Valentine’s Day Gift Directory : Perfect Gifts to strengthen the love bond!

By: Future Point | 14-Feb-2019
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Valentine’s Day Gift Directory : Perfect Gifts to strengthen the love bond!

Love Day is here and with so much hype around it, it’s pretty obvious that some might get cold feet when it comes to finding that perfect gift for your significant other. It takes courage to settle on something and stick to it, with the fear of your partner not finding it up to the mark. But what if there was a way around your Horoscope to get that perfect solution which will please your partner and enthral them to pieces!!

Let the dust settle on itself as you to get your partner the best gift, as per their nature and traits.

The best part about gifting something precious is that your partner will always love it. No matter whatever bump comes along the way, a little piece of jewellery will keep them reminding of the good times that you two spent together. This might actually work in your favour and strengthen your bond with them.

Here’s your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to surprise your partner with something they'll cherish forever.

Iolite (Neeli)

A stone that safeguards against all harms!

People who belong to the Capricorn zodiac sign are the best suited to the charms of iolite. Being the stone that eliminates bad dreams, fear, tension, and paranoia in one’s mind, it fits perfectly with the characteristic traits of the Capricorns.

Bein the true gemstone that represents pure love and loyalty, it bestows the wearer with a power to foresee the future. The Capricorns can easily navigate through the ups and downs of this life, which gets heightened with the Neeli stone.

Gift your partner the stone of True Love and compassion this Valentine’s Day. A Iolite Neeli Pendant would protect them from harm’s way when you can’t be there yourself.


The calmest stone of the lot, Moonstone strengthens the mental power of the wearer and curbs any temper issues, if present. It creates a calming aura around the wearer which influences others to remain calm as well.

Moonstone suits Cancer zodiac sign and Scorpio the best. Being a lunar stone, that is representative of the sensual energy of the moon, Moonstone is a perfect gift for the lovers. Scorpio is a passionate sign, with powerful energies. They are the most misunderstood sign which owes to the fact that they are emotional beings with stoic exteriors.

Cancer zodiac sign also being an emotional zodiac sign get the best results in their love life upon wearing the Moonstone.

Surprise your beautiful partner with a Moonstone Pendant this Valentine’s Day to bring love & romance back in your life!


The red-hued stone of Power and authority, Ruby gets its status from being the stone of the mighty Planet Sun. Known to have healing properties, Ruby brings about an air of confidence with it. Thus anyone who wears Ruby gets to taste what it feels to be in power. It boosts self-confidence and the zodiac signs that are most suited to wear it are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

The fierce sign of the zodiac wheel, the natives of Leo zodiac sign are vivacious, theatrical, and passionate. They are natural leaders who always know when to command their orders. Aries is the bold one. They are the ones who give a close competition to Leo’s with their ambitious approach. Sagittarius zodiac sign has a knack to always be on a quest. They love facing challenges and giving them always something new to learn.

Ruby Stone signifies the heart, and its glory lies in the strong suit that it can build up the vitality of the wearer.

Gift your Valentine the mesmerising Red stone of Love, a Ruby Pendant this Valentine’s Day to take your love life up a notch!

Love Problem Solution


The brilliant purple-hued stone, Amethyst represents the calm of the nature that surrounds us. The stone of Planet Saturn, Amethyst is often known as the most beautiful gemstone due to its vivid purple colour and the glimmering shades it reflects. Amethyst is best suited for people with Taurus zodiac sign due to their laid back nature. The stone works exceptionally well for those with a problem to overthink. Taurus is an earthy sign which makes it probable that they will have a relaxed nature. Amethyst gemstone brings out the best in its wearer. It helps them to attain spiritual wisdom and regain power in life.

Gift an Amethyst Pendant to your beloved this Love Day, as the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

American Diamond

Better known as Zircon, the American Diamond is probably the most popular gemstone being worn by the millennials. Zircon or American Diamond is the best fit for women to aid them in abdominal problems and reproductive system related ailments. Best suited for Libra zodiac sign, the gemstone works exceptionally well in boosting the confidence of the wearer. It improves the social life of the wearer and makes them reunite with their inner self for a calming existence. In women, the stone is believed to be a cost-effective remedy to have a peaceful life with your partner. The benefits of American diamond are plenty to make one invest in a stone that knows no bounds when it comes to achieving goals. The purest stone, it has been a symbol of chastity since time immemorial.

Gift the love of your life an American Diamond Pendant to let them know your true feelings.

Tiger’s Eye

The lucky stone that brings wealth and prosperity, Tiger’s eye stone has been known since time immemorial as a healing stone. Those suffering from stress and overthinking can bring this stone to their benefit. Best suited for Pisces zodiac sign, the stone has been known as a miraculous healer. Couples suffering from low self-esteem and tumultuous relationship can wear this stone and elevate their relationship to a new level. Pisces is the most learned zodiac sign of them all. The last of the zodiac wheel, Pisces is a sensitive sign. The natives of the same are creative and have wisdom beyond their age. Upon wearing the Tiger’s Eye Gemstone, the wearer gets monetary gains and their Chakras get balanced, lending them a stable ear to listen to their partner.


The substitute for Diamond, the Opal gemstone is a calming stone that has healing properties. The stone is considered pious due to its magical powers of reflecting the 7 colours into one white, Opal is best suited to zodiac sign Libra- the balanced and pragmatic sign. The gemstone resonates the energy of the planet of Love, Venus. The stone brings out mutual love and harmony in lovers. It eliminates the chances of discomfort in a relationship and contributes to establishing a wonderful love relationship. Opal negates all the bad vibes and fills it up to the brim with its calm and peaceful energy. It makes for an excellent gift for lovers who want to reunite themselves with their vibrant days.

Confess your love to your partner with an Opal Pendant this Valentine’s Day.

Firoza (Turquoise)

The blue coloured gemstone for Saturn planet, Turquoise or Feroza bestows its wearer with marital bliss. An excellent stone for bringing peace and harmony in a relationship, the Turquoise gemstone works it magic on estranged lovers to bring them together. Best suited for Aquarius zodiac sign, which is the most humanitarian sign out of all the zodiac signs. Natural healers, the sign gets to be the one which feels for all other signs. The stone makes its wearer bold and confident. This would help those looking for a morale boost. A popular gemstone in today’s time, it brings affection in the wearer’s heart and brings them closer to the love of their life.

Surprise your Valentine with a Turquoise Pendant this Love Day and let them know how you feel.

Blue Topaz

An excellent gift for creative thinkers, the Blue Topaz stone is the stone to bring out the best in someone. A healing stone, the Blue Topaz improves the communication of the wearer and bestows them with spiritual enlightenment. The Blue Topaz gemstone is best suited for Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign. Gemini likes to remain busy and stay occupied, whereas Virgo being the perfectionists they are love to be in control of their life. They have a pragmatic approach in life, which gets heightened by the energy of the stone. Blue Topaz Gemstone is an excellent option for someone who wants to improve their verbal skills.

With a choice of so many mesmerising precious Gemstones, we are sure you are going to surprise your partner in the best way possible!

Future Point wishes you a great Valentine’s Day!


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