Learn Vaastu Shastra - Harmony of all Elements

By: Future Point | 28-Apr-2021
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Learn Vaastu Shastra - Harmony of all Elements

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science. It is the science of building any structure. Everyone wants a house that’s vastu friendly full of positivity and a workplace that’s full of productivity. For this one should consult the best astrologer and take vastu tips. From our houses to commercial buildings all have more harmony and happiness if they are vastu compliant.

In fact vastu dosh can create big problems in anyone’s life. Even if your kundli is good, vastu dosh can delay work as well as bring problems in life and relationships to a great extent. For instance, People living in houses with vastu dosh are said to suffer health wise even if they have a well placed lagna lord. 

One such instance of vastu dosh from the ancient times is when the maha sabha of the Indraprastha had a water body right in the centre, it caused a war between Kauravs and Pandavs. Their entire generation got destroyed because of that war. So such dosh should be averted. You should learn vastu and make a career out of it with great opportunities in India. Working in tandem with Architecture, Vastu Shastra is a brilliant learning curve for architects and those in the vocation of building homes & office spaces.

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Vastu experts can be helpful if you are starting a construction of a new place or modifying an already constructed place. A good vastu consultant will come and visit your place or site and do the following -  

  1. They recommend a simple and straightforward layout that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations in your home or office.
  2. The placement of various things in a house or commercial place. 
  3. They also suggest placement of shapes, colours and objects to increase positivity, growth, prosperity, harmony and peace.
  4. They recommend a simple and straightforward layout that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations in your home or office.
  5. There are various rules as per vastu - where the water source will be, where the toilets should be placed, where the kitchen should be etc. All this is recommended by the best vastu expert. 

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As people do keep making new houses and commercial establishments or even redecorating their places, a need for a vastu expert is inevitable. It is a great career option for people interested in vastu and they can achieve great heights with this knowledge. The following should be assessed before joining any vastu course –  

  1. The teachers should be an expert in their field. 
  2. They should have a good online presence so as to check their reviews. 
  3. In the current times they should be doing online courses for the safety of the students as well as the teachers. 
  4. They should provide a proper certificate at the end of the course. 
  5. They should be aligned with some recognised body. 
  6. They should provide good course materials. 
  7. The course should be pocket friendly. 

Future Point is the one stop shop for the best vastu course available in India and abroad. They have two levels of the vastu course namely –  

  1. Vastu Ratna - this is the first level of the vastu course online and is meant for the beginners. With main focus on introduction to the building & the space, the Vastu Ratan course offers a comprehensive learning curve for architects & interior designers. It comprises of 12 classes. 
  2. Vastu Shastracharya - The second level of Vastu Shastra course online, the Shastracharya course is for advance learners who want to master the field. It comprises of 12 classes. 

The benefits of joining the online vastu course at Future Point is –  

  1. The teachers are masters in their field with a lot of experience. 
  2. They have a great online presence. Their website is very popular and they have a lot of positive reviews from all over the world. 
  3. They are doing online classes on the zoom platform which is very safe in the current times. 
  4. They provide a certificate at the end of the course certified from the All India Federation of Astrologers Societies (AIFAS). 
  5. They send all books and course materials through courier all over the world. 
  6. The course amount is pocket friendly and can be done anywhere anytime. 
  7. They send class recordings after class so if you miss any class, you can revisit it later at a convenient time. 

So the one stop shop to learn vastu and make a career in the field of vastu is Future Point. 

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