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Flipping the interesting side of the planets in astrology

By: Future Point | 01-May-2021
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Flipping the interesting side of the planets in astrology

Zodiac signs are a source of attention in the world of astrology. It is vast and beautiful, and if one wants to decode what the stars have in store for us, an idea about the specifications as depicted by different planets in astrology is must. 

In astrological means, every planet demonstrates a unique set of characteristics, and rule different dimensions of our lives. One can imagine the planets as varied characters, each with different aims, interests, duties and results. These planets impart a dominant impact on human domains. 

The celestial movements of planetary bodies (planets, nakshatras and stars) at birth have profound influence on a native's integrity. It is said they have been assigned the duty by the divine forces to punish or reward each living being as per their Karmic baggage.

The rays as emanated from these seven planets and two shadow planets i.e. Rahu and Ketu exert a physical and emotional effect on living being. However, how he or she will eventually live his life depends on the specific placements of the planets in the natal chart of that person. Depending on the natal placements, the individual turns out to be a fortunate or unfortunate one. Stars are the storehouse of our past karmas. 

In astrology, planets can be termed as benefic planets and malefic planets. They are known as natural benefic planets and natural malefic planets.

Natural benefic planets:

Jupiter, Venus, mercury but it should be associated with benefic planets and the Moon in Shukla Paksha (waxing phase) is considered benefic.

Natural malefic planets:

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury with malefic aspect and the Moon in Krishna Paksha (waning phase) are considered natural malefic. 

Every person has these 9 planets in their astrological charts, but their expression may vary from chart to chart based on their zodiac signs.

The Sun and Moon are also called the luminaries, while Venus, Mercury and Mars are called the "inner planets." Both the luminaries and the inner planets influence our day to day life more as they move relatively quickly amongst zodiac houses. Jupiter and Saturn are called outer and sometimes "social planets". They influence the way we socialize or interact with others. 

In normal course, we can’t imagine how important studying these celestial planets is? They affect each and every part of our life starting from childhood till death. They can very well give clues as to what are we going to face or achieve in the coming years. A consultation with an experienced astrologer is worth a step in understanding our future needs. In order to make astrology even more informative, some facts as given below can be given a quick read:

Each planet has prescribed significations

It is absolutely true! Each planet governs certain aspect of life and has direct or indirect impact on that. For example, 

The planet Sun plays a pivotal role in astrology. He is the king of the solar system and is considered as the most dominating planet in the world of predictive astrology. In general terms, the planet Sun symbolizes authority, power and position. In case planet Sun is powerful in the natal chart, then it bestows royal status and a smooth career or profession. A strong Sun is a boon in the field of politics, physics, administration and management. It also represents father.

It is particularly helpful in attaining governmental portfolios. The successful business men generally have a powerful Sun in their horoscopes. The Sun symbolizes authority, power and position. Similarly the planet Moon depicts our mind, mood, mentality and our mother. If we talk about other planets like Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, they represent our courage, intellect, wisdom, luxuries and miseries respectively. 

are just a mention but they all have an exhaustive list of significations. We share a connection with the universe through these planetary energies only. These cosmic powers control our mind, events in life, and thought process. One has to consult an astrologer to understand the precise role of each planet.

Our food choices too depend upon the related planets

Sun is a royal planet, hence people with sun related to their food preferences love to gorge on rich food with high calorific value such as butter, dry fruits, cream, ghee and sugar. Moon affects water bodies, these people like sweets, milk and products prepared with milk. Mars is a commander in chief and hence people ruled by it like meat etc. to gain that muscular strength. Venus likes attractively displayed foods like wheat flakes, breads etc. Jupiter rules yellow and sweet taste, also these people have a sweet tooth.

Mercury loves salads and green leafy vegetables. Mercury folks usually have lean body type making green veggies a staple diet for them. Saturn is a planet of labour work and hence, prefers energy giving foods. They have good metabolism which keeps the body weight under check even after consuming high calorie food. They are usually thin, although blood sugar troubles are common.

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Malefic and Benefic Nature of the Planets

Not all natural benefic planets are beneficial for certain ascendants and similarly it is not necessary that natural malefic planets as stated above give bad results to everyone. The characteristics of planets vary from chart to chart. Sometimes, even a malefic planet may be very beneficial and surprises in a great way. Depending upon the Lagna and Moon rashi planets give their respective good or bad results. So, consulting your Kundli or horoscope with an expert astrologer can help to ascertain auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the birth planets.

Effects of signs and houses in connection with the planets

As said earlier, the planets travel from one sign and house to another during the course of time. These placements in turn bring about the fructification of our life events. So consulting the best astrologer can reveal the secrets of the important life events and one can remain prepared for that in advance.

The nodes or the shadow planets

All planets have a physical existence except Rahu & Ketu, this is the reason that they are named as shadow planets. They are generally considered malefic and highly unpredictable. They give suddenness in life and affect us in both good and bad ways. Always placed opposite to each other, may trap all other planets at one side of the chart which has a deep negative impact on the native’s life. To deal with it, one needs either to go for expert advice or at best can learn astrology to deal with the day to day affairs in a better way.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that planets do affect each and every aspect of our life and there is no denial to this fact. If it was not so then it was not possible for the astrologers to precisely predict our good and bad times, our failures and success and our social relations. We all are connected to this universe and breathe under the influence of these celestial bodies. Their results definitely depend upon the placements in different chart which must be deciphered with a professional help. This surely will go long way in getting rid or at least gaining strength to deal with our Karmic Bonds.

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