with moon placed in Scorpio should take care of their health as they may get cold and cough related problem. They should exercise control in their diet and eat only healthy food. If they need to get any eye surgery done then that can be done during May. There may be obstacles at the work front and people involved in partnerships can get into arguments. Relationship with mother can get stressful during this period. The native should avoid getting into new ventures or taking a loan from anyone. This is a period to lie low overall. 


The natives with moon placed in Sagittarius can get difficulty in movements and back pain problems. They should take care of their health and be careful. They should also keep calm and not talk rudely to the elders in their family. They may face mental stress. For students it is a good time as they get good results. People of job also can get promotions or a raise. Natives trying for a government job can get lucky. 


The natives with moon placed in Capricorn will not have a smooth period during this conjunction. Women may face child related problems so the ones who are pregnant should be very careful. There may a stone problem so keep yourself hydrated all the time. Capricorn kids health should also be taken care of  as they can face some health problem or injury. This is a good time if students wish to apply for visa. Also it is a good period to appear for government jobs.


The natives with moon placed in Aquarius may have to take care of their loved ones who fall sick during this period. They need to take care of their own health as well. There may be stress at work front too so the natives should do meditation and yoga to keep calm. Natives trying to get a loan will not be successful. It is good for natives in technical field as they can get new job opportunities. They should take extra caution in talking to parents and in laws as they can hurt their feelings.


The natives with moon placed in Pisces will see favourable time during this conjunction. The native will go for a trip with family and friends and enjoy this period. They will also be able to accomplish their tasks. They should take care of their health and eat healthy food. Take a loan only if you really need to and know that you will be able to repay. It is a very good period for investing in the stock market. 

 Apart from all this, results are also dependent on where Mercury and Rahu is placed in the natal chart. For this you must talk to the best astrologer. To make the most of this conjunction or to get remedies for problems faced during this period consult an astrologer. 

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