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Gaining sustained wealth and monetary growth through Lal Kitab Remedies

By: Future Point | 22-Apr-2021
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Gaining sustained wealth and monetary growth through Lal Kitab Remedies

Money is what everyone demands in this world. It is vital in some sense that with ample money in your wallet you need not to make a constant effort to keep your head above the water. One can enjoy life in full swing and can make the most of the time on this planet.

Apart from its vital side it has a bitter truth attached to it that our status and social image exorbitantly depends upon the wealth we possess. 

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A materialistic view of course!!

Since this materialistic world leaves no choice and mandates a luxurious life style if we want to earn accolades around. This certainly can only and only be achieved by a good financial status.

Earning handsome amount of money is one side and saving the same is the other. Most of the time we see that even if people have made tough efforts in earning money and succeeded too but due to some reasons ended loosing most of it. 

Why does this happen?

This is surely a question that pops up in every curious yet troubled mind and it is where Astrology and Lal Kitab Remedies come to rescue.

Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab go hand in hand and are very popular since ages. Based on Samudra shastra, Lal Kitab is based on the principles of Vedic astrology, compiled in a simply understandable form.

For getting the solution to any life related problem, lots of remedies are mentioned in the Lal Kitab which mostly talks of simple alterations in our daily routine.

It’s a common phenomenon that a person irrespective of his earning quantum which may range anywhere from hundreds to thousands to lakhs, always spends more. 

A deep study of an astrological chart and Lal Kitab Remedies help to overcome any money crisis that may arise during the course of life. All of them are super effective and provides solutions based on the planetary positions in one’s chart. 

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Lal Kitaab Remedies/Upaay

The Lal Kitaab is known to have remedies for all the disturbances created in human fate. The prescribed remedial measures given in the book are very simple. Lal Kitaab remedies are believed to bring monetary gains as well as harmony in life. 

Some of the remedial measures as prescribed in lal kitaab for gaining wealth and fame are as follows:

  • Take an iron utensil and mix ghee, milk, water and sugar into it and offer the same in the roots of banyan tree.
  • In case of frequent financial losses, take sesame seeds in hand and throw it in the north direction after revolving it 7 times from head to toe.
  • People awaiting promotions in their job must feed 7 types of grains (satanaja) to the birds.
  • Feeding milk to stray dogs and placing a peacock feather at home prove auspicious in dealing with money matters.
  • If prevent excessive spending, keep square made of gold at home.
  • Light a pure ghee lamp with 9 faces in reverence of Goddess Laxmi makes for progressive earnings.
  • Serving kheer to 5 kanyas below the age of 9 years continuously for 21 Fridays help in business.
  • Add few drops of Gangajal in bathing water gives positive results.
  • Always consume sweets before initiating any work and feed green grass to cows.

Lord Kuber is the lord of wealth and if he bestows his blessings on anyone he is bound to have abundant wealth. So, his favour must be garnered through worship and few lal kitaab remedies in order to be rich and famous. Few of them go as follows:

  • The cupboard in which cash is kept should be located in the south west or south wall of the house so that it opens in the North direction. North direction is where Lord Kuber resides and it is believed that by doing so he will fill it as soon as it is emptied 
  • A mirror should be placed in front of the locker, this reflection of the image of the locker will attract more wealth.
  • Never give and take anything for free. Make sure to pay and receive compensation in terms of money for the services given or taken.

  • Money earned through untruthful ways is never long lasting. One should keep this in mind and should try to avoid false methods of making money.
  • Donations are another means of getting Goddess Laxmi’s blessings. One should donate some part of his earnings as charity on a monthly basis.
  • Be respectful to females as they depict Goddess Laxmi.
  • A Kuber Yantra placed on red cloth should be kept in the puja room and paying devotions to it goes a long way in earning stable laxmi i.e. money.
  • Light an earthern diya filled with desi ghee at the Tulsi plant and Laxmi Ji will never leave your place.
  • Never keep broken toys, things or vessels in the house. They only attract negativity and hamper prosperity in the house.
  • Put kesar tilak on the forehead to seek the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.
  • If water is sprinkled through a tumbler at the main entrance by the lady of the house is sure to pave the way for prosperity and happiness.

So these are few of the Lal Kitab remedies which can be used to the benefit of anyone. As far as the obstacles in the way of wealth are concerned, there is end number of yogas as prescribed in our ancient astrological texts. These can be witnessed in the horoscopes of the natives facing the trouble. So, a proper analysis of the chart is of utmost importance before adhering to any of the remedies. First of all the shadow planet Rahu, if placed badly or is afflicting the income house in any way then it may create wealth related problems. Also, the afflictions in any other auspicious house may hamper income growth.

Also, the Shani-Chandra yuti and its association with Ketu further spoil the financial conditions leading to poverty and other difficulties. The greatest fortune i.e. Jupiter, if afflicted or placed badly in the horoscope can create immense hurdles within the horoscope resulting in impoverishment.

Measures of Lal Kitab are directly related with the position of the planets in the astrological charts. If any sinful planet is associated with the Moon in any horoscope, it may cause mental and financial afflictions to him. It may aggravate the health issues for his mother too through direct or indirect means. 

To get rid of these negative lunar afflictions or other sinful planets, prepare kheer and distribute it amongst poor for 3 to 4 months. Gradually all problems related to the money will diminish.

Along with this, Jupiter must be propitiated too. He is a karka of wealth and fortune and if he is pleased and bestows his blessings any hurdle will surpass easily. For 43 days continuously, take 400 grams of gram pulse (chana daal) and offer the same in water. With these remedial measures, permanent improvement in money matters can be witnessed certainly.

However as taking medicines without proper diagnose is harmful similarly if one finds himself amidst host of financial problems with no hopes then taking an expert astrological advice and thorough analysis of the horoscope is what is required desperately.

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